Crock Pot Enchilada Soup!

Hey everyone! I'm feeling a little under the weather today... I believe it's either a cold or allergies. It's definitely the type of feeling that makes you want some warm soup! And over the weekend I made what I feel is one of the tastiest things I've created in my crock pot. Behold- crock pot Chicken Enchilada Soup! (I think I mistakenly tweeted that this was chicken tortilla soup... but the recipe says enchilada!)

Ok, I realize the presentation is less than impressive in my microwaveable Ziplock container, but I'm eating my leftovers today and this is what I'm using. As with many good ideas that have come into my life lately, I discovered this on Pinterest... you can check out my page here. Anyway... when I saw a picture of this soup on there, I clicked a couple of times and ended up at the Homemade by Holman blog, where there were pictures, a recipe, and instructions for making this on the stove top or in a crock pot. Thank you to Homemade by Holman for the FANTASTIC recipe!

A few notes from me...
  • I totally forgot to pick up jalapenos. But it was plenty spicy even without them.
  • I didn't include black beans because Tyler & I don't really love them...
  • I compensated by adding some extra corn
  • I couldn't find cotija cheese in my store... I replaced that part of the recipe with more pepperjack.
  • In terms of the the way the spices came together-- I felt it was PERFECT. The flavor was awesome & I didn't feel the need to tweak the taste at all.
  • Serve with an extra sprinkling of pepperjack, and I love eating this with Fritos corn chips... they're a bit more substantial than regular corn chips & soak up some of the broth without dissolving.
  • All in all, think of this as a mexican stew. The chicken turns out SO tender and takes on so much flavor. Tyler and I agreed- this was both filling and flavorful and we'll be enjoying the leftovers for awhile!

Daily Nuggets...
  • I had some of the STRANGEST dreams last night. I can't remember lots of details except for these few tidbits... wedding, dance routine, Elton John, Steven Tyler, and moments where I was trying to sleep and my room was full of people acting like nothing was going on.
  • A grey and white cat has made an appearance on my deck. The cat seems large & well-fed. Not sure what to do...
  • Posted my Everyday Smokey Eye on YouTube. If you've ever felt smokey-eye challenged, I hope you'll give this look a shot :)


  1. Regarding the gray and white cat: can you take him to a local vet's office and see if he has a microchip? You may be able to find his family!

  2. Seeing the microchip thing made me think of this, but if you are ever looking for a good vet for Cupcake (or to find this grey cat's home) the vet at the Kitty Klinic is great. I took my dog there when I was at SIUC.

  3. Definitely take the cat to a vet and check for a microchip, someone may want their cat back.

    Also, if anyone is interested I am starting my own beauty blog at any interest would great.

  4. I'm always on the look out for tasty and filling soups that can double for meals. I'll have to look over the recipe to see how Weight Watcher friendly it is. But I love working out my Crock Pot too, lol.

    As for the kitty, the other ladies have hit it spot on with regard to taking it to a vet to see if it's chipped. As well, if you've not gotten Cupcake chipped, please consider it. While it's not a end all be all in making sure she gets home, it certainly helps. I'm such an animal lover, especially cats, thank you so much for looking out for the kitty.

  5. When I am feeling under the weather I like to curl up with a cup of tea. One of my all time favorites is Yogi tea. They make a cold season, a throat comfort, and a breath deeply for the yucky days. They also make teas especially for women. The Woman's Moon Cycle is genius. I always have it on hand. There stomach ease tea is great as well, it works and it works fast.

    I have found these teas at Dierbergs and Whole Foods. Some Targets may carry them too. They are usually in the organic foodstuffs.

    I also use Watkins inhalant on my pillow at night to aid in better sleeping. It is so great to not have to rub Vicks on my chest!

    Ok I am going to stop sounding like an ad now.....

  6. Your pintrest board does show up ..:)
    I m loving the novEMber marathon of posts!
    keep em comin!!!!!!!!1


  7. I hope you feel better! I'm loving 'non stop November' :) That soup looks awesome. I will be making this!
    xo, Jaimee

  8. I believe cats choose humans. I had this kitten once that I got from a co worker. It was just a kitten, maybe four weeks old. It wasnt long after thid cat was big enough to stay outside by itself it would always wind up across the street. When I would call the cat he would always come running from across the street.The neighbors were an older couple. One day I had enough of my cat always being there and I went across the street to talk to the couple about why my cat was always at their house. I saw the woman in her yard and she began to tell me this story about how her husband had recently past away. she told me she was sorry that the cat was always at her house but that she had always wanted a cat and when she asked for a cat her husband would tell her "you can have a cat when I die" She continued that the cat showed up at their house the day he passed away. I never called for him again. I knew in that moment the Cat was hers. I was just the way in which he came into her life.
    Funny side note. We had named the cat Ozzy,their last name was Osbourne. :-)

  9. Emily! I love following your blog and your youtube channel and I lOVE makeup and crockpots!! This recipe sounds good and I will try it out someday soon! I wanted to share one of my favorite crockpot recipes with you.

    Chicken & Dumplings (SUPER EASY)
    1 Lg can of cream of chicken soup
    2-3 lbs Raw chicken breast
    1 bag frozen mixed veggies
    1 can of biscuits

    all you do is toss the chicken and the soup in the crockpot with a little milk and butter let it cook until the chicken is done....then toss in the veggies and the raw biscuits and cook for another 30-45 minutes.

    I toss in a few bay leaves and some garlic powder and a tiny bit of thyme for some real homemade flavor.

    For the biscuits roll them out on a lightly floured surface and then cut them into bite size pieces...I also found that after tossing them in the pot, let them cook for 20 min then give it a good stir and cook for about 20 more until they are cooked through.

    Sorry this is sooo long....It is delish and way easy and worth making!

    Have a great night!!

  10. That looks delicious!!
    I hope you get better soon!!!

  11. Thanks for highlighting my recipe -- I'm glad you liked it! It's one of our favorites around my house, especially this time of year.

  12. Long time lurker, first time poster! lol I made this today and it was A-mazing. Thanks :)

  13. I'm hoping you feel better! I'm loving 'non end November': ) That will soup looks amazing. I will be thus, making this!
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