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Hey everyone! As you might know, I'm a big fan of Mally makeup! She's a big time celebrity makeup artist (with clients such as Jennifer Lopez!) and she has a great makeup line. If she has a Today's Special Value on QVC, I'm usually all over it! :) But recently I saw a video from itsjudytime on YouTube about a palette she purchased, and it's exclusive to the Mally Beauty website. It looked like a great palette for travel, or just easy everyday use because it has most of your color products all in one kit! So I decided to get it! At $65, it's not a cheap palette- but having used it for a couple of weeks now... I can vouch for how high quality it is! :)

Everything comes in the most adorable little roll-up bag- it's the size of a clutch. It's really the type of thing you'd like to take out and show off- pink, metallic, and so cute!

When you open it up, there's a large pocket that holds the palette, and several elastic holders for 3 brushes and a lip gloss. It rolls up and snaps shut, so everything is secure.

I have tried some other Mally brushes, like those that come with the duo cream/powder blushes, but these seem even higher quality- they have a nice weight to them. The blush brush is decent (probably not my favorite blush brush ever... it's slightly small), the crease brush is pretty standard, but the small smudger/liner brush is PERFECT! It's nice & stiff and is just right for getting a soft liner look. You also get a full-sized lip gloss in Blossom... I am nuts about this gloss! It's a nice opaque, light pink with some metallic shimmer that really makes the face pop! Anyone who enjoys a light pink lip will LOVE this particular shade. It has the built-in brush applicator, which I think is really easy to use.

Left side- blush: Mally's Glow (top) and Romantic (bottom)
Center- eyeshadows: Browlighter & Natural (top)
Shimmering Taupe & Mally's Glow Eyeshadow (middle)
Broadway Bronze & Nolita Navy (bottom)
Right side- Eyeshadow base (top)
Luminous cream highlight (bottom)

Now what you've all been waiting for... the palette! It comes with 2 blushes, 6 eyeshadows, an eyeshadow base, and a cream highlight. I've already tried several of Mally's cream & powder blushes and I've been very impressed... these powder blushes are no exception. Mally's Glow is my favorite!! What a fantastic not too bright/not too light classic pink! Then on the right side- I love how there's actually a little lid that opens up to keep those cream products from getting any shadow fallout on them! I must say- I had some creasing with the eye primer (only used it once)... I plan to try that again and use less to see if it makes a difference. However I do love using the cream highlight- it gives a believable glow just about anywhere... cheekbones, cupid's bow, browbone, tear duct, etc. As for the eyeshadows- check out these swatches...

Love the shadows! The highlight shades (at the top) are nice, but not incredibly unique. The mid-tone and deep shadows really take the cake. I'm really, really enjoying the taupe & bronze shades in the middle! If you ever want to get away with using just one eyeshadow for your whole look- either of those colors are PERFECT! The shimmer in those shades catches the light on the lids, but also builds a contour in the crease- so cool! Both of those colors are somewhat metallic. All of the shades have some degree of shimmer- but those have the most. The bottom shades are great for smokey eyes... I like having a deep charcoal in just about any palette I use, but I find I've actually been using the navy blue the most! :) Just gorgeous.

Overall opinion: I am so glad I picked up this kit! I think it would make an awesome gift, because the colors are so universal. If you feel overwhelmed by palettes that have a hundred colors in them, I think you'll feel very comfortable with this! You can achieve a natural look... or a dramatic look and there's also a little pamphlet to give you some ideas. Let me know if you'd like to see a tutorial with this palette! :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • Speaking of nuggets- I got chicken nuggets from McDonald's today. Not the healthiest option... but it's ok once in a while, right?
  • In good health news- I'm drinking more water!
  • Cupcake is strutting around the house like a diva after everyone's kind comments on her recent video! Partying Partying MEOW!
  • It's muggy out today... a storm is brewing for later tonight.
  • Yesterday at work I did a story on sewer grates... people are stealing them & selling them as scrap metal! Not a glamorous news day.


  1. bahahaha I watched the kitty video and it's A M A Z I N G [<3]
    I so am gonna get my cat to do that lmao...and that palette you got is amazing I am in love with all the colors from it just perfect. Happy you liked your purchase!!!!

  2. I am loving your version of Friday much more than the original..don't tell Cupcake she is going to be quite the Diva soon enough eheh.

    I love Mally so I might just have to pick this up!

  3. beautiful colors!

  4. Yes, please do a tutorial.

  5. This looks for pretty! especially the palette! love the colors. I also love nuggets hehe :)

  6. I would love a tutorial too. while you're using colors from the Mally pallette in your tutorial it would be cool if you mentioned potential dupes or similar colors from the drugstore side of your collection so that people could try the look without having to buy the pallette. You are so good at keeping track of your collection in your mind if you could do this it would be really helpful.

    YOur call and response performance with Cupcake was super. Although I must may I wasn't thrilled to have that awful song running through my head for the rest of the day! HAR. At least you and cupcake have talent.

  7. so cute :-) ... I'am your huge fan from Czech Republic, just starting with my blog ... you inspired me so much .... And I really envy you, because most of the product are not even availible in my country and if, they are really expensive .... So, thumbs up, you are really beautiful and talented :-)

  8. Hi Emily!
    I love this palette. I've been looking for a nice travel palette for the upcoming summer, so far there are ones from Shany Cosmetics (on that are cheap and have everything im looking for. But the eyeshadow colors in this palette are so perfect!

    Do you have any recommendations for a travel palette? Ones with enough eyeshadows to give you multiple looka easily but with enough quality that they will last while traveling? Packaging that is not too bulky? ELF also has a small makeup kit but i would rather not have one with 12 lipglosses in it taking up space!

    Thanks so much, I love your videos and blog! Whenever I want to try a look I lookup your youtube channel :)

  9. Actually you probably don't want to eat chicken nuggets after reading this:

  10. This palette looks awesome! Tutorial please!

  11. Oooooh, this looks gorgeous! I have to admit to being a teensy bit addicted to the beauty shows on QVC. I'm currently watching an Alpha H skincare show :) but havent tried anything by Mally yet... She seems so helpful and really interested in what people look for in their makeup so I imagine the quality is fantastic!

  12. I want poking around on here website and I didn't know there was a second perfect palette! I so want both of these. Hmmmm I think I'll get the first as a to me from me bday gift (which is coming up) and the 2nd one I'll get for Christmas! Woohoo!!!


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