Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Palette!

Hello there Beauty Broadcast family! It's review time! Today the subject is the 36 Smokey Palette from Coastal Scents. The cost is $22.95 on the Coastal Scents website. I mentioned it in my latest Shopping List Ideas video- but wasn't really able to elaborate on the different shades. Here goes!

I love the concept of this palette- the six different clusters of color really make it user-friendly. You can obviously mix and match outside of the different color combos, but this gives you a great starting point! It's like carrying around six different mini-palettes with you in one! So that's a fantastic thing for travel, when you want to have lots of color options but don't want to fumble around with zillions of containers. Size-wise, this is definitely smaller than the 88 palettes (more portable).

(same positioning as the color groupings in the palette- it all matches up)

compared to the eye-popping brights in this palette, this grouping is a bit under-whelming. Not bad for neutrals, but not my favorite bunch in this palette.

Not my personal favorite shades to wear on my eyes, but still- the matte shades in this section are wonderfully pigmented. I like that you get varying shades... from turquoise, to emerald, to yellow.

One of my favorite parts of this palette. These colors really POP! While I love the dark purple & plum colors, even the mid-toned shades really stand out. It's hard to pick up on in the picture, but the lightest color actually has a unique opal sheen!

Smokey tones...
My other favorite part of the palette. I gravitate toward colors like this a lot, but because I have tried so many brands & shades, I'm pretty critical when it comes to my blacks & charcoals. I like that you get the classic matte black, as well as a rich shimmery charcoal. You also get an interesting taupe-rose, which I love. And that silver in the middle is to die for. Love it!

Calling all bright blue shadow lovers! This part of the palette holds nothing back. From rich turquoise to light sky blue, you get a pretty good range. Although it would've been nice to have a navy shade. I do appreciate the center shade on the right with its gorgeous golden undertone.


This is a really fun bunch of colors. The black in this set actually has subtle pink sparkles. The varying matte pinks are very rich, and of the 2 lightest shades, the frosty pink is clearly the best. When applied with a light touch, you can take any of the bright pinks and warm up the border of a dark smokey look.

While colors in the 88 palettes are about the size of dimes- these are larger... nickel-sized. From matte to satin to shimmer- there's a nice variety in finishes. Some shades are super bright, but you have enough deep tones to create contrast and "bring the look down a notch"- as I like to say. My swatches are shown with no primer... and just so you know, I never use primer for swatches. While I WOULD use a primer on my lids- I don't want to feel like you must have a certain primer to make them work. So I just show them without so you can truly see how the shadows perform with no other variables.

Quality-wise, this palette is very similar to the other Coastal Scents palettes- so I give it high marks. It makes a good "try me" item if you've never gotten anything from CS before... because you're getting a sampling of lots of different colors and finishes.

Have a great day!


Daily Nuggets...

  • Tyler is still sick... but since his visit to the doc today, I think he'll be on the upward swing. I joke that I will buy him Sparkling Apple Juice (has anyone seen the SNL skit?) for New Year's Eve.
  • Today I started a Tumblr page... does anyone else out there do this? My friend Alba had one posted this morning & I was inspired.
  • Black Cherry Propel water is quite good.
  • Cupcake has gotten over the thrill of us coming home after traveling for a couple days. She's acting like a bit of a diva.
  • My nails are painted GOLD and I love it!
  • I'm anchoring the newscast solo tomorrow. Topics include- how to avoid a hangover.
Have a great day everyone and a Happy New Year!!!


  1. haha i mean gorgeous XD
    i actually commented in Dutch >.<'

  2. The palette looks really good, thanks Em. Love your daily nuggets :D

  3. The palette looks great!! I really love the dark plums and the smoky colors♥ Loved reading your daily nuggets too :D


  4. Thanks for this review :)

    My nails are gold right now too! I switched to a blue/green for a day before switching back to the gold because I love it so much. Also, yay tumblr!!

  5. Beautiful palette! Love those silver and smokes!!! Great review! Have fun anchoring the news tomorrow...had to lol at the thought of your "how to avoid a hangover" segment. ;) I really enjoy your blog Emily!!!!

  6. Hiya Em! THe pallet has gorgeous shades:) Can't wait to see you use some of the crazy colours in a tutorial. Have a great new Year and all the very best for your next newscast! HAPPY NEW YEAR to Tyler, Cupcake and you:)

  7. Looks like pretty good quality - I have a few Coastal Scents palettes and think they're amazing value. I really want to get the metal mania one too. If you like Urban Decay enter my Book of Shadows 3 giveaway!
    Kat x

  8. The little collections of 6 colours is a fantastic idea! I reckon this would be prefect for someone who was just getting into makeup... I know when I was a teenager I had no idea what colours to use with what so this would've been seriously handy :)

    The variety of shades and finishes looks really good for the price and the quality of the shimmery ones looks fab

    Oh and good luck holding the fort on the news desk! ♥

  9. Happy New Year Emily!! I really enjoyed this post, and that palette is gorgeous :) I have a few CS palettes, but the colours in this one are so pretty...if CS didn't charge such a fortune to ship to Aus I would probably get it. Might check out Ebay!

    I especially love the purples!! My favourite colour :) xoxo megs

  10. Great post. I love being able to see how pigmented the colors are. They are very vibrant!

  11. I am a new follower and I have to tell u I am addicted to ur videos. They have helped me so much I have been in a makeup rut forever. Thank you!

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  16. Excellent product. We're using a lot of Coastal Scents here in UK.

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