Cute Kabuki Brushes from Ecotools

Hi everyone! Back home after a great weekend at my sister's place. Sorry about the odd photo layout on my last blog post... I posted the pictures from my phone & some are apparently too large for the blog layout. You probably get the point though... family & lots of food! I also shot some video so I'll have to get that edited into an Em's World soon! :)

For now- the lowdown on some adorable brushes from Ecotools! This set is the limited edition Beautiful Expressions Kabuki set. I bought it for $14.99 at Target, but I assume you could find this set most places where Ecotools products are sold. If you've been keeping up with my blogs & videos for awhile, you know I'm a fan of Ecotools brushes. They have a reputation for being made out of Earth-friendly products... they're also incredibly soft well constructed. You can also find Ecotools in stores like Wal-Mart, Ulta, and Target, so I also enjoy the accessibility. Each brush in this kit has a special purpose- as listed below... and they're made with synthetic taklon bristles and recycled aluminum handles.

left to right: conceal, bronze, contour, and buff

  • Conceal (round kabuki) While I'd classify all of the other brushes as somewhat "fluffy", this brush is the most tightly packed. The info on the packaging says you can use this brush with liquid concealer or foundation... I've actually used this with my Bare Minerals Summer Bisque to set my under-eye concealer for a really matte, brightened look. The shape is really perfect for small areas, and the density of the brush provides a lot of coverage. It's soft, yet rather stiff. If you like to use mineral products, I think you'll notice a new level of coverage with this brush.
  • Bronze (angled kabuki) This brush could really be used for just about anything... not just bronzer. I'm so impressed with the size of this brush- although you might think you're getting a miniature set of brushes- you're not. This reminds me of a big powder brush only cut at an angle. It's really nicely tapered, so you don't get any harsh edges.
  • Contour (domed kabuki) This is definitely a great contour brush. Much less tightly packed than the "conceal" brush, so you really feel like you can blend with it. I hate trying to contour my cheeks with brushes that are too small. This brush is really a nice size for not only contouring the cheeks, but also the nose, forehead, etc. Also, I'm not sure if you can tell by the picture but this brush has a super cute peacock feather design on the handle.
  • Buff (flat top kabuki) I love this brush for just an overall blender. I've tried other kabuki brushes that seem a little more stiff, and lets say you wanted a lot of coverage out of a powder or mineral foundation... you want a dense, stiff kabuki to really lay on the product. This one is just a little "lighter", and will give you a lighter application of powder products- or it could be great for blush, finishing powder, or just any additional blending you need.
Overall Impressions...

Really, really impressed with this set of brushes. I'd seen pictures of them online before I saw them in stores, and was a little worried that they'd just be a mini set of brushes that looked cute, but weren't really practical. Seeing them in person, I could tell that they were actually sizes that I could use. Don't let the small handles fool you... the brush on the end is a size that measures up to other larger brushes in my collection. Another great thing I've noticed... I've had NO issues with these shedding! It's really kind of amazing. Plus each has a different color and design on the handle- so cute! The one thing that's a little odd is that unlike most Ecotools brush sets, this one doesn't come with any little travel pouch... and I could see these little brushes taking a beating at the bottom of a makeup bag- so you'll have to come up with your own way to tote them around. Maybe use a brush guard, a small makeup pouch, or something like that. Does anyone else have this brush set? How do you like to use them?

Daily Nuggets...
  • Wish I was still at my sister's spending time with my family! This weekend went by too fast.
  • Cupcake was happy to see us when we came home though!
  • I am now obsessed with Angry Birds. So is my dad. Thanks Pup! ;)
  • Rams game is all tied up... time to check it out!


  1. I've just gone out and picked up the retractable kabuki and foundation brushes today after reading one of your other reviews. Now I already have these on my Ecotools wishlist, lets just hope they make it to the UK! Great post, you always make me want things (not a bad thing!).

  2. Yaay I've been waiting for you to post about these brushes! My favorites are the bronzer brush, which I do love for bronzer, and the contour brush which I like for blush and highlighting.

  3. These are adorable! I have to get to my local stores tomorrow to check if any are around. I haven't any Ecotools yet, so a good way to start!!

  4. They are so adorable. I'm a big fan of ecotools too and I have all of their brushes. Now, these,it's just plain adorable and I need to hunt these down.

  5. I found this brush set at Walgreens today.

  6. I love Ecotools, so I'm definitely going to check these out!! And I've been looking for something like these, so it's like a blessing in disguise =)

  7. wow I need to check these babys out.

    xo Jenn

  8. So cutee !! But i can get them here :( !!

  9. Hello there! you've such a cute blog! I've just become your follower! If you want to follow me, here's the link:

  10. These are so cute! I'll definitely have to pick these up!

  11. Love these Brushes!!Thanks for the post!

  12. I had literally just bought these Sunday when I came home and saw your review! I absolutely love them...super soft, affordable, and oh-so-cute!

  13. They sound incredible! My beef with cheaper brushes is that they shed and their dye runs so to know a brand of drugstore brushes don't shed is quite incredible....will check these out if I have a chance.

  14. Hey Em! I just bought the brush set. So excited to try it! Thanks for letting us know! :)

  15. Love this! This may help some of you, you can get the full range of ecotools brushes at really cheap, and i have a code for upto $10 off!!! : HWT011 : use it at the checkout and only $4/ £2.50 worldwide delivery!!! Hope this helps, they end up being like super cheap! :) .


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