My Happy Monday Morning Story

There's no use candy-coating it. Arriving at work at 3:30 a.m. on a Monday is not my idea of fun. I roll out of my warm, cozy bed at around 1:30 a.m., leaving a sleeping Tyler and a sleeping Cupcake. I get my makeup on, find an outfit, do my hair, give Cupcake a treat, get my lunch & coffee together, and I'm out the door. I love my job and I love my co-workers (very grateful for that!), but it seems that on Mondays, there are more chances for bad things to randomly happen than good things. Today, however, was different.

**Please note: I am not telling the following story to make anyone think they need to send me something. I simply want to say thank you, and I hope that this person will inspire you to exhibit generosity in your everyday lives.**

When I got to the station today, there was a box sitting on my desk. I always think getting mail is fun (unless it's bills), but getting mail at work is especially thrilling! I opened it up, and inside was a lovely zebra print Z-Palette! It's a magnetic palette I can use to house all kinds of eyeshadows (any size or shape). I've never had one of these before. Definitely my kind of gift! What accompanied this palette was an incredibly heart-felt letter, stating that I had touched her life during a rough time. This whole thing brought tears to my eyes.

Lucci wanted to thank me for the ways I've helped her through my makeup channel. This went far above and beyond. But it made me realize just how much those random notes and thank-you's can mean. How far a simple compliment to someone can go. Often times, you don't know exactly what kind of circumstance someone is in, or what kind of day they've been having. Just making a nice, out of the blue gesture can make more of a difference than you realize.

So thank you, Lucci. Not just for sending me nice gift- but for being such a great example to me and others about what it means to be selfless. We are living in a fast-paced world, where, from time to time we all get caught up in our own problems and needs. I would challenge everyone to learn from Lucci's example, and try to do a good deed for someone. When you catch someone else in a bad mood and find yourself starting to make a judgement- stop and realize that you may not know exactly what they're going through. Always be kind, and if you have the opportunity to go above and beyond for someone, take it.

I realize this is a non-makeup related post, however it does apply to becoming a more beautiful person on the inside. So thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!



  1. Such a beautiful post♥ How nice of her to do that! I think there's no feeling better than when someone tells you that you've helped them out in one way or another :) It's 1AM here in Tokyo, and I'm exhausted and cranky from midterms, but reading this post totally brought a smile to my face!! Thanks for sharing this story♥


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  3. Wow! I just wanted to say: "Thank you, Emily. I'm here for you too no matter what" and it made someone smile in Japan!! You see? If only people could be less selfish and nice to each other..
    I'm grateful I found you, Emily!! This small surprise is not even close to all the good things you deserve!
    May we all have a smooth path ahead of ourselves!

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful "Monday" story with us, Emily. Very sweet of Lucci, and I liked reading about it.

  5. That is such a beautiful post it touched my heart!

  6. Great post, Em...and something I, for one, needed to be reminded of. Thank you.

  7. This was such a lovely post Emily. As a blogger, I am always so touched when someone takes the time to tell me that my words are appreciated. And you deserve it! Love your YouTube videos and your blog.

  8. That is so sweet of her! You deserve it too, Emily!

  9. That's so sweet :)
    Okay, and this is now kind of random but.. I really love Luccis handwriting :D

    xoxo karina

  10. Thank you, Lucci, for being so kind to my sister. That kind of encouragement is priceless. <3, Pup

  11. aw that is such a darling post. Your are such a sweetheart and that is a really nice and touching story, thansk for sharing it with us also

  12. Absolutely lovely post! Isnt it great when someone does something so lovely out of the blue?

    I think it's easy for people to get completely wrapped up in their own lives and worries so it's not always easy to look at things from another persons point of view or to do something nice for others :)

    Hopefully it'll work in a "pay it forward" sorta way - I bet you couldnt help but be extra nice to people after receiving such a nice gift! ♥

  13. That's very sweet! Thrilled if someone comments on my blog or yt channel let alone gives me a gift! My friend bought me the Maggie and Annie holiday collection from benefit last week and I still feel like I've won the jackpot!

  14. Hey Em! I think that's a very kind thing to do. It just makes you day, isn't it? especially the annoying Monday morning. Early morning for you:) hehe. You are inspiring Em - hope you know that well! You make everyone's day. And, Go Lucci!

  15. Hello,
    I have a question for you, the sigma makeup brushes in travel size only have shorter cable or also have shorter head?


  16. gosh that is so early to get up on a monday x

  17. Emily, you definitely deserve to be rewarded for brightening up the days for so many people through your channel. You are inspiring, your joy is contagious and your passion for life and all the things in it is wonderful. Thank you so much. Happy Christmas!

  18. Hi! I loved the post. It brought a smile to someone in Brazil also :)
    You and Lucci are both very sweet and deserve all the kindness possible. This post and the comments reminded me a sweet movie called "Pay It Forward", with Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey.
    Thank you for sharing this story and your joy of life :)


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