Crazy Nails with Hard Candy Beetle!

Hey everyone! So it seems whenever Tyler has the Rams football game on TV, I can't just sit here and watch it. I mean I like football and all, but I have to have something else to keep myself occupied. Like my laptop, or in this case, my nails. Yesterday I picked up a couple of new nail polishes from Hard Candy (available at Wal-Mart). I have to admit, the brand has been sort of hit and miss for me... probably more hits than misses though. This nail polish in "Beetle" is the first polish I've tried from the brand... but for me, it's definitely a hit!

As you can see, this is a very multi-dimensional nail polish. (Don't you love how I've photographed this fantastic nail polish atop my dull grey sweatpants? LOL). Depending on how the polish catches the light, it can look green, gold, purple, or pink. In these pictures I'm wearing 2 coats, and hadn't yet applied a top coat. The first coat went on surprisingly thick, and looked more greenish. (could've stopped at one coat) Then with the second coat, the purple came out more. I love how smoothly it went on, and how dense the sparkle is. It's not a big chunky glitter, but rather, a fine shimmer that is so pretty. It didn't try super fast... pretty average in terms of drying time.

Hard Candy polishes also come with cute heart-shaped rings!
Will the quality of a creamy shade be just as good as this sparkly one?
Next time I do my nails, I'll try "Sky"- pictured below.

  • Cupcake is laying on her back, arms outstretched, on my lap- as I type this.
  • Cupcake fell into the bathtub today. I don't think she's as excited about water as she once was!
  • I spent most of yesterday evening/night trying to upload my latest YouTube video. Turns out there were issues with my Macbook Pro & our old wireless router. Got a new one today & it's all good now!
  • The Rams are going to lose the football game.
  • Had a blast with the twins (Tyler's sisters) when they stayed the night Friday. Going to attempt a "twin tutorial" over Thanksgiving weekend if there's time.
  • I'm pretty awesome at Wal-Mart's self checkout
  • I plan to leave my fall/Thanksgiving decor up until Thanksgiving is over. That's just how I roll.
Have a great week everyone & thanks for stopping by!


  1. Loved the nail color! Different but yet wearable! Hope to see more Cupcake Cam in a near future!
    Have a great week you too!

  2. I NEED to pick up Beetle! Sky is a beautiful shade as well but I just don't find creams flattering on my nails. :/ Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Did you see the mini holiday ones they have out for 1.00!!!

  4. I have an Estee Lauder nail polish kind of like "Beetle" but it doesn't remind me so much of the bug... Not a fan of them! Cool polish though!

  5. oh! You beat me to doing a review on this - I just bought it the past week when I heard it was a dupe for Orly's Space Cadet ... It's also very similar to a Sally Hansen I had from like 10yrs ago

    LOVE IT!

  6. A very original color for a nail polish, loved the color :)

  7. I love your blog and the Daily Nuggets :)

    I cannot wait to go back to the States in February and buy some of the products that you mention in your videos.

    You have a huge fan in Croatia (Europe)

    Keep up the great work!



  8. ouuu ! i like ur blog <3
    fantastic :D

    follow me and write comment if you want ;*

  9. I will have to try this color! I recently tried the Hard Candy nail polish in Mushroom. LOVE the color but with the Hard Candy cream polishes you have to be careful because they go on a little streaky if you put thick layers on. I did three very thin coats and it turned out great! Good luck!

  10. Ooooh, this colour looks really interesting. Looks like it has that sort of "oil slick" look about it which I really love. Unfortuntely we dont get Hard Candy stuff in the UK (BOOO!!) so I really have to rely on reviews to help me decide whether or not to order goodies online!

    THOSE BOTTLES ARE TOTALLY ADORABLE!!! (Jeez I got a bit over excited then) so I'd nearly be tempted to buy these just for the packaging ♥

  11. The Beetle nail polish looks like a more glittery version of one I have by Orly. I can't remember the name off hand.

  12. another interesting article about beauty:

  13. That color looks exactly like MAC Nail Polish in Mean & Green! It's such a unique color and I could never tell the difference between the MAC and Hard Candy one. Highly recommended color too (although I'd go for the Hard Candy next time to save a few bucks!)

  14. emily, you have to try the LA colors metallic set available at CVS for $2.99, they are great colors!

  15. Love your blog! Check out mine-

  16. love the first colour it looks pretty amazing xxxx

  17. awesome polish Im going to check it out this week

    check my blog

  18. Love the blue


  19. I just tried to buy that exact colour at walmart but i couldn't remember the name so i picked up 'Mr. Wrong' instead. I hope its similar!

  20. I've been trying to find Beetle. Our local Walmart doesn't have it. I need to check out a few other Walmarts. I asked for it for X-mas & my hubby was going to drive around & try to find it. I told him that I would just get it after Christmas.

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