Balancing Jewelry & Jewel-Toned Makeup!

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great day! :) I'm excited to pass along a guest blog today, from a Beauty Broadcast viewer I met on Twitter! Her name is Ashley Spade & she generously offered to write a guest blog on a trend she's noticed lately-- jewel-toned makeup! I was impressed that while Ashley regularly contributes to her style blog... she's also a law student! Wow! I hope you enjoy her tips like I did, and be sure to check out her links at the end of the post! Take it away, Ashley!

Jewelry Makeup & Jewel Toned Makeup: What Works & What Doesn't

A Guest Blog by Ashley Spade

I always feel that jewelry and makeup finish an outfit. This can be good or bad depending on how you choose your accessories and makeup. One of the trends right now is jewel toned eye makeup. They are beautiful, rich colors such as emerald, amethyst, and sapphire. How do you incorporate this new trend into your current makeup and jewelry routine? Here are some guidelines I have found helpful in making these decisions.

1. Gem/Jewel accessories do not have to match your jewel toned eye makeup... I often find that matching the gem jewelry to the jewel toned eye makeup is very "matchy matchy" and doesn't look as nice. Instead, try to complement them. What are you trying to show off more: Your jewelry or your makeup? Make that item pop out and then try to complement the other to it. For example, if I am wearing a beautiful emerald and gold necklace and that is my show piece, I'm going to complement it with a gold or neutral makeup, not the emerald. Or if I want to show off my emerald eye makeup, I would wear pretty gold/diamond chandelier earrings.

2. A tan makes a difference on which eye makeup to wear... If you go to tanning salons, it will make a difference on which eye makeup you should be wearing. I'm a pale person naturally, so a lighter eye makeup stands out more. But when I go to the tanning salon the lighter makeup doesn't make my eyes pop as much since I'm darker. So I need to change up my makeup and pick a darker color to complement my new tan. Jewel toned eye makeup will look lovely with a tanned body!

3. Wear the opposite jewel toned eye makeup to your eye color... Again, don't match your eye makeup to your eyes. Wear the opposite to make your eyes stand out! Green eyes do not look their best with emerald colored makeup. But they do look great with amethyst eye makeup. Brown eyes look best with either an amethyst eye makeup or emerald eye makeup. Blue eyes pop with copper, peach and bronze.

4. Use only one main accessory as your accent piece... When putting on jewelry, only use one main piece as your accent piece. For example, chandelier earrings are a great accent piece, and then a small bracelet or thin necklace. You don't want to take away the attention from your great chandelier earrings or have too much jewelry to be distracting. Use Coco Chanel's advice: "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on."

5. Jewel toned eye makeup isn't always appropriate... There's always a time and place for things. Jewel eye makeup may not be the most appropriate for job interviews once you graduate from school. Interviews are a good time to tone down the makeup and jewelry to make the best professional impression.

I hope these pieces of advice help you as much as they have helped me over the years!

Ashley Spade, when not on the quest for the perfect accessory or shoes to complete an outfit, is a law student in Chicago. She spends most of her time at the library, but she also enjoys exploring the various boutiques in the city and serving as a personal stylist to her friends and family. When possible, her furry sidekick Sir Winston Pugsalot the First accompanies her on outings. Follow their adventures on twitter: @ashspade or read up on her fashion tips and opinions at


  1. I am shocked that her only comments about tanning have to be about tanning salons. Not even spray tanning. This is not in line with the healthy messages of Beauty Broadcast and I'm shocked.

  2. Have no fear! Most tanning salons offer spray tanning or airbrush tanning options :) So if you are a working girl or just busy (like me) and don't get time in the sun, you can visit a salon to get a sunless & or even tanning bed-less glow! Just make sure to pick a spray tan level that still looks natural so that you can beautifully pull off the darker jewel toned eyeshadow & liner!

    1. Hi Ashley, hanks for the wonderful post.

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  3. I loved this post! Very helpful! Thank you :) X

  4. Interesting post! I will admit that I love jewel toned eye shadow. If I could wear it all the time, I would. :)

    Please check out my blog if you get the chance?

  5. I agree with Ashley: tanning does not always mean UV rays. I'm really fond of self-tanners and they can give you such a beautiful glow without compromising your health!

    Great post, by the way.

  6. I agree. the suggestion here is that Ashley herself goes to tanning salons and is advocating tanning beds. In fact, the blog post itself links to a tanning bed salon. Moreover, it is crucial that we stop thinking of "suntan" as being a preferred look. It's the look of early death.

    I would have expected more from Beauty Broadcast, guest post or not.

  7. Absolutely love jewel toned makeup for summer!! Love this post :)
    Side note: I think it's interesting that both comments bashing the article are written by "anonymous."
    Also, if you actually DID click the link, you'd see the "sunless" option under "Products" on the site. So she isn't advocating tanning beds, per se, and I agree with Queen Beauty about the wonders of self tanners!
    Regardless, a lot of girls are naturally tan or DO like to lay out in the sun/get a sunless tan/visit tanning beds, so she was merely making a suggestion or saying tan is better.
    I think your comments ignore the entire validity of the article and focus on one minor detail that doesn't even matter.
    Well written, Ashley! I definitely appreciate your tips! :)

  8. *nor saying tanning is better. Whoops!

  9. Very useful post!

    Thank you!


  10. Great guest post, love how she wrote about which colors in makeup makes your eye color pop. Two thumbs up :)

  11. Why hasn't she been checking her formspring lately?

  12. I am shocked that her only comments about tanning have to be about tanning salons. Not even spray tanning. This is not in line with the healthy messages of Beauty Broadcast and I'm shocked.
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