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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I've been really busy this week making videos, and loving every minute of it. Thanks to Ashley on the Beauty Broadcast Facebook page for requesting the Review-a-thon... I was happy to do that again & it was a lot of fun! In this blog, I just wanted to give a shout out to a couple of people for their out-of-the-blue, super kind gifts. I'm not posting this to say, "hey, send me stuff!!" -because that's not what I'm looking for. These items showed up at the TV station where I work, and it was a sweet surprise. Some people have asked me to set up a P.O. Box, but to me that seems kind of self-indulgent, and if you're feeling generous, I'd encourage you to support a charitable organization to help those in need.

I would still love to give thanks to those who took the time to share their love for Beauty Broadcast with me. It's an absolute joy to know others share my passion, and it's been amazing to hear your stories through email, facebook, twitter, and regular mail too.

Brandy sent me a lovely, thoughtful gift- and I really wanted to share it with you because I thought you'd enjoy her interpretations of a couple of my tutorials! :) Along with some photos and a list of the products she used, she sent an adorable cat card, a cat toy for Cupcake, and a Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer! (she said she could tell from recent videos that I was running low). If you'd like to get in touch with Brandy, she's on Twitter!

Here's Brandy's take on my Simply Stunning Eye Makeup tutorial! Doesn't she look incredible!? I'm envious of her skills! (click the pictures to enlarge them)

And this is a look at how Brandy pulled off my Nice or Naughty Valentine's Day tutorials! When I saw this, I was like- WOW! This is what I love about makeup. You can achieve a total transformation! Brandy was able to capture sweet & innocent makeup as well as a sultry, sexy look. I am, once again, in awe! :D Thank you SO much for watching, Brandy, and for sharing your pictures and ideas!

I also recently received a lovely note from someone... I'm not sure who! It was anonymous, but the postmark said California. In this very sweet note, this person told me they've seen most of my videos and blogs, and they thanked me for them. This viewer referred to herself as one of the long-term unemployed. She said one day while she was clipping coupons, she noticed these beauty-related deals and thought they might be something I could use. I found this to be incredibly thoughtful, selfless, and kind. Thank you so very much, and I would love to find out who you are! :)

Bottom line... there are some truly sweet people in this world, and I am so grateful that many of them have stumbled upon Beauty Broadcast. Your viewership and support has strengthened our online community in ways you or I may never know. Yes, we have probably all learned a thing or two about makeup, but so many friendships have formed along the way, and so much kindness has been shared... not just to me, but from viewer to viewer. If you've ever checked out Beauty Broadcast on Facebook- you know what I mean. I'm very thankful that our "family" has grown to a level I could have never imagined. Thank you to ALL!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Who's glad it's almost Friday? ME!!!
  • I just edited another one of the videos I shot with my mom several weeks ago. Makes me miss my family.
  • Bath & Body Works new Fiji Passion Fruit body spray is TO DIE FOR.
  • I am looking forward to watching last night's American Idol once Tyler gets home from work! Loving this season.
  • Two of my friends who also work at the TV station just got engaged!! Congrats Ryan & Katie! :D
  • I don't know how many times my stiletto-style heel went straight down into the soggy soil while out working on a story today. yuck.
  • Cupcake has decided to make it really hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. When my alarm first goes off and I hit snooze, she comes up right by my face and starts purring loudly. It's a nice 5 minutes :)


  1. Nothing like fuzzy warm lovins' from the cat you love!

  2. What a nice post! I especially love the "nuggets" section. You always brighten my day :0)

  3. Wow, it is sweet of them to share their stories with you, but sending them to your work place? That is kinda inappropriate.

  4. Just wanted to say I think you are awesome, that's all:)

  5. Hi Emily! I'm so into AI this season as well (I barely watched it last season.) My favorite so far is Stefano Langone...his voice is amazing and he's such a doll.

    And isn't Jennifer Lopez gorgeous? Her make-up looks are stunning.

    I've got to tell you, I'm totally back in the news biz! I'm the midday newscaster on News/Talk 1440 WROK radio here in Rockford. I'm loving it!



  6. This was such a nice posting. It's so nice that girl sent you that little package. But also so nice that you acknowledge it this way. You really show your appreciation. I love that about you. :)

  7. Aawwww this is one of the sweetest post I've read so far!!! Also to those who sent you those lovelies.

    Do check out my 1st giveaway celebrating 100 followers in my blog

    stay beautiful!

  8. You deserve all the great stuff that comes your way Emily!

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  10. Love this! I'm glad you liked it and appreciate that you did a blog post on it! I can't believe you said you were envious of MY skills and in were in awe! Sooooo flattering coming from you! I did learn from the best. I didn't even know how to do a smokey eye before youtube. Keep up all your hard work. I can't imagine all the thought and time you put into the videos & blog. Amazing! You deserved a little something nice.

  11. My husband and I aare also loving Bath and Body Works Fiji! We use it as a room spray. Bringing summer to us since it's so far away. :)

  12. Isn't it crazy how sometimes people who have the least are willing to give the most. It was very sweet of that lady to think of you and help you save some money

  13. Aww! Cute note! I would just be wondering how they knew my address. lol

  14. Very nice
    Please check my blog and follow it
    thanks alot

  15. How sweet! I just recently stumbled upon your blog, starting with the Goody Spin Pin tutorial on YouTube. I would love to know where the anonymous person from California got those adorable, stylized cat note cards. VERY cute, and I don't even have a cat in my family (not yet, anyway...waiting for the kids to get a little older). Love your blog and videos! Thanks!


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