College GameDay Makeup Tutorials!

It's football season... so why not try a makeup look inspired by your favorite team! I love watching college football, and most Saturday mornings, ESPN College GameDay is on in our house. For this tutorial series, I have a weekly poll. Each week you vote between two teams that will actually be facing off on Saturday. Whichever team gets the most votes is the team that will "inspire" that week's tutorial! You find the poll in the right sidebar of this blog, just scroll down a bit.

Of course these looks are great for fans or cheerleaders, but they're definitely appropriate for a night out or just a day you feel like adding a pop of color! Feel free to customize the looks to include your favorite colors! Below are links to all of the GameDay looks I've done so far!


  1. Could you do one for Nevada? We are having a great season!

  2. I'm not even from American nevermind a follower of college football but I absolutely love these looks.

    The colours are so different from what I'd normally go for and the end result is fantastic :)

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  4. I love the Ohio state make up. It's so pretty!


  5. I'm from Australia so I don't know too much about American football.
    But I loooove your most recent 2 looks, the Florida State and Michigan State inspired looks.

    Hope you're back to your 100% healthy self soon.

    x Pauline

  6. Smartest makeup video theme I have yet to find on YT. Love your happiness bubbliness and sweetness so much! :)

  7. wow..really nice blog you have...keep it up..she is really beautiful...


  8. I really enjoy your youtube makeup tutorials, you have a nice blog as well!

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  9. Hi Emily! I'm a new follower to your blog and I love it. And I'm not a football fan but these looks are beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration. Check mine out too!

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  11. Hi,
    I loved your Auburn makeup. Can you please tell the name of the palette you picked the bright orange color from? The whole palette looked lovely.

  12. So glad you did an Auburn look! Looks beautiful! War Eagle! :)

  13. I'm not a football fan but these looks are beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.


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