Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Fun!

Hey everyone! After being out of town for about 6 days- I'm now home again! It was just wonderful to get to spend time with friends and family... and have it amount to more than just 24 hours! :) We went back "home" to western Illinois and spent time with both Tyler's family and mine, as well as some great friends we rarely get to see! We had a great Christmas and on the 27th we also celebrated my birthday! Cupcake was also there and was a very good little traveler! In an effort to really have some quality time I sort of "unplugged" myself from the online world for a few days. I am super excited to get back to the videos tomorrow- with a Christmas & Birthday beauty haul! :) Meanwhile- here are a few pics from my long weekend! I hope everyone had a great holiday & please have a safe New Year's Eve!

Cupcake loves to dive under blankets!

I gave my sister-in-law Sarah some beauty gifts- Sigma brushes & Mally makeup! :) She also let me do her Christmas Eve makeup! Isn't she beautiful?

It's become a tradition on Tyler's side of the family to get new PJ's on Christmas Eve! This is Sarah, me, and Tyler (behind me), along with cousins Derek & Dana. Notice how I'm barely taller than little 12-year-old Dana! That whole side of the family is tall & mostly blonde!

At my parents' house on Christmas day- where one of the goofiest gifts got the most pictures! Each year my sister gets me an assortment of hilarious gifts from the catalog- Archie McPhee. Ever since Tyler & I got married, the gifts involve him as well, and this year my sister went all out and got him this Viking helmet (Tyler's family has a Norwegian background, plus he's big & blonde, like a Viking- LOL). Needless to say, EVERYONE tried on the helmet, while we all laughed our butts off.

Even my adorable niece Ashley is sporting the Viking look! :) She also came over on my birthday and we played bingo, barbies, tea party, and coloring books. SO fun :)

The night before my birthday, me and Tyler and Sarah and a bunch of other local pals (including Brittany, shown here) went out for dinner & drinks. We had such a fun time & ended up at a restaurant/bar that serves up the most gigantic tenderloin sandwiches. It was such a good time!

Now that we're back home, I made a point to get all unpacked... I'm notorious for letting stuff sit around in a suitcase forever but not this time! Thank you SO much to everyone who left me such kind Christmas & birthday greetings on Twitter & Facebook! I'm honored that you thought of me! :) Looking forward to "seeing" you in the next video!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nails of the Day: Dark Sparkle

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a good weekend... I can't believe we just have one week until Christmas! I wanted to do something festive with my nails, and I'm enjoying neutral-toned glitters because they pop, but they go with almost anything.

The shade I'm sporting here is Wet n Wild Color Icon nail polish (limited edition) in Diamond in the Rough. Overall it just looks like a gun-metal toned glitter... but if you look closely, there are two sizes of glitter in this... a very fine silver-colored glitter, and larger glitters that seem to shine in various color tones. While it's overall a pretty dark look, it's actually rather multi-dimensional when you watch your nails move and catch the light.

Here- you can see that they match my grey sweatpants perfectly! LOL. I applied 2 coats of this polish, as well as my Milani Glosse Top Coat. I recommend using the thickest top coat you have... Sally Hansen Mega Shine would've been great for this. That way you smooth out the surface of the nail, which can be come somewhat rough and prone to chipping with glitter polishes. As far as taking glitter polish off, it's really not that bad. I actually just peel it off when I'm ready to change it!

Daily Nuggets...
  • I have almost all of our gifts wrapped! Did it this afternoon.
  • I like the Denver Broncos football uniforms. Go Tebow!
  • Had a blast last night with my friend Kalee and her boyfriend Jonathan who stayed with us. She had her dog Mia Bean with her as well... (See Cupcake's Facebook)

Me, Kalee, Tyler & Jonathan

For some reason we kept trying to take a serious picture...

It was really hard...

But finally we did it! :) lol

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mid-Month Favorites!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to post a quick blog sharing a few products I'm loving right now and have been using like crazy!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss

I've tried a few of Maybelline's Baby Lips tinted lip balms (I actually wrote a blog review on them not too long ago)... but it took me awhile to pick up Peach Kiss from the store. Probably because these balms have been flying off the shelves at my area drugstores! I just love Peach Kiss for the ultimate natural looking and FEELING lip. My lips naturally have sort of a mauve tone to them... nothing outstanding. But something about the golden-peach tone to this balm makes my lips look so much better! I'd call it a glowing, hydrated nude lip. I'm wearing Baby Lips Peach Kiss in this video if you want to see how it looks.

Mally Beauty Blush in Mally's Glow

Hardcore Beauty Broadcasters might remember- I blogged about this blush in October. It's actually part of one of my favorite Mally Beauty kits called "Get the Look". I've been wearing a lot of pink and berry lip looks lately, and when I do that, I often reach for a pink blush. I have been ALL ABOUT this particular pink blush lately! It has some very subtle shimmer, but it's a wonderfully pigmented pink that seems to really work well with my skintone. Sometimes light pinks are so light on my skin they seem like highlights. Or they just don't show up- period. This one really makes me glow and I LOVE it.

Slatkin & Co. Wallflower in Candied Sugar Plum
(from Bath & Body Works)

I picked up a few new Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works not too long ago... I always LOVE the fall & winter seasonal scents. When I saw the cute design on this one, I had pretty much decided it was going in the makeup room before I even knew what it smelled like. But guess what- my makeup room smells INCREDIBLE with this Candied Sugar Plum scent! It's sweet, lightly fruity, and just so yummy. Even Tyler noticed how good it smelled when he walked into the room today. I'm just nuts about it. Must get more before they sell out!

