What's in my Z-Palette?

Hello Friends! You'll notice a couple of blog posts ago- a friend from the Beauty Broadcast online community sent me this lovely Z-Palette! It's basically an empty magnetic palette that you can fill with all your favorite products of any shape/size. Well, now I have it all filled up, and this review is posted on my YouTube channel! To really see how the palette works & why I love it- watch this video.

Just for fun, I thought I'd share the various shadows that I love, and have decided to add to my new zebra print Z-Palette! Keep in mind, there will probably be more Z-Palettes in the future (there's also a leopard print one, OMG), and this configuration may change... but this is what I'm enjoying right now! (By the way, it's already freeing up more space in my makeup storage!)

(FYI- I didn't have to add magnets to any of these shadows, but keep in mind, for some colors- you will. You can find little magnets that adhere to your pans at any craft store.)

CS= Coastal Scents...available here

Top row (across):
-Stila Kitten... light pinky-nude shimmer
-CS Hot Pot M-09... matte cream
-CS Hot Pot ME-19... shimmery salmon/peach
-Stila Mystic... shimmery soft turquoise
-CS Hot Pot S-26... light silver shimmer
-CS Hot Pot S-10... charcoal shimmer

Middle row (across):
-Stila Wheat... light neutral shimmer
-CS Hot Pot S-37... peach with subtle sparkle
-CS Hot Pot ME-23... metallic gold
-CS Hot Pot S-14... shimmery royal blue
-CS Hot Pot S-17... shimmering rosy red
-CS Hot Pot M-06... matte deep charcoal

Bottom row (across):
-CS Hot Pot M-22... matte brown
-Stila Golightly... shimmery taupey-bronze
-CS Hot Pot S-30... deep plummy-brown shimmer
-CS Hot Pot ME-15... burgundy shimmer
-CS Hot Pot S-06... shimmery pinky-violet
-Makeup For Ever Diamond Shadow... sparkly black (shade name wore off)

So what's in your Z-Palette?
If you want more information on this product, head to http://www.zpalette.com/

Daily Nuggets:
  • It's absolutely freezing outside. Hard to even feel warm inside!
  • Wondering why I'm wearing a tank top right now. Likely part of my problem.
  • Today Cupcake tried to scare me when I came out of the bathroom... she jumped into the air and her body hit the wall! She stumbled around for a few seconds- I was worried! Then she went back to normal.
  • Laura Geller cracks me up on QVC! I love watching makeup demonstrations.
  • I bought a pink lego set for my niece for Christmas!
  • I am so frustrated about how hard it is to upload to YouTube. I really don't have time for the repeated upload attempts! But I'm trying!
  • A co-worker bought me the cutest zebra print hat. Love it!!


  1. Hi Emily, here is what's in my z palette:
    i have the small one as you can see but i also got a large one, the same zebra one as you! I love it!

  2. What an adorable palette!!! Love it!! :)

  3. Well this just proves to me that I need a z palette :)

  4. Well this just proves to me that I need a z palette :)

  5. Love the shadow choices, that would make life so much easier when travelling. Thanks Emily...so glad Cupcake was only slightly shaken up ;)

  6. The Z Palette sounds amazing,,,I've had my eye on them for a while. If only they were sold in regular retail stores!!! I might just have to break down and buy one online!
    I'll have to de-pot many of my MAC shadows (which can be a process) and I've bought MAC 12 colour palettes to re-pot them into. Just haven't been brave enough to start the de-potting process!

  7. Very nice! Love the zebra print! Also would probably love the leopard print one...! Haha!

    Thanks for posting!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. What a great way to organize! Goodness knows I need it...

  10. Thanks for this Emily!!! I'm going to Italy in June on a cruise and this is going to be the perfect way for me to bring the shadows I want instead of many different palettes. :)

  11. I like the idea palette though I wish it was tad sturdier though.

  12. This little z-palette is such a fantastic idea! Never come across anything like this before but as soon as I saw it I was like "Why has no one thought of this before!?"

    My cats are terrible for looking like they've seriously damaged themselves only to be prancing round and getting in my way 2 minutes later! ♥

  13. I love the idea for this palette! I wish it wasn't made out of cardboard though so I could get it wet without worrying. :/

  14. I love your posts!!! I also started a makeup blog... I hope you check it out! ;D

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    Thanks- You Rock!

  16. Great post! I've been thinking about getting one of these and your review really helped :) Love it!

  17. OMG Emily, your cupcake story had me laughing so much! I could just picture it as I was reading it ;-D

  18. Your Z-palette is super cute! I'll definitely have to try it out for myself! Check out my new blog if you get a chance!

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