Daily Nuggets Special & TGIF Haul

Hello everyone! I'm very disappointed in myself. I missed 2 DAYS of my Non-Stop November blog posts! I do have a reason though... starting Wednesday, this week got really weird. This first part of the story wasn't so much stressful, as it was bizarre. First off, we have a new segment this month on the morning show called "Wild Wednesday" where we feature a viewer's unusual animal. We've had an owl, a camel, and this week... a llama!

Llama Drama

I must say, I love llamas. So when this llama appeared in our newsroom- right off to the side of our set, patiently waiting with its owner... I was overcome with how cute she was! Then things got ugly. After about 5 minutes, while my co-anchor Kevin & I were anchoring... we hear the tell-tale sound of a stream of liquid hitting the floor. Yep. The llama went #1 and #2 right by my desk in the newsroom. (still anchoring) I hear the handler hustle the llama into the hallway... then we hear a major crashing sound... as if the llama kicked a hole in the wall or something (still reading news).

Ok... now we're in a commercial break- and it's almost showtime for the llama! We quickly get off of our massive desk on wheels- slide it out of the way- and prep the floor for the llama... um... where's the llama? Turns out that big noise we heard was the llama slipping and falling in its own #1 and #2 mess that it continued to make once the handler took it into the hallway.

With about a minute to spare, the handler, Dayle, gets the llama on the set, tells me about the mess, and explains why the llama is dripping wet. Gross. Fortunately, she said the llama wasn't hurt when she fell. We ended up making it through the interview with no messes.... and Kevin and our producer Weston were already in the hallway trying to clean things up- bless their hearts. I'll spare you the picture, but it was a big mess. During that next commercial break, all we could do was laugh. I mean... who could've imagined we'd be dealing with a llama mess at the TV station. Even our news director was cracking up. It'll go down in history as one of the most unusual days on the morning show.

Anchoring AM and PM

Now to the real reason why I wasn't able to find time for blogging the past couple of days. One of our evening anchors had a death in the family, so our news director asked if I could do the 5pm in addition to the morning show Wednesday and Thursday. What's another half hour of news? I said sure... and it really wasn't a super big deal. I just had to go home after the morning show and come back in the afternoon. And keep my 2am makeup job looking fresh at 5pm (possibly the biggest challenge). Anyway, Wednesday... after the llama drama... I went home, then came back, anchored the 5pm, and came home... almost immediately noticing migraine symptoms. My vision was getting blurry and rather than blogging, I had to take my migraine pill and get to bed immediately in hopes of getting up for the morning show in a matter of hours. Thank goodness, the combo of sleep and medication left me feeling only mildly bad Thursday morning... and I again did am show, pm show, and then turned around this morning for the am show. The whole time period pretty much ran together. I was glad to be able to fill in... but could've done without the migraine.


Needless to say, I'm glad it's Friday. After a quick meal at Steak & Shake, Tyler and I went to Walgreens, where I purchased stuff I didn't need. I call it retail therapy after a rough week. I picked up this lovely pink sequined santa hat...

As well as these INSANE socks! Apparently that's a character from Rudolph? I don't even remember. All I know is I'll be seeing my sister tomorrow and I know she's going to completely crack up when she sees these socks. I couldn't even glance at them in the checkout without laughing. When I finally paid for this stuff, the cashier goes, "looks like you're getting in the holiday spirit." Um, yeah! I also got 2 more lip butters (Raspberry Pie and Cherry Tart)- Lord knows I don't need more lip products... and I got Cover Girl Super Thick Lash mascara simply because it caught my eye and I haven't tried it in ages.

Anyway, these stories were probably longer & more drawn out than anyone wanted to read, but that was my wacky few days! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Welcome back! Two day break isn't so bad. Wow! That is terrible about your coworker's death. So sorry to hear that. Love the sock. Definitely interesting.


  2. That's the bumble from Rudolph, those are awesome!

  3. Love the Bumble socks! :)

  4. Your llama story made me laugh out loud! Glad you are feeling better and hopefully you can have a more restful weekend!

