Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mono Eyeshadows

Hi everyone! :) Hope Tuesday is going well for you. I gotta say, I didn't really think I'd be trying any more Rimmel eyeshadows after being disappointed by several trios in the past. I found minimal pigmentation, and they just didn't measure up to their drugstore counterparts. But more than a few viewers/readers suggested I check out the Glam'Eyes single shadows... they're fairly new and I've been told they're leaps & bounds ahead of the old Rimmel shadows. Last time I was at Wal-Mart I decided to try a few... I chose neutrals because, if they work out, they can get into my everyday neutral rotation.

left: Jet Black, top: Backstage, right: Dusk

These shadows come in 11 shades, cost between $3 and $4 at Wal-Mart, and according to the Rimmel Website- they have a "soft, silky formula for smooth and intense colour." I gotta say, those claims are pretty accurate! Dare I say, it was love at first swatch! Rimmel has made major changes in the formulation of their eyeshadows, and these singles are great. Does anyone know if the quads and trios also have this new & improved texture? If so, bring 'em on! As you can see in the picture, Backstage is clearly a shimmery metallic shade- but the other two- which at first glance seem matte, have just the slightest... I mean slightest bit of sheen. No sparkle, just a tiny break from being totally matte (perhaps you can tell as the light hits the product in the pan). As opposed to some shadows that feel dry to the point of chalkiness, these are much more creamy and blendable. MUCH moreso than Rimmel shadows used to be.

Left to Right: Backstage, Dusk, Jet Black

My usual swatching policy applies... no primer to help the product... just the product in its natural state, applied with 2 total swipes-- one from the product, and one onto my hand. In terms of these three, I think Backstage (the metallic) and Dusk (the brown) work best together. I like Jet Black, but my one complaint is that it isn't truly "jet black". It's more of a deep charcoal grey. But maybe it wouldn't be quite as blendable if it were a stark black. Who knows. Bottom line- I like these A LOT. Nice color payoff and blendability, nice price... I think Rimmel eyeshadows have redeemed themselves! Now the question is... what colors do I try next...

Daily Nuggets
  • I just discovered Tyler Ward Music on YouTube and I've been listening to his stuff while writing this blog. INCREDIBLE.
  • I received my Beauty Test Tube that I ordered from QVC today. More on that in an upcoming blog!! (lots of fun products to try!)
  • The polish on my toes is about 50% chipped off. hate that.
  • Are taco shells that you buy from the store ever not stale? jeesh.
  • Cupdate: (that's an update about Cupcake! omg) lately she's been sleeping on a stack of at least 4 blankets. Diva!


  1. LOL! The store bought taco shells are pretty much always stale & BROKEN! but heating them in the oven usually take care of the stale part.

  2. Hi Emily - do you warm the taco shells in the oven before eating. They are like cardboard without warming.

  3. Hey Emily! I love these Rimmel singles too! I keep going back for more! :)

  4. Hey Emily....It's funny you should blog about these, I bought a Rimmel trio just yesterday called Orion because I saw SarahVictors tutorial on it. (It was a Kate Middleton look using mostly Rimmel products). I tried it today and the pigmentation definately doesn't measure up to MAC but it still has a good amount of it. Would you be willing to do a tutorial with this and be willing to try it?....It would be awesome if you did b/c it gives me more looks to create out of just 1 palette!...Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the review, I didn't know about these!

  6. Emily I have one of these in light pink (140 Precious Rose), it's a good inner lid color or could even be a highlight. Good on Cupcake, she knows there is no such thing as too comfortable :)

  7. Right! Ya gotta warm those shells.

  8. I love those Rimmel shades I just recently purchased a few and was surprised how much I liked them :)

  9. I have a Rimmel quad with great pigmentation... I believe they don't have them anymore though... :(

  10. love the colors!!!
    XOXO i follow you ;)

  11. I know you said you also loved the new WetnWild Color Icon eyeshadows...how would you compare the two? Do you have one you prefer?

  12. Hi Emily, your blog & youtube channel are the topic of my most recent blog post! I admire all of the time, effort & thought you put into what you do and your tips have been so helpful. I've also spent a lot of "sick time" watching your videos & I'm sure my chronically sick readers will enjoy it as much as I have. I didn't think about asking for permission before I posted the blog entry. If it's a problem, please let me know and I'll take it down.


  13. I love listening to Tyler Ward, he does awesome covers!


  14. Hi emily :)
    just few days back i bought Rimmel Glam eye quad eye shadow in SUN SAFARI ..
    well they are not very pigmented still i can use all 4 just as high light for brow bone or may be inner corner of eyes ..but not at all as eyeshadow .
    Thank God i had coupon so i paid only 2 dollar i guess .so its not bad getting 4 highlighing colors for 2 dollar :).
    but wet n wild is still lot better.

  15. I'm glad you like these! I've walked by them a few times, but just overlooked them. Might get one of the trios!

  16. I just bought these! Can't wait to use them! Soo many colours! I was talking to the rimmel rep that was restocking the shelf and she showed me the new quads that use the same formula as the new monos. Soo glad they got rid of those old ones, they were really... crap

  17. I really like backstage, I love pearl-y colors.

  18. Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know that I found a TON of rimmel glam eyes and just rimmel products in general on MEGA clearance at my local K-Mart. If you have a chance to head over there the eyeshadows were 99 cents each and there were some great foundations (including lasting finish), blushes, and lipsticks for anywhere between 1.50-4 dollars. Good luck!

  19. I've just recently purchased these little Rimmel shadows too and I've been well impressed. Was never keen on their shadows before but these were on offer in my local Boots store so I figured they'd be worth a try and I'm glad I got so many! They arent gonna make it onto my all time favourite eyeshadow list but I'm still going to enjoy using them! :)

  20. Hello! Try Spicy Bronze color. I picked it up the other day and they are gorgeous color!


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