Coastal Scents Bright Eyed

Hi friends! I've gotten more than a few questions on Twitter & Facebook on the Coastal Scents Bright Eyed eye brightener. It's available at the Coastal Scents website for $9.95. Go to this page and click your color for additional information. I have this concealer in both light and medium... the light color seems to actually have a slight peachy-salmon tint, which is great for correcting blue-toned under-eye discoloration. The medium just seems to be a deeper, skin-tone concealer. I've raved about this product here & there, but haven't posted an actual review... so here goes!

The Back-Story...

Several years ago I learned the value of a salmon-toned under-eye concealer. If your discoloration takes on a blue-ish tone, salmon is the best color to counteract it. The downside is that I've yet to find a concealer in a drugstore that has a salmon tone. I've found pink concealers... but not that peachy salmon color I'm looking for. I've found it from Bobbi Brown in her corrector... in a shade called Bisque. I've also found the color I'm looking for in Benefit Erase paste. Both are very creamy concealers, that have both coverage, and the right color. The Coastal Scents product I'm talking about today isn't technically "drugstore", nor is it a dupe when it comes to mimicking the coverage of Bobbi Brown & Benefit... but instead of costing 18 to 20 bucks, it's less than 10 and it has the right tone. So we're on the right track. If you want to experiment with a peachy-toned concealer, this might be a good place to start if you don't feel like spending double the price for a high-end concealer.

About Bright-Eyed...

I love the size of this... you really get a lot of product (20 ml), and the squeeze tube format is very helpful when it comes to getting all of that product out. This isn't really referred to as a concealer on the Coastal Scents website, but rather, an "eye brightener". It claims to have a lightweight, creamy consistency, and the site also notes that the light shade (the one I feel has that peachy tone) is ideal for beige to honey-toned skin. I consider that to be a pretty wide range.

(product appears darker in picture than it appears in real life)

Coverage-wise, this isn't the thickest coverage concealer I own. However it does do a good job of correcting discoloration, and the light texture actually allows it to wear rather well on the skin throughout the day. So while this might not be the best concealer for that stubborn sun spot on your face... it can do a good job around the eyes. I should also mention that not everyone has the same kind of discoloration around the eye... someone recently told me they have discoloration, but it's redness, not blue-toned. I'd suggest a person with redness around the eye use a skin-toned concealer- not something that puts added warmth on the area.

How I Get the Best Results...

With my fingers, I pat this concealer around my eye area... making sure to dab it on the sides of the nose, which can get dark on me, and also under the eye- right up to the lower lashline. You can build the coverage a bit without it looking cakey, however if you do have fine lines- I recommend dabbing those lines with a q-tip after applying this concealer to ensure that the excess product doesn't just sit in those lines. I do this trick with just about any concealer.

I also like to set this concealer with a product from Bare Minerals called Summer Bisque... this comes in multiple shades of bisque, but is a highly concentrated mineral powder that I find gives a really nice matte, brightened finish to the under-eye area. It basically says to the cream-based concealer, "it's ok, you can only do so much, but I can handle it the rest of the way." This technique is shown in my Full Coverage Concealer Trick video. Ever since I learned about this concept from QVC host Lisa Robertson- I've been making average concealers work so much better. I don't think you absolutely HAVE to do that trick with this concealer, but it does make a nice finishing touch for a more matte appearance. Hope this review was helpful to you! :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • I went grocery shopping today and bought a lot of fresh produce (pats self on back).
  • I sat with Cupcake in front of the Duraflame for awhile today... so warm & cozy!
  • Sometimes people ask me if something I recommended in a video was really worth buying. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think it was worth it! Just sayin'.
  • Angry Birds just doesn't get any easier!


  1. Looks like a good concealer to try. I'm always on the lookout.

    Yum! Fresh produce is the best!

  2. I just received this product in the mail today!!! I ordered it per your raves, and it was 40% off! The tube is so fat, a large amount as you say. I cannot wait to try this; I'm much older than you but, like you, have been searching for a lower-priced salmony concealer. Something that I find so interesting is that the Max Factor classic concealer stick, "Erace", came in various peach tones - how clever was this talented makeup artist and line? You must ask your Mom about it! Now I want to know: When and why did the undereye concealers move away from the peachy shades of the 60's that we are just now realizing can be the most effective? Thank you so much for your blog, darlin, and all the great products you've persuaded me to try! xoxox

  3. "It basically says to the cream-based concealer, 'it's ok, you can only do so much, but I can handle it the rest of the way.'"

    You are so funny! :)

  4. All Makeup on the Coastal Scents website is 40% off until 11/24! I ordered my tube just now and can't wait to try it. Thanks, Emily!

  5. Thanks for the great review and your humor! Still haven't found my HG concealer, though.No matter how much I hydrate under my eyes, and then use the Mally under eye poreless primer, concealer always end up making my under eyes look more wrinkly. But, I'm always trying!! As WC said, "Never, never, never, never give up"

  6. Hey emily, I have just recently discovered that the Rimmel Fix and Perfect concealer in the color light and fair is a great salmon toned concealer for those bluish under eye circles. I bought it for the "brightening" effect, but discovered that it was too peach toned to brighten, but great for hiding my circles =0)

  7. You should try the Maybelline Age Rewind Corrector. It has a light, almost serum-like consistency and has that pinky peach tone to it that is great for blue undereye circles.

  8. Emily you are one of my favorite makeup people on YouTube. The fact that you do not do makeup professionally and your knowledge comes from experience and first hand learning rather than sitting in a room and having someone who has already learned it tell it to you gives you a better understanding of how to convey it to the rest of us. I am not one of those girls who only cares about how they look and how cute their hair or makeup or clothing is at that time and you don't seem to be one of those either. Just the sheer joy I see on your face and the few times we've seen him how happy you make Tyler, I wish we could be friends otuside of YouTube and the internet. This comment turned more into a hey I really like you post but oh well. My question finally is do you have advice for dark circles on black women seeing as how I am one and all and the salmon just doesn't sound like it would be good on me. OKay thank you for reading this if you can. See you in your next video or blog I cant wait.

  9. I know of a peachy toned corrector you can get in a drugstore. Well, technically Target isn't a drugstore, but it has drugstore makeup. Anyway, Pixi makes a product called the Brightening Peach Concealer, and it's my holy grail corrector! it's a little expensive for drugstore - $15, but you can pick it up at the store along with the rest of your drugstore's definitely cheaper than Bobbi Brown or Eve Pearl!

  10. Hi Emily, I'm so jealous that you can get correctors/concealers. I say that because when it comes to foundation, I'm usually the lightest shade of any foundation out there in any line. Forget trying to find a light enough concealer! lol

    As for those who ask if something you recommended in a video was really worth buying, you wouldn't recommend it if you didn't think it was worth it....that really just offends me on your behalf because it's a backhanded insult. It's like a veiled "I don't believe you're telling the truth" in your videos. I just really respect all that you do and the effort that you put forth and for people to say stuff like that to you (be it to your face or otherwise) takes some extra large kahunas.

    Love you bunches and I've always got your back ;-)

  11. Hi Emily! Happy thanksgiving.
    Two things: first, instead of Angry Birds, try Plants vs Zombies. I have played it on four different platforms and it is always fun and cute. Gnnnnnh brainz!
    Second, do you know of an affordable drugstore option for stila's topaz eyeliner or mac's pencil (possibly called chromographic)? Why haven't mainstream cosmetics companies jumped on the idea of a creamy matte non-white waterline-safe eyeliner to brighten the eye? I find nothin' but frosts. I figured if it exists, you would know! :) thx.

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