  5. 1. your face is priceless in that picture next to the owner and the llama

    2. I love that your co-anchor and producer cleaned up the llama mess; seems like you have a well-rounded group that are not afraid of getting dirty

    3. I loved this blog and glad you're feeling better Emily, it made my day!

  6. Ah come on! You have to know the abominable snowman character from Rudolph!!! :)

  7. The llama story is funny! Welcome back, and I'm glad you were able to fend off the migraine. And I love the Bumble socks (Remember, Bumbles bounce!!) - I need those!

  8. I completely understand just spent 24 hrs in a ER waiting trying to get my husband treated for a migraine that according to.him felt lyk his eye was going to burst out. My daughter also suffers from these horrible headaches.

  9. I am at work and I started reading this. I could not stop laughing hahahahaha that Llama story was too funny!!!! Thanks for making my night!

  10. I picked up some more lip butters too I LOVE Them!!

    xo Jenn


  11. hahaha the llama story is great. i would have not been able to keep it together!


  12. The lip butters are awesome. I have them in creme brulee and pink truffle. Might need to get a couple more.

  13. I am so jealous! I have not seen the lip butters anywhere. Can't wait to try them! Love your blog! :)

  14. Gosh u made me laugh, my hubby even came to the living room to ask what was so funny! Thanks! U made my day much brighter! -meli yibi

  15. I work at an animal hospital, so I know that tell tale sign of liquid streaming to the floor!
    Your story was hilarious though! I can only imagine what kind of mess a llama would make indoors!
    Glad your're feeling better!

  16. OMG the llama story LMAO! Glad things are back to normal. I love this mascara! It works so well at volumizing and lengthening. And best of all no raccoon eyes or flaking!

  17. Very exciting few days! I am envious of your growing Lip Butter collection. CanNOT find them anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley...yet.

  18. Hi Emily,

    Sorry it's been a trying week but you should blog when you can, not because you think you have to :)

    I also had to laugh when I read the entire blog post and was reminded of the Llama poo and the title daily nuggets set me off laughing again.

    Where I'm from we sometimes use the word nuggets to describe poo (obviously not when someone is eating food nuggets) but I prefer the word nugget than poo. I think poo is an awful word. I'm glad to hear the Llama is ok.

    Oh I wish I could get my hands on some lip butters. I finally got an answer from Revlon UK and they said they won't be releasing all of them here and have no current release date in mind other than in 2012. I think they're shooting themselves in the foot not releasing these lip butters in other countries before Christmas!


  19. That sounds like a busy week. I had to laugh out loud at the Ilama drama story!

  20. Bless you! What a week you've had! Hope you have lovely and relaxing weekend :)

  21. hey emily, i see you have purchased new lipsticks! I know I might sound totally retarded but why do I find it so hard to wear lipsticks? I mean the whole 'there is something foreign on my lips' feel and the need to touch-up? please shed some light LOL thanks

  22. I was starting to get worried about you as I saw you weren´t posting daily..... I just thought something went wrong or something... I´m glad you are back on your feet. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I totally cracked up at "Llama Drama" lol. Completely taken back that your co-anchor helped to clean up the mess though, I would've figured you had janitorial/housekeeping staff to do that sort of thing. Kevin and Weston are def good sports.

    While I know you made it a personal goal for yourself to blog on a daily basis for the month of November, I agree with Karen in the regard of don't feel that you HAVE to blog, but do it as you're able to.

    I love what you're doing here, it's inspiring, not just insofar in the beauty community but on a professional and personal level as well.

    Glad you were able to thwart off your migraine, I suffer from them as well and know they are no fun.

    Have a great weekend!

  24. Wow, you have had quite the week! I love those socks by the way - they are fantastic!


  25. aww i love that llama! so funny when you mentioned you and tyler went to steak n shake and then to target to buy things you didnt need because me and my b/f did the exact same thing this past monday: went to steak and shake, then target (and ulta) to buy stuff i didn't need at all lol. I must have been channeling beauty broadcast lol

  26. You are a trooper Emily, hard work pays off..glad the migraine didn't get the besto of you.

  27. That's the A. Snowman that that Dentist in Training Elf helps out LOL
    Love the socks E
    Hope you are feeling much better
    Sorry .. it's been AGES!!
    so less than u
    ..hearts all around.

  28. Poor thing! I can only imagine how exhausted you became. Hope you'll get some rest soon.

  29. Poor thing! I can only imagine how exhausted you became. Hope you'll get some rest soon.

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