Glammed-up Tweezers!

Hey everyone! Super quick blog today since I have company coming soon! Just wanted to show off a special item I found at Walgreens for ONE DOLLAR last week! I think you know why these caught my attention... they're pink AND sparkly!

There was no brand name on these tweezers. There was a special section near the cosmetics that had a bunch of "stocking stuffer" type items... lip glosses, lotions, socks... and blinged-out tweezers! For only a dollar, I couldn't turn them down. Plus- it's always nice to have an extra pair. They're easy to lose... and they're one of those things that I'm likely to forget when I travel. This way I can have an extra pair in my travel bag.

I currently use some light pink Tweezerman tweezers, which I like very much. You probably can't tell by this picture, but the tip of these tweezers is slightly angled, which I like. The texture of the glitter feels just a bit gritty, but I don't mind. It doesn't seem to flake off. Despite being a dollar, they seem to work fine and handled all of my tweezing needs today... I can't go a day without tweezing my eyebrows! :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • Tyler's sisters- the twins- are visiting soon!
  • It's very gray & windy outside... leaves are blowing around everywhere. Feels like fall!
  • After you clean the house, do you ever like to just stand around and look at it? lol :)
  • I edited a new video this morning- I'll try to post it early tomorrow. It was a viewer request & I'm super excited about it!


  1. How cute!

  2. cute!! and not a bad price, too. i can't justify spending $15+ for tweezers when they're all made in china.

  3. these are so pretty and cute

  4. So cute!
    At first I thought these were the ELF ones which we in the UK have FINALLY got in the UK ELF website!

    May get myself a pair, nothing wrong with glammed-up tweezers!

    Laura xx

  5. This is so cute! I've been looking for some replacement tweezers and cant bring myself to buy expensive tweezers cuz like u i tend to misplace them! This is awesome and hopefully my local walgreens carries them as well!

  6. ELF came out with a line for the Holidays that is pink and sparkley like these! They have a pair of tweezers, so maybe that's the brand? The ELF pair came with a little cover for the ends.

  7. SO cute!! I wish they had dollar stores here in Germany :(

  8. I want! These are so adorable. Great find. <3


  9. I've never had good luck with cheap tweezers. They seem to not be "sharp" enough for me to tweeze the really fine hairs on my brows. I've always used Tweezerman and LOVE them!

  10. Wow those are definitely made for you! Emily I want to thank you for what you do. I love how you do and edit your videos and I love who you are! You always seem like the sweetest and kindest person. Much love from The Netherlands <3

  11. Hey Emily, we love your blog! We have started a blog at if you want to check us out. We drop your name a lot and how much we dig your postings!

  12. I cannot get over how much you look like Sela Ward. She as you are stunning.

  13. Super cute! Great find!


  14. I work at a walgreens and they always come out near christmas. they're a limited edition item :)

  15. Just had to post to say - yes, when my house is actually clean, I love to stand or sit in each room and just enjoy the neatness! LOL!

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