Daily Nuggets...
  • I love the timer function on my flameless candles!
  • I have a bunch of gifts sitting under my tree that need to be wrapped. Kind of wishing I could bust into some of the things I'm giving to the women in my family! (Don't worry, I won't!)
  • OMG what if I shot little Christmas hauls with my family on Christmas so they could show the beauty stuff I gave them?!
  • I think I'm going to have some tea
  • I have new series coming to Beauty Broadcast on YouTube this week!!! I am so excited!

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Here...

Well, I'm not going to pretend to be the one breaking the news to you... but there's a new Naked Palette from Urban Decay!!! I ordered mine last week, and it arrived at my house today- which I thought was surprisingly fast. This isn't going to be a review on the palette... I'm against reviewing stuff I haven't used (makes no sense). But what's the harm in sharing a few pictures?

The palette came in a box that had pics of all the shadows on the back... within that box was this mini Lip Junkie gloss, and wrapped up in the tissue paper in a little plastic baggie was a mini 24/7 pencil in Eldorado. As you'll see in the pic below, it comes with a double ended brush- one side to pack on the shadow, and another to blend it out. Similar feel, but not quite as soft & dense as the Sigma Bunny Travel Set that I posted a review video on today.

When I DO choose to review video this palette, it's going to center around comparisons with the original Naked palette and other palettes that I have. Because let's think of it this way... the first Naked palette is like this palette's successful big sister. She went through school, everybody liked her, and she left a good reputation for the next sibling. She got good grades (reviews) and they both come from a good family (Urban Decay). I have no issue with the quality of Urban Decay shadows. And as you can tell from this picture... the swatches don't disappoint.

So the colors look good, but just HOW good is it? Is it worth the $50? Is it different enough from the original? How many different looks can you come up with? If you don't already have the first Naked palette, which should you buy? These are some of the questions I'll be answering in an upcoming video after I use this for awhile. Thanks for reading!

Daily Nuggets...
  • I have spent too much time in front of a computer today.
  • Wondering how long it will be before Cupcake tries to shred the tissue paper my Naked 2 palette came in.
  • My t-zone doesn't feel the least bit oily after 15 hours of makeup wear. (trying to remember what products I wore today...)
  • My sister JUST tweeted a link to a blog post on the story of why we are Poof & Pup! Let's go read it!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Merry Makeup Room

Hey everyone! After a brief blog break following Non-Stop November, I'm back! :) In case you can't tell, I love Christmas, as well as all the decorating that goes with it! Along with my Christmas trees and candles in the main area of our home, I don't neglect the makeup room when it comes to getting festive! And it's all PINK! Here's a quick tour of my decorations...

I have a mini Christmas tree in front of my window... I got it very cheap a couple of seasons ago from Big Lots (it was just bare, undecorated). It seems like almost every store is coming out with a more colorful array of ornaments, and I believe I found this mini velvet hot pink tree skirt at Big Lots as well. I just draped it over a container on top of my stool so the tree could sort of peek out the window. It's covered with white lights, pink polka dot ribbon, pink ball ornaments in a variety of finishes, and best of all- CUPCAKES!

I found these pink cupcake ornaments last season at Wal-Mart and I think they're just the cutest things! I have a few red ones on our big tree as well. Cupcake has successfully batted a few of these off the tree!

Here's my bookshelf, which appears in the background of most of my videos. I can't remember where I found this string of pink LED lights, but like I said, non-traditional Christmas colors are popping up everywhere! I also have my lipstick lamp from Target glowing on top of the bookcase!

I love the larger size on these lights- and I'm seriously thinking about leaving them up year-round.

Last but not least, my pink sequined santa hat! I found this at Walgreens a few weeks ago and decided to drape it over my tall mirror (when I'm not wearing it :) Hope you enjoyed this little tour! I'll probably blog about the rest of my decor at some point too.

Daily Nuggets...
  • Thanks to those who gave me such nice feedback on the Non-Stop November blogging. It really meant a lot to me.
  • I've plotted out my drugstore makeup gift bag video... two words: BIGGER & BETTER!
  • My Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in Cinnamon Raisin Cookie makes me hungry when I put it on.
  • Made my own peppermint mocha this morning! Using my Keurig I put in a Cafe Escapes- Cafe Mocha k-cup. Then added some sugar free peppermint flavored coffee mate creamer. It rocked!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Minty Tingle!

Hi everybody! Well, we made it to the end of November! I think the Non-Stop November blog posts went pretty well! (We'll forget about the 2 days I missed due to crazy work schedule/migraine headache, etc., right?) It was definitely good for me to get consistent with blogging... even when the blogs were just something small like sparkly tweezers or a new nail polish. I'm going to try to stay consistent with it. I mean, it can be pretty hard to do it daily, but I'm going to make it my mission to not have any lengthy gaps. As always, I'll update Twitter and Facebook when there is a new post. Meanwhile... on with the current blog! 'Tis the season for minty beauty products! I've rounded up my favorites...

Mint seems to be one of those polarizing scents in the beauty world. Some people love it, and others can't stand it. Judging by the amount of products I sifted through in order to find my favorite minty beauty products... I'd say I'm a fan! It's the time of year when a lot of limited edition mint-scented products come out, but I also have some minty things that are sold all the time. Here's a quick rundown of the products you see pictured above (left to right as they appear...)
  • Philosophy Candy Cane Foaming Bubble Bath & Shower Gel... Talk about a STRONG mint scent! I got this for Christmas last year, and it's definitely an invigorating product to use in the shower! It'll clear your sinuses and leave you feeling crisp & clean. I know it's available at, and probably other retailers where Philosophy is sold. FYI- Suave recently came out with some limited edition body washes for less than $2 apiece at Wal-Mart. One is a mint scent... and judging by the quick whiff I took in the store, it's very comparable to Philosophy's Candy Cane. (I purchased Holiday Pear & Candy Apple... more to come on those in a future blog).
  • Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Triple Moisture Body Cream... This is a super popular seasonal scent at B&BW. I must say, I really like it too. This lotion is really rich & feels almost tingly on the skin post-shower.
  • Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Body Mist... In my mint craze of 2010, I also picked up the body mist from B&BW. I just used this... it strikes me as less of a strong mint, and more of a sweet mint scent. I sense some vanilla in it, but not too much. It's a very clean, refreshing scent.
  • Crest 3D White tooth paste... Here's my no brainer! But I seriously love this toothpaste. I don't really use whitening products anymore... just this twice a day. There's nothing exceptional about the minty qualities of this toothpaste... it just tastes/smells like mint and I happen to love it- so into the blog it goes!
  • EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Sweet Mint... This is the little light-green ball you see in the picture. It's the lip balm I keep on my bedside table and use every night before bed. Much like the Twisted Peppermint Body Mist, this isn't a strong, clear your sinuses mint. It's softer, sweeter, and has the fantastic texture that many of us love EOS lip balms for... they're moisturizing without feeling greasy. Plus they just look awesome! I find EOS balms at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and various other drug/discount stores. (Caution: cats may mistake these for toys!)
  • ChapStick Candy Cane Lip Balm... I found this limited edition balm at Walgreens. All I can say is... mint wimps might as well steer clear of this puppy. It's STRONG. You will feel quite the tingle on your lips, and I like it! Despite the super minty scent & flavor and the festive packaging... it's the same texture as the classic Chapstick balms.
  • Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss... This Sephora product is known to leave lips looking plump, shiny, and colorful... but also quite minty! You will feel the tingle with this one. It's not a painful tingle by any means, but it's noticeable. When you smell it, it's not like a classic peppermint scent... in fact, I think it just smells more sweet than minty, but the FEEL of mint is totally there. The color shown here is "Denise"... I got it in a gift set last year. These glosses are a little on the thick side, but I find that they have terrific staying power.
I know there are other products out there that are minty, but these are my favorites. Do you like minty scents/flavors in your beauty products?

Daily Nuggets...
  • Have you ever eaten out to keep from dirtying your freshly cleaned kitchen? That was me & Tyler tonight.
  • Posted a video today on "Rediscovered" favorites. I think I'll be doing more of this.
  • I interviewed a woman on the morning show today who brought in a paralyzed opossum.
  • I could always feel that the bottoms of my feet were getting dry & rough, but I just caught a glimpse... DANG! I need to do something about that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

20 Questions!

Hey everyone! I thought it'd be fun to do a blog post based on the questions YOU want answered... but they can't be makeup-related! :) I asked for questions on the Beauty Broadcast Facebook page- and I have plenty to work with! I thought I'd just go through & find 20 and maybe save some of the ones I don't get to for a rainy day (it'll probably come soon, it's very rainy here.)

1. Erica: "Favorite sandwich ever?"
  • A restaurant in my area called 17th Street has the best pulled pork sandwiches!! :) I also love a Whopper Jr.
2. Lauren: "Not too random, but what do your news co-worker people think of your Beauty Broadcast YouTube life?"
  • The people I work closely with - the morning crew- all seem to be very supportive of it. I kind of wonder if others at the station watch... I don't hear a lot about it from them and I'm not sure if they really understand what it is that I do! I have gotten good feedback from our station's owners.
When Tyler proposed... there's a video on that!

3. Lyndsay: "What made you fall in love with Tyler?"
  • A great sense of humor, smart, good morals, good looks, and all the little things about him that make him different from me. We balance each other out, and I could tell early on that he'd be loyal to me and do anything for me. And he loves me even with all of my quirky interests like makeup and cats. I got really lucky :)

With my co-anchor Kevin. He has a blog and YouTube channel about wrestling!

4. Kevin: "Who's your favorite co-anchor of all time? :D"
  • Wow, that's tough. I guess I'll go with Kevin ;)
5. Sharon: "If it's not too personal to answer, do you and Tyler plan on having children?"
  • Yes! We definitely want to have a family at some point. I don't think I've ever gotten much more in-depth in my answers to this question, so here goes... It's something we've thought about a lot, but there are a lot of factors that come into play... when we choose to have children, I want to be a very hands-on mom. If it became difficult to juggle my unusual hours along with a child, I'd have to ask myself if I'd be prepared to step away from my career, or at least scale it back somewhat. I don't know if I want to do that right now. I've also had exciting potential opportunities come my way based on what I've done on YouTube, and if I don't give myself a chance to see where those lead, I'll be forever wondering. Tyler also has some great things happening with his job right now that are keeping him busy. My mom always says, once you have kids, your life will change forever. I know I'll want that change at some point, but I don't think I'm ready for it right now.

back in my cheerleading days!

6. Katy: "What was your first job?"
  • I taught gymnastics and tumbling to 3 to 5 year olds at the YMCA near my hometown. I did that during the spring/summer in high school and college. It was so fun, plus it was an awesome place to practice tumbling for cheerleading! I remember leading a warm-up for the kids known as "Mousercize"- we'd pop in a tape and Mickey Mouse's voice was leading us through. I think I still remember how it goes...
7. Kate: "When are you going to do a US road trip so I can meet you? (Is that not the best idea EVER???)"
  • That IS an awesome idea! Beauty Broadcast on tour! Maybe Simon Cowell would let me borrow his tour bus. That thing is pimped out!! This would seriously be a dream one day :)
8. Angie: "If you were not a news anchor, what other job would you like to do?"
  • Probably a teacher. I come from a family of teachers and I have TONS of respect for what teachers do. I'd have to have a mandatory makeup tutorial class though. LOL.
9. Roshni: "What do you dress like when you're at home?"
  • Extremely casual! I change out of my dress pants almost immediately when I get home from work. 90% of the time when you see me doing a makeup video, I have sweat pants or yoga pants on my bottom half!
10. Blanca: "Emily do you ever get recognized on the streets while doing random things such as shopping or anything else?"
  • Yes... around here it's usually because of the news. I like it when people say hi! Usually their next comment is, wow- you're shorter than I thought! (gotta love the adjustable chairs on the set that make me as tall as my co-anchor Kevin!) There have been some times where someone knows me from YouTube. One of the strangest moments was at a bar when a guy came up to me saying he recognized me from when his daughter watched me on YouTube. haha!
11. Veronica "What are you afraid of?"
  • I'm afraid of anything tragic happening to a family member.
12. Roni "Would you rather ride a unicorn or a wooly mammoth?"
  • Definitely a unicorn! Who could turn that down?
13. Dyna "What's the weirdest comment you ever got on YouTube?"
  • Anything pertaining to plastic surgery. Questions about if I've had a boob job, nose job, botox, etc. I always wonder... what's making someone ask that question?? FYI, the answer to all of the above is no.
14. Lisa "What are your favorite non beauty-related things to do on your down time?"
  • Napping, watching TV (X-Factor, Breaking Bad, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are some of my current favorites), going shopping or going out with Tyler, cooking, and playing hide & seek with Cupcake (yes, she'll really come find me!)
15. Jessica "How many pillows do you use when you sleep?"
  • I have 2 under my head and then a big pillow that I "hug" -kind of like a body pillow. I go to bed early because of my job, so the large pillow fills in before my 6'6" human body pillow named Tyler comes in. And at some point, a small furry pillow named Cupcake appears on my body somewhere.

One of my favorite pictures.

16. Jennifer "Would you ever get a second pet and what would it be?"
  • We would... but Tyler is on "team dog" and I'm on "team cat" right now. I'm gonna say Cupcake is also on "team cat" so it's 2 versus 1!
17. Jennifer "Are there ever days (not work days of course!) that you don't wear any makeup at all & just go natural?"
  • I pretty much wear makeup every day. When I'm not wearing it for news, I'm wearing it because I'm shooting a makeup video. And I don't do it reluctantly! I honestly love putting on makeup and trying new things. I love those off days when I can really take my time and have fun with it. I'd be ok with walking out of the house without makeup, but I just really enjoy the act of putting it on. That's why YouTube and blogging never seems like work :)
18. Maricela "You always seem so proper, it's one of my favorite things about you! Do you ever get a momentary sailor mouth?"
  • I don't swear a lot, but yes, it'll happen every now and then! I can't let it fly too often... if I get in the habit of it, I'd probably let a bad word slip on the news!
19. Megan "What's your favorite cocktail?"
  • I'd go for a draft Bud Light (I often find myself in a group of guys), a Washington Apple shot, or a Daquiri of some sort. I can't handle a whole lot of sweet stuff. The Skinny Girl drinks are pretty good too!
20. Erica "How do you fit in your day work schedule and all the blogging/videos? Must be exhausting :)"
  • Well, I can't remember the last time I sat around and said I was bored! :) I don't always do everything in one day. Sometimes I'll shoot a video and edit it- and then upload it on another day. Or spend a day coming up with ideas and a "strategy" for the video- and then doing all the rest on another day. So splitting up the tasks seems to make it easier on me. Just uploading can take as many as 4 hours, so it's something you kind of have to plan out. But I'm definitely doing something beauty-related every day. Usually for hours. And it's because I absolutely love it. I sincerely enjoy the creative process, and also the interaction I get to have with people whom I respect and enjoy. So many positive things have come from the YouTube/blogging world. It's a real blessing to get to pour so much of myself into something I love. It's amazing that people have responded with so much interest and kindness!

Daily Nuggets...
  • As if you wanted to read one more thing about me! LOL.
  • Been drinking lots of water today, go me!
  • I like Pad Thai better when it's room temperature as opposed to piping hot.
  • Gotta upload Shopping List Ideas tomorrow... tried to do it today but the internet was NOT my friend!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Random, Yet Awesome Eye Brushes

Hi everyone! It's always great to find all of the brushes you could possibly need in a single brush set... wait- has that actually happened for anyone? Come to think of it, that hasn't really happened for me. Don't get me wrong, I've found some brush sets that I love & use constantly... but there are always those few brushes you don't have.

So I thought I'd blog about a few eye brushes that supplement my Sigma Complete kit, as well as a couple of other ELF brushes that are just great ones to have. They're all really inexpensive. They aren't necessarily the ONLY brushes you need... I mean, that's more of a personal decision for everyone- but you need to have a fluffy crease brush (those usually come in big kits). Hope this is helpful to you! Bullet points below explain the brushes as they appear from left to right..

  • Essence of Beauty Crease Brush Duo... These brushes have been favorites of mine for a LONG time. You can find them at CVS drugstores for between 5 & 7 dollars. After years of use and many cleanings, these have held up wonderfully and I haven't had to repurchase. They're great for working color into your crease and creating outer V's... giving you the control to get the color right where you want it. I might use the larger of the two brushes to get color throughout the crease- and the smaller to define the shape. If you have small eyes and feel like most crease brushes are just too big- I think you'll really like these.
  • ELF Essentials Brushes- Crease & Eyeshadow... The next two brushes shown are $1 brushes from the ELF Essentials line. You can check out these brushes and others at Target, as well as The first brush is called the "Eye Crease Brush"- and to me, it's sort of a hybrid between a crease brush and a pencil brush. It can be nice for smudging color- and it's a great shape for a medium-sized crease brush. It's not quite as precise as my Sigma pencil brush... but sometimes that's what I want. The second brush tends to come standard in most brush kits- but I wanted to mention it... since you can't beat the $1 price tag! This is the "Eyeshadow Brush"- great for just packing color on the lid. It's dense, soft, and surprisingly good quality. It's another brush I've loved for years!
  • Sonia Kashuk Smudge Brush... My description for this brush: small but mighty. I have a LOT of brushes... but nothing quite like this. I love using it to smudge a powder shadow on my lower lashline... this brush provides a softer application than a sharp-angled liner brush. You could also get a smudgier application of cream liners with a brush like this. While this brush isn't very wide- it has a little more thickness to the bristles than angled liner brushes. It's only $4.99 at Target, and I think you'll find a lot of ways to use it!
  • Coastal Scents Mini Brush... This teeny tiny brush has been great for getting a really controlled application of color wherever you want it. I use it most often to get a light shade in the area around the tear duct. One small problem- as I started blogging about this brush, I realized I couldn't find it anymore on the Coastal Scents website. I think it technically was called the mini contour brush- which doesn't make much sense to me... but still- I couldn't find it. I did find this brush though- which seems pretty similar and less than $3.
Amid all of this brush talk- please don't forget that sponge tip applicators (that some people will tell you to just throw away when you get your eyeshadow palettes) are NOT worthless. They're great for packing color on the lids, and even with a lot of brushes at my finger tips- sometimes the sponge tip just works best! It's also great for applying baked shadows wet! :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • I know I've already put this on Twitter & Facebook today, but who cares... I GOT TO SEE A ZEBRA TODAY! For a morning show segment. Even though it was rainy & cold and I left the place smelling like farm- it was awesome.
  • Thinking about making my next Shopping List Ideas a "rediscovered" shopping list ideas video. All this blogging and less makeup shopping this month has caused me to uncover some hidden treasures in my own collection.
  • Tyler's latest sweet potato endeavor: mashed sweet potatoes... with just a little salt & butter. Huge success! I told him he must post a guest blog about all his sweet potato stuff.
  • Time to have some dinner. Have a nice night everyone!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Candle Haul!

Hello friends! With the Christmas season comes a new round of special candles from Better Homes & Gardens at Wal-Mart! These big 18-ounce jar candles cost right around $5... but for a few dollars more you can get a slightly smaller candle (14.5 ounces) with a cute ceramic lid.

I've been buying these candles for a year or so now, and most recently I was obsessed with the fall Country Kettle Corn scent. I love these candles because they're big & burn a long time... but they also truly smell-up a room! (is that the right terminology? haha) After they burn for awhile and some hot wax develops at the top of the candle- they're just so fragrant. And I love my flameless candles... but I still really enjoy the look & scent of one of these lovely candles!

There are a number of great new holiday scents, but I picked up Frosty Peppermint Snow (which I haven't burned yet, but it smells AWESOME! I don't think I've ever had a minty candle before!), and I also have Spiced Apple Wreath. I burned that one while shooting my latest makeup tutorial and it was just delicious. The green color is also really pretty. When I was in Wal-Mart the other day, this lady looked at my cart and said- where did you find those adorable candles?! :)

And here's another cool thing... those nice ceramic lids will fit ANY of the large Better Homes & Gardens candles as well! I purchased a couple of them last year, and it's nice to know that just because you've used up the candle, you can still re-use the little lamp-shade type lid (which is obviously open at the top.) Those can also make a nice protective barrier from your cats! :) Still, I don't burn candles when Tyler or I aren't in the room.

Daily Nuggets...
  • All holiday decorating is done... and the outdoor garland situation is solved. I put on a new string of lights & it's all good :)
  • Using Candy Cane Chapstick. It's so darn minty!
  • Currently wearing: sweatpants, v-neck t-shirt, and Turbie Twist. Fresh out of the shower!
  • I love how my mom calls me after she sees my new videos. She always likes them :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eye of the Day: Soft & Smokey

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a good Saturday. Just wanted to take a minute to share today's eye look with you. Instead of using one palette, I was just playing around and pulled in a lot of random products (including one of the first eye palettes I ever used from Cover Girl!) The pictures don't really give off the warmth that this eye look has... but hopefully by seeing the products you can get a pretty good idea of what's going on. I see this as a good day or night look.

On my lips- I'm wearing Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee, MAC lip pencil in Whirl, and MAC Lip Glass in Nymphette. The lip butter provides a nude base, the liner deepens things up a little, and the gloss gives a gold-toned shine.

On the eyes- I started with Urban Decay primer potion... but forgot to throw that in the picture!

Step by Step...
  • Following primer, I used my Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in Saddle Shimmer (a brownish bronze) all over my lids, and also on my lower lashline.
  • Then I used the center shade in the Cover Girl Shimmering Sands trio all over my lids.
  • Using a fluffy crease brush, I blended the deepest shade in the CG trio in the crease.
  • I used the NYX single shadow in Sensual (the square shaped shadow in the pic) to create a bit of an "outer V" toward the outer corner of each eye.
  • MAC Twinks is a pretty warm brown with shimmer- so I blended that just above the crease with a fluffy brush so it would be barely visible with my eyes open. (it's the round single furthest to the left)
  • I used MAC Handwritten- a matte brown- with a pencil brush on the outer part of the lower lashline for some more definition on top of the Mally Shadow Stick.
  • I highlighted just under the brow and around the tear duct with the lightest shade in the CG trio.
  • I lined my waterline & upper lashline with Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips eyeliner for brown eyes... it came in a trio- and I used the black one for this look. Then I used a pencil brush to top the upper liner with NYX Sensual- it made the liner look a bit softer.
  • On my upper lashes, I used a sample size of Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara... it did a nice job of providing length without the "funky ends"- as I call them.
  • I used Maybelline Lash Discovery mascara on my lower lashes for clump-free definition.

Hope you enjoy this look! It was definitely the result of having some extra time to play around with my makeup application this morning... something I don't always have the chance to do on weekdays! It's after 5pm at this point- and I must say, this eye look had really good staying power. I credit the Mally Evercolor Shadow sticks... you can put them on the lower lashline & they'll stay without adding anything else... and yet if you DO put something on top of them, they help it all last longer. And I never have creasing issues when I use them on my lids. Woohoo!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Finally got batteries back in my flameless candles around the house!
  • Got most of my outdoor Christmas decorating done... it's nothing too extensive. But when it came to the lighted garland I put around the front door- half of it wouldn't light. :(
  • Been watching the Alabama-Auburn football game... gotta say, it's not very exciting.
  • Started hearing Christmas music again on the radio this afternoon! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Wishlist!

Hey everyone! Just got the Christmas tree up and pretty much the whole inside of the house decorated today! Haven't had a nap- so I'm exhausted- but I just had to see it all get finished up! Much like last year, our tree has a lot of red and gold on it. Here's a pic- (plus Tyler's feet haha)

Since I worked today- I didn't go shopping for Black Friday... but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gone anyway! We had a lot of coverage on the morning show today of the long lines and people waiting in the cold... not really my idea of a good time, but if you shopped and found some great deals- more power to you! I did, however, browse some of my favorite beauty websites, and found a few items I'm very interested in for myself! I thought this could also be a fun wishlist blog tag if others want to do it too! :)

I've been debating about the Clarisonic for a REALLY long time! There's a good deal on the Mia 2 today on QVC. I would really like to try it and see once and for all if it's as good as everyone says! If you're not familiar with this product... it basically claims to give your skin the most thorough cleansing possible. I have tried the Philosophy Purity cleanser that comes with this, and I know I like that! Plus I LOVE this cute black & white leopard print with the red button... it'd look great in our bathroom!

I've gotten so many questions about the new "ready" shadows from Bare Minerals. Unlike the loose Bare Minerals shadows that have been around for years- these are pressed and I've heard rave reviews. This 8-shadow palette on QVC called "Cocktail Hour" looks really pretty. I think it'd be a nice way to try a range of shades.

After mentioning 2 items that would be brand new to me- I know these Philosophy lip shines are something I love. I remember years ago when my sister bought me Cinnamon Buns and I fell in love. Now Sephora is selling a 4-pack for $20- a great deal! The scents are all mouthwatering... Marshmallows for Toasting, Cinnamon Buns, Tinsel Town, and Peppermint Bark. In my experience with these- the lip shines offer sheer color and lots of shine, but what's really outstanding are the realistic scents (much like their 3 in 1 shower gels).

Daily Nuggets...
  • I love decorating for Christmas. I even put up my little tree decorated with pink stuff in the Beauty Broadcast room :)
  • Tyler & I have been drinking Kroger brand Diet Lemon Lime pop like it's going out of style! I don't even like it that much! lol
  • Shot, edited, and posted my Beauty Stocking Stuffers video today!
  • I brought out my animated singing Christmas chipmunk and played it for Cupcake today. Her reaction was priceless! I must shoot a video showing this- it's hilarious!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nails of the Day: Peachy!

Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!! It was sort of like a normal work day for me... but that's ok! I'll be heading in to work tomorrow also. Glad I got to see my family this past weekend. This evening I did some much needed nail painting... my last color was getting really chippy. You know what a great activity is while you wait for your nails to dry? iPad games. In between games of Angry Birds, I painted my nails with Essie Van D'Go.

It's the perfect creamy peach color. I've really gotten in the habit of wearing bold, fall-type colors on my nails lately, or really sparkly shades. So I was just kind of craving a more subtle, light nail look. I love this shade :) You're looking at 2 coats of this polish, topped with a clear top coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine (my favorite top coat). Overall, I like Essie polishes, though I find that they take awhile to dry. There's a great color selection, and I find that I'm usually drawn to the pale colors in the brand. So here's my question... do you stick to traditional fall type shades this time of year, or do you like to throw in something light?

Daily Nuggets...
  • Spent part of the afternoon working on my latest video. I did some planning for it yesterday too... stocking stuffers!!! I'm so excited.
  • I covered a story at a community Thanksgiving dinner today. 120 volunteers help put it on! So many sweet people.
  • I plan to start getting out the Christmas decorations tomorrow after work!
  • Turns out, it's not the tryptophan in turkey making you tired (you'd have to eat the whole turkey yourself to feel the effects!), it's all the Thanksgiving dinner carbs!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5 Daily Use Products

Hi everyone! I just spent about 10 minutes standing around in my makeup room trying to figure out what to blog about for my daily post! Seems about right... after all, we're on day 23 of Non-Stop November! I decided it might be fun to pick out 5 products that I tend to use every single day, no matter what. I have a large makeup collection with a lot of products to choose from... I'll switch out foundations, concealers, eye makeup, cheek colors, and lip colors almost daily. But I realized, there are some products that I continue to use every day, regardless of the other products I change. I'd wear these products if it were a random day at work, a day shopping, or a night on the red carpet (if that ever happened! haha). They just work. So here you go!

left to right: Maybelline Define-a-Brow, L'oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator, Bare Minerals Summer Bisque, IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Palette, Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender.

  • Bare Minerals Summer Bisque... I've talked about this a lot, but it's a highly concentrated mineral powder that can be used alone as a full coverage concealer... my favorite way to use it is to set any cream based under-eye concealer I'm using. It instantly makes the area under my eyes bright and matte, and it doesn't settle into lines or make things look too dry. It comes in a range of shades- mine happens to be Summer Bisque. The coverage is impeccable. The few tiny granules of the product that you see here are all I have left... I'm waiting for the jumbo sized version to arrive from QVC any day now! I have a video on this product, if you'd like to check it out!
  • IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Palette... Another QVC find... this is the palette I reach for daily to give my face more shape. It comes with 5 matte colors, including one matte highlight, and then a shimmery highlight. I often use the shade in the lower left hand corner to contour my cheeks, and the shade above that to contour any other areas (nose, forehead, etc.) The matte highlight is genius. It gives great dimension and contrast to the contours, without adding lots of shine. Great for times when I'm on air, but even when I'm not... I just don't feel right not using this! I have a video on this, too.
  • L'oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator... I have this double-ended pencil in a deep purple/cream shade. I pretty much only use it for the cream-colored end to line my lower inner rim when I want to look more awake. When your wake up call comes at 1:30 in the morning, you have to resort to tricks like this. I used to use a brighter white pencil from Rimmel to do this job, but for the past couple of months, I've been using this pencil... the cream color is less stark, but REALLY opens up the eye. I also don't have any irritation in my waterline when I use it and the texture is just really creamy. I'll sometimes use the plum, but frankly, I think this pencil is worth it just for the light-colored end. You don't see many (if any) liners that color in the drugstore.
  • Maybelline Define-a-Brow (dark brown)... You can't really tell by the picture, but this is a super duper fine pencil. It's just the right color for my brows, and while I don't require a ton of product on my brows (they're kind of full as-is), I still want whatever I use to look totally natural. I add some definition with this, and cover a small scar. I have no issues with the staying power, it doesn't feel greasy, and it has a little comb at one end that I'll sometimes use. I also usually finish my brow filling with a clear brow gel to keep things in place.
  • Mally Poreless Face Defender... This is a one of a kind product in my makeup collection! It's the last thing that touches my face before I go on the air in the mornings, and it's also my touch-up product. Basically- it's clear and you blot it on with a sponge... the blotting- not swiping- is key. If you're starting to get oily- this seems to eliminate the oil- leaving a satin finish to the skin. Think of it as an alternative to a pressed powder that can tend to look thick when you keep adding more & more. I describe this more in my Mally Favorites video!
Daily Nuggets...
  • Just watched last night's X-Factor... cried more than a few times. Can't believe how emotional some of the contestants' stories are.
  • Thank you SO much for the kind comments, tweets, etc. on my Thanksgiving video! I always expect to take some jabs from at least a few people in my videos, but I'm extra grateful that people have been nice to my family members. And thanks to my family for putting up with my shenanigans!
  • Cupcake is being a food snob.
  • Who else is working on Thanksgiving & Black Friday? :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Early Thanksgiving!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to devote today's post to my latest video. It's an Em's World video- which I need to get back in the habit of doing! This past weekend we visited my sister a few hours away for an early Thanksgiving... watch the video & check out the fun!

I also wanted to post this as a blog so you could easily link to more info. If you'd like to try one of the recipes mentioned in the video- check out my sister's blog! She has info (or links to info) on pretty much all of them. She also happens to be having a Print Sale on one of her watercolors... it makes a great gift & it's super affordable for her high quality work :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • Woke up really tired today, with tired-looking eyes. Must get more sleep. It's only Tuesday!
  • I had so much fun editing today's video. I'm really lucky to have my family.
  • Cupcake sends her best... although she wishes SHE was the cat star of the video.
  • Picked up a couple of mini Bodycology body sprays from Wal-Mart yesterday for a dollar apiece... one was vanilla cupcake, the other was brown sugar vanilla. Both AWESOME.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Coastal Scents Bright Eyed

Hi friends! I've gotten more than a few questions on Twitter & Facebook on the Coastal Scents Bright Eyed eye brightener. It's available at the Coastal Scents website for $9.95. Go to this page and click your color for additional information. I have this concealer in both light and medium... the light color seems to actually have a slight peachy-salmon tint, which is great for correcting blue-toned under-eye discoloration. The medium just seems to be a deeper, skin-tone concealer. I've raved about this product here & there, but haven't posted an actual review... so here goes!

The Back-Story...

Several years ago I learned the value of a salmon-toned under-eye concealer. If your discoloration takes on a blue-ish tone, salmon is the best color to counteract it. The downside is that I've yet to find a concealer in a drugstore that has a salmon tone. I've found pink concealers... but not that peachy salmon color I'm looking for. I've found it from Bobbi Brown in her corrector... in a shade called Bisque. I've also found the color I'm looking for in Benefit Erase paste. Both are very creamy concealers, that have both coverage, and the right color. The Coastal Scents product I'm talking about today isn't technically "drugstore", nor is it a dupe when it comes to mimicking the coverage of Bobbi Brown & Benefit... but instead of costing 18 to 20 bucks, it's less than 10 and it has the right tone. So we're on the right track. If you want to experiment with a peachy-toned concealer, this might be a good place to start if you don't feel like spending double the price for a high-end concealer.

About Bright-Eyed...

I love the size of this... you really get a lot of product (20 ml), and the squeeze tube format is very helpful when it comes to getting all of that product out. This isn't really referred to as a concealer on the Coastal Scents website, but rather, an "eye brightener". It claims to have a lightweight, creamy consistency, and the site also notes that the light shade (the one I feel has that peachy tone) is ideal for beige to honey-toned skin. I consider that to be a pretty wide range.

(product appears darker in picture than it appears in real life)

Coverage-wise, this isn't the thickest coverage concealer I own. However it does do a good job of correcting discoloration, and the light texture actually allows it to wear rather well on the skin throughout the day. So while this might not be the best concealer for that stubborn sun spot on your face... it can do a good job around the eyes. I should also mention that not everyone has the same kind of discoloration around the eye... someone recently told me they have discoloration, but it's redness, not blue-toned. I'd suggest a person with redness around the eye use a skin-toned concealer- not something that puts added warmth on the area.

How I Get the Best Results...

With my fingers, I pat this concealer around my eye area... making sure to dab it on the sides of the nose, which can get dark on me, and also under the eye- right up to the lower lashline. You can build the coverage a bit without it looking cakey, however if you do have fine lines- I recommend dabbing those lines with a q-tip after applying this concealer to ensure that the excess product doesn't just sit in those lines. I do this trick with just about any concealer.

I also like to set this concealer with a product from Bare Minerals called Summer Bisque... this comes in multiple shades of bisque, but is a highly concentrated mineral powder that I find gives a really nice matte, brightened finish to the under-eye area. It basically says to the cream-based concealer, "it's ok, you can only do so much, but I can handle it the rest of the way." This technique is shown in my Full Coverage Concealer Trick video. Ever since I learned about this concept from QVC host Lisa Robertson- I've been making average concealers work so much better. I don't think you absolutely HAVE to do that trick with this concealer, but it does make a nice finishing touch for a more matte appearance. Hope this review was helpful to you! :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • I went grocery shopping today and bought a lot of fresh produce (pats self on back).
  • I sat with Cupcake in front of the Duraflame for awhile today... so warm & cozy!
  • Sometimes people ask me if something I recommended in a video was really worth buying. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think it was worth it! Just sayin'.
  • Angry Birds just doesn't get any easier!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cute Kabuki Brushes from Ecotools

Hi everyone! Back home after a great weekend at my sister's place. Sorry about the odd photo layout on my last blog post... I posted the pictures from my phone & some are apparently too large for the blog layout. You probably get the point though... family & lots of food! I also shot some video so I'll have to get that edited into an Em's World soon! :)

For now- the lowdown on some adorable brushes from Ecotools! This set is the limited edition Beautiful Expressions Kabuki set. I bought it for $14.99 at Target, but I assume you could find this set most places where Ecotools products are sold. If you've been keeping up with my blogs & videos for awhile, you know I'm a fan of Ecotools brushes. They have a reputation for being made out of Earth-friendly products... they're also incredibly soft well constructed. You can also find Ecotools in stores like Wal-Mart, Ulta, and Target, so I also enjoy the accessibility. Each brush in this kit has a special purpose- as listed below... and they're made with synthetic taklon bristles and recycled aluminum handles.

left to right: conceal, bronze, contour, and buff

  • Conceal (round kabuki) While I'd classify all of the other brushes as somewhat "fluffy", this brush is the most tightly packed. The info on the packaging says you can use this brush with liquid concealer or foundation... I've actually used this with my Bare Minerals Summer Bisque to set my under-eye concealer for a really matte, brightened look. The shape is really perfect for small areas, and the density of the brush provides a lot of coverage. It's soft, yet rather stiff. If you like to use mineral products, I think you'll notice a new level of coverage with this brush.
  • Bronze (angled kabuki) This brush could really be used for just about anything... not just bronzer. I'm so impressed with the size of this brush- although you might think you're getting a miniature set of brushes- you're not. This reminds me of a big powder brush only cut at an angle. It's really nicely tapered, so you don't get any harsh edges.
  • Contour (domed kabuki) This is definitely a great contour brush. Much less tightly packed than the "conceal" brush, so you really feel like you can blend with it. I hate trying to contour my cheeks with brushes that are too small. This brush is really a nice size for not only contouring the cheeks, but also the nose, forehead, etc. Also, I'm not sure if you can tell by the picture but this brush has a super cute peacock feather design on the handle.
  • Buff (flat top kabuki) I love this brush for just an overall blender. I've tried other kabuki brushes that seem a little more stiff, and lets say you wanted a lot of coverage out of a powder or mineral foundation... you want a dense, stiff kabuki to really lay on the product. This one is just a little "lighter", and will give you a lighter application of powder products- or it could be great for blush, finishing powder, or just any additional blending you need.
Overall Impressions...

Really, really impressed with this set of brushes. I'd seen pictures of them online before I saw them in stores, and was a little worried that they'd just be a mini set of brushes that looked cute, but weren't really practical. Seeing them in person, I could tell that they were actually sizes that I could use. Don't let the small handles fool you... the brush on the end is a size that measures up to other larger brushes in my collection. Another great thing I've noticed... I've had NO issues with these shedding! It's really kind of amazing. Plus each has a different color and design on the handle- so cute! The one thing that's a little odd is that unlike most Ecotools brush sets, this one doesn't come with any little travel pouch... and I could see these little brushes taking a beating at the bottom of a makeup bag- so you'll have to come up with your own way to tote them around. Maybe use a brush guard, a small makeup pouch, or something like that. Does anyone else have this brush set? How do you like to use them?

Daily Nuggets...
  • Wish I was still at my sister's spending time with my family! This weekend went by too fast.
  • Cupcake was happy to see us when we came home though!
  • I am now obsessed with Angry Birds. So is my dad. Thanks Pup! ;)
  • Rams game is all tied up... time to check it out!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Early Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone! I'm trying to blog from my phone since I don't have my computer with me. We traveled to my sister's for an early thanksgiving! She and Jeff made an awesome meal! Just wanted to share a few pics in this blog on-the-go!