Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Series for Bridal Guide- Mondays in May!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to fill you in on a special project I've been working on. The beauty editors at Bridal Guide magazine contacted me about doing a 4-part video series for their website during the month of May. They'll each focus on a slightly different aspect of Bridal Beauty- the first is all about getting flawless skin!

Each Monday in May- a bridal video of mine will be posted on the Bridal Guide website! It will be exclusive to their site at first, and later in the week, I'll make it public on my YouTube channel. I was excited to take part in this project, because I know how perfect we want to look on our wedding day, and I believe it really is possible to do it yourself! And just so you know- not ALL of the videos are makeup-related... there's one about hair, too! :) So keep checking back with my channel, and Bridal Guide on Mondays in May for the latest video in the series!


  1. As always...Great video Emily! Where were you when I got married last year?!?!?!? :) I have no doubt that this will be such an invaluable tool to many brides-to-be out there!

  2. These videos are going to be so helpful for me! I'm getting married in September and have been looking everywhere for an all in one guide. Hooray!!! <3

  3. That's awesome, congrats on the new opportunity :)

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