Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guest Blog! When Your Jewelry Can Outshine You

Hi everyone!! What a whirlwind week it's been! Just one week ago I was packing for New York City! Now I've been there & back and I'm getting ready to start another work week! I'd like to thank Ashley Spade for this quest blog... with some do's & don'ts for accessorizing! Remember- there are always exceptions to a lot of common beauty and style rules- so most importantly, trust your gut and do what YOU love! Thanks Ashley! :)

When Your Jewelry Can Outshine You

A guest blog post by Ashley Spade

Every girl knows that accessories can make an outfit. We are taught this from birth, and most of us can accessorize in our sleep. However, what many don’t realize is that the opposite can be true as well. The perfect pair of earrings can be eclipsed by the wrong hairstyle, or your makeup can draw attention away from your jewelry (think Mimi from The Drew Carey Show). Read on for tips on how to avoid common mistakes and make the most of your accessories.

Classy Is as Classy Does

When selecting your jewelry, be sure that your makeup, hairstyle and manicure matches the style of your jewelry. For example, engagement rings look best with a French manicure and classy makeup, whereas simple jewelry calls for simple manicures and minimal makeup. When considering your makeup, muted colors come across as classy, bold colors are more fun and flirtatious (and better suited for costume jewelry), and bare lips are perfectly acceptable for the “girl next door” look.

Matchy-Matchy = No-No

If you are wearing gemstones or colored jewelry, please refrain from wearing matching eyeshadow and fingernail polish. This does not give you a put-together look, but makes you look garish, or like a five-year-old who snuck into her mother’s makeup collection. Instead, allow your jewelry to speak for itself, and pair vibrant colors with subdued shades. In this instance, eyeshadow should be minimal if it is worn at all, and lipstick should be replaced with a shimmery lipgloss.

Less Is More

If you are wearing a distinctive piece of jewelry, such as a chunky bracelet or an antique ring, refrain from wearing any other items and avoid distracting makeup and hairstyles. One exception to this rule is if you use your makeup to draw attention to your unique item, such as getting a manicure to draw attention to a ring, or choosing a hairstyle that will draw attention to a pair of earrings. However, this is an exception that should be used sparingly.

Opposites Attract

A big ring should not be paired with long fingernails, as this runs the risk of looking gaudy. Similarly, dangle earrings are at their best advantage when combined with an updo, and longer hairstyles are best for stud earrings. If you always try to create contrasts with your jewelry and makeup/hairstyles, you will create an effective, striking look that will make people take notice of your favorite jewelry items.

The main thing to remember when accessorizing is to create a balanced look. Unless you are a southern belle or beauty queen, bigger is not better, and you will only look like you’re playing dress-up, which is likely not the desired effect. So take the time to carefully consider your makeup and hairstyle when choosing your jewelry for the day, and knock ‘em dead!

Ashley Spade, when not on the quest for the perfect accessory or shoes to complete an outfit, is a law student in Chicago. She spends most of her time at the library, but she also enjoys exploring the various boutiques in the city and serving as a personal stylist to her friends and family. When possible, her furry sidekick Sir Winston Pugsalot the First accompanies her on outings. Follow their adventures on twitter: @ashspade or read up on her fashion tips and opinions at


  1. Great info - but it's also important to remember for women to do what makes them feel beautiful. :)

  2. Ditto Anonymous above -- there are some good suggestions here, but I don't think you can really make universal rules about some of this stuff. If I only wore "classy makeup" and a French manicure when I wear my engagement ring, that's all I'd ever be able to wear. That's not really a piece of jewelry I can worry about building a look around... unless I want to look the same every single day for the rest of my life!

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  3. I'm loving your blog and have been following via bloglovin'. I also watch your vids on youtube (my username is mercipaige.)

    Keep the excellent posts and cute pics coming:)

  4. While I agree with some of the points made in this article, a lot of it sounded like it was written by a fashion/creativity oppressor. I am kind of surprised that Emily would have someone like this as a guest blogger. It seems so contrary to her personality, especially given that she stated she doesn't preach or adhere beauty/fashion rules in her "freaky facts" video.

  5. Too many rules. I think I will just stick to what makes me feel beautiful. Even if I wear colored polish with my engagement ring, or a bracelet when I wear my tribal inspired necklace, the overall effect makes me feel stylish and so I will rock it.

  6. I guess I'm a disaster :(

    Big & lots of jewelry is in and I love it!

  7. I must agree with the comments here in that I honestly feel any makeup/fashion rules are only made to be broken. If we all followed all the rules all the time, we'd all look exactly the same all the time. We should feel free to wear what makes us happy and what we like - NO rules to follow. Where would the fashion and cosmetics industries be if not for creative people BREAKING all the rules and thinking outside the box? After all, it is breaking the rules that made people and their products famous.

  8. Not to sound like a broken record but I agree with most of the feedback people have already given. I think creating an outfit based on your engagement ring is absurd. For the most part, a lot of the advice was silly. Love Emily but this guest blogger was not for me.

  9. Sooo funny that one of her "rules" is that dangle earrings should be combined with an updo, but Emily wears dangle earrings with her hair part or fully down all the time. So do a lot of people, and it always looks fabulous...I think we can throw this post straight into the "everyone has their opinion" bucket.

  10. Being a nail blogger and lacquerhead myself, I didn't like the part about nails. French manicures are so outdated and I personally find them boring and common. I also find that having polish to match a colored ring looks amazing. Of course you won't be wearing blue polish with a blue ring and also blue eyeshadow because that would be too much. I think however that there's people who can rock that look too. People need to be more open about manicures and try something new instead of the old French or nude subdued look.

  11. Geez, I just can't believe I have been doing all wrong!! I thought I was looking stylish doing the exact opposite of what this blogger wrote. I think, to me, if I look in the mirror, and like what I see, I don't care what anyone thinks... I am wearing it. :)

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  13. Funny! You have a great wrting style Ashley! :)

    I think in most cases it is true but its cool to break the rules now and again and eventually redefine them by just doing you! :)

    The Beauty Chemist

  14. I think some of the comments are too harsh. Personally I'm going to take what I can from this post. I like knowing what "the rules" are on anything before I break them.

  15. That ladies over done makeup always used to annoy the heck out of me!

  16. Wow, I love Emily, but this guest blogger is way too preachy! I don't want to visit her blog and I hope she won't be a repeat guest here.

  17. I am a Southern Belle and a Beauty Queen :) So I guess bigger is better for me!

  18. Most of this makes sense, but I disagree with only wearing dangle or large earrings with loose hair. When you have your hair down with these statement earrings, the earrings peek through your hair as it moves, and the effect is very pretty.

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  20. Wearing huge earrings are more beautiful when you have your hair pony-tailed. It does have a good effect on loose hair but sometimes it tangles up with the hair.

  21. That's the worst thing that could happen especially when your in a party. Your jewelries should not outshine you at any cost.

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  26. I Guest the point is that you have to know when and where to match the jewelry and the outfit. Just make sure that your makeup isn't like the picture at the Post. Cheeers Girls.

  27. Don't make the jewelry become more attractive than you. A simple makeup and a matching clothes is also important to choose. Cheers girls.

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