Winterberry Palette Review!

Hello friends!
I've been hearing some buzz about the latest Coastal Scents palette- known as the "Winterberry Palette". I received this from the company for review, and have been experimenting with some different looks for work here and there. I plan to use this in some future tutorials, so keep an eye out for those. As a whole, I enjoy the quality of these colors. It's made up of 12 different "hot pots"- those are the shadow pans that Coastal Scents sells individually- but decided to package them into this berry-themed palette. The palette is magnetic- and you may notice little notches on the side that allow you to pop the pans out. You could replace them with pans from other brands, such as MAC. The cost is $21.95 at the Coastal Scents website.

Top row (left to right): ME14, ME05, ME18, ME07
Middle row (left to right): ME20, S16, ME04, S06
Bottom row (left to right): S13, S08, ME15, S14

(swatches correspond with the colors as they are packaged above...
no primer was used as I swatched these)

I think what I like best about the hot pots in general from coastal scents-- is what you see is what you get. Generally the swatches look very similar to the colors in the palette, and there are very few palettes that seem to deliver that kind of result! All of the colors in this palette have a metallic/shimmery quality. I would've preferred that they mixed in some matte, because there is some color overlap. For example, if you look at the swatches of the first 2 rows- there are 3 purpleish-pink shades that are almost the same. (FYI- s16 is a bit more purple-toned in real life). Why not sprinkle in some matte colors to provide some color and texture contrast? On the upside, you CAN create lots of pretty color combos with this palette. My favorite shades are in the bottom row- they're kind of like jewel tones- so creamy & bold. I did a look using those 2 bluish shades on the bottom row & it was gorgeous. Because I enjoy these pinks & purples... I'll get a lot of good out of this palette!

*It's important to note that you'll find a lot of colors similar to these in the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette, and in the Metal Mania palette (minus the blues). Those colors are about the size of a dime, so if you use a lot of those shades, this palette might be worth buying. Also if you like to take your makeup on the go- this palette is smaller & more convenient to carry with you. However if you don't use those shades a lot & already own one of those 88 palettes- you don't necessarily need these too.

This palette might be for you if...
-You like pinky-purple colors
-You like shimmer
-You want a magnetic palette you can pop other colors into if you wish
-You've used up pinks & purples in your 88 Shimmer palette
-You want a smaller, more portable palette

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  1. Being a lover of purples and shimmers, I have been dying to try this palette, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to go get it yet =/

  2. This looks appealing. I love my Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette and was considering the shimmer palette even though I don't use shimmer often. I think I'd be more interested in this one than the 88 shimmer because of the color choices. These look lovely!

  3. I've never ordered Coastal Scents, and I'm really wanting to,thanks to you, Emily! However, I think I would probably pass on this one because it is so shimmery. I don't mind a little shimmer, but as I'm getting older, I try to avoid too much sparkle. Gorgeous colors, though!

  4. Very nice colors. I do agree that they look very similar to the 88 shimmer palette! Thanks for swatching! =)

  5. The colors look great, I'm not really into shimmer, would rather matte colors. I haven't bought any pallettes as such yet, may check this one out!

  6. This palette will be great for fall :)

    Thanks for the awesome review.

  7. Awesome review - nice to know which palettes this is similar to cos it could prevent people doubling up loads of colours!

    I have to REALLY love anything by Coastal Scents before I'd consider buying it cos we don't get it in the UK so I always have to order online (GRRR!)

    Looking forward to the tutorials! :)

  8. gorgeous! I've been looking for some great purple shades :)

  9. Great review Emily! As always, I was about to get this palette until you point out that it is similar to the 88 ultra shimmer palette. I owned 88 shimmer palette but I never really use it cause I can't seems to make it work appropriate.

    Thanks for pointing that out~

  10. i love the pinky purpleish colors so i may have to pick this up! check out my blog and follow me!

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