Laura Geller Toast of the Town Collection

Hey everyone! I wanted to tell you about this set from Laura Geller I picked up a month or so ago from Ulta. As you know, I'm a fan of Laura Geller's baked products, and I was eager to try a new blush, as well as this eyeshadow palette. Plus, I can always use a backup of Balance & Brighten, which I love as a full coverage powder/powder foundation. The cost was $59.95, and if you want to see more info & customer ratings, check the Ulta website. I thought the cost was actually a pretty good deal considering everything is full size- except I think the Spackle primer is a bit smaller.

In limited edition blinged-out packaging, you get the Baked Eye Dreams Palette in Bellini, Balance & Brighten (my shade is medium), Blush & Brighten in Mimosa, Spackle Tinted primer in Champagne, i-Care Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Paradise, and a double ended applicator- it's a sponge tip & an angled brush.

Before we get into the color products, I want to give my 2 cents on the Champagne tinted Spackle. After trying & enjoying regular Spackle, I was really excited to try something with a little added glow. Spackle has sort of a wet texture, but it dries & has a nice effect on your skin's texture. Same story with this, only there's actual bits of glitter in the champagne Spackle. Granted, it'll be buried under foundation, powder, blush, etc... but I really don't want the glitter on my face. So I wouldn't buy that again.

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous! It's a shimmery gold all the way around. And it's not glitter that can flake off... it just has a slight texture to it that makes the metallic color really shine. These are the kinds of products you might want to just stack up & leave out on your vanity! :)

The Balance & Brighten and the Blush & Brighten are actually slightly domed in the packaging. And trust me, it's not hollow on the inside... these actually begin as cream products and are baked on terra cotta tiles. I recently "hit tile" on my mini Bronze & Brighten and it took a LONG time after consistent use. I can only imagine how long these full sizes will last me. Balance & Brighten is a great product to wear on top of a foundation that didn't give you quite enough coverage- it gives a nice, perfected look to the skin and the varying tones swirled through it seem to really even out my skin tone. Balance & Brigthen is also a great quick product to throw on over a little concealer. I use a full powder brush, or a kabuki brush (for more coverage) to apply it. While the shadows are also baked, they're not domed, FYI. More on the shadows in a minute...

The blush in Mimosa is a beautiful coral-pink. Keep in mind though- it has a lot of shimmer. Not like chunks of glitter... but when I use this, I usually don't use a highlight on top, because this is all the glow I need. If you want to check out a drugstore alternative to Laura Geller's Blