New Skincare Routine!

Hey everyone! Finally getting around to updating my skincare routine! If you're like me & you like to try lots of different products... sometimes it's hard to settle down to a regular routine! The items I've included in my latest video are definitely some of my favorites... and they're pretty much all really affordable! FYI: I have combination skin that tends to get a bit oily around the T-zone.

all products are available at the drugstore unless otherwise noted...

Morning Routine
  • Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser
  • Boots Expert Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover Pads (Target)
  • Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum
  • Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer SPF 15
  • Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller
  • Clean & Clear Persagel (as needed)
Night Routine
  • Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths (oily/combo)
  • Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
  • Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel Cream
Occasional Use
  • Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub
  • Freeman Facial Clay Mask - Avocado & Oatmeal
Tinted Moisturizers
  • CoverGirl CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
  • Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30
Other Products I've Tested & Like!
  • Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream, Serum, and Light Moisturizer (Target)
  • Garnier Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV Lotion SPF 15
  • Lancome High Resolution Refill 3x Moisturizer & Eye Cream (Department Store)


  1. I'm in such a desperate need of new skin care routine, especially now that the weather is changing up again...have been eyeing CG tinted moisturizer for a while now, I may just have to give it a try.

    Happy to see a new blog post!

    A Journey to Style

  2. I love how you use both high end and drugstore products. It seems to be doing you well, you have gorgeous skin! I just started using the Clinique three step system and I love it. I wrote about it on my blog. Check it out!

  3. I was just about to request this video! Thanks so much!
    My Heart Blogged

  4. You use eye makeup remover in the morning?

  5. There are much better products with ingredients such as natural oils not mineral or petrolatum,aloe, green tea,pomegranate,acai,goji berry,alpha lipoic acid,vitamin c,etc,avaliable online at vitamin stores I shop at Iherb for all natural skincare.Most importantly none of these products are tested on animals unlike all the products that you bought and listed.

  6. Where can I find the Freeman Facial Clay Mask - Avocado & Oatmeal? I want it! But I have never seen it.

    1. You can find it at Ulta. Some Walmarts carry it, but rarely. Definitely check though!

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  8. Your skin always looks flawless, Emily! And it's great that you have such a variety of products for every budget.

    I recently did a mini review with a follow up review in 3 days of a pair of Dueba blue circle lens on my blog. Looking at review posts of your's on how to set it out!

  9. Proctor and Gamble does horrible animal testing! They own Olay,Cover girl,etc.P&G admit that guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, rats and mice are among the animals used in their ‘product safety research’, as well as cats and dogs in pet food experiments. Uncaged’s investigations continue to reveal disturbing examples of P&G’s ongoing involvement in painful and lethal animal tests.They do horrific tests on cats and dogs for IAMS.Excerpt from PETA report:
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  10. Love everything you do, Emily! Always happy to see you have something new! :)

  11. We have such similar skin type, I use some of the same products glad to be on the right track! :)

  12. I just tried the Garnier gel moisturizer because it reminded me of the Clinique Moisture Surge gel I used to use and love. I have to say, I prefer this, the Clinique product worked really well but had too much perfume and tended to sting. This is fantastic because after going back to grad school I can't afford Clinique which is at least 5x the price. Excellent dupe, thanks for the recommendation!

  13. do you love the Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream?
    i got the olay eye cream and i like it but i still want to try it lol

  14. I love your blog, and your videos! They are so great! I find all kinds of make up reviews and tips for me! Also my youngest daughter suffers from eczema and you have mentioned several over the counter products that you have used that have seemed to help or not irritate the skin-Thank you! It is nice to have a real person who suffers with eczema's review on such product.

  15. Skin care has been my high need during the bridal makeup.

  16. Hello! I really liked your blog, I m from Brazil and love some make, I have a blog too, and today I really learned so much whith yous youtube chanel! Very nice!
    If you want and have some time, take a look in my blog, i hope you enjoy!
    kisses Vanessa

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  18. Did you know the Olay Regenerist Serum is the highest ranked otc out there? I was so happy when I found out it was pretty affordable. FYI the Olay Total Effects eye cream is number one otc for eyes. I have no idea why I'm telling you this. I just found it out last week and felt like sharing for some reason, lol. You don't find too many people using Olay anymore. I've always loved it.

  19. I loved your blog. Keep on writing stuff like this..Thanks

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  25. I just want you to know. I wrote a blog about this. I used some of these after watching your video and my face is completely transformed.

  26. I am looking for ways to improve my skin. Over the past couple of months my skin has been really dry and itchy. So I am researching more a skin care routine that I can do that will help. This blog was perfect and I like how it had a video showing how to do it so that I did not have to read a whole lot.

  27. Wow, I absolutely loved this video and this article. I have been breaking out a lot on my face recently. I usually wash every night with soap, but that seems to make it even worse. Thank you so much for sharing your routine with us.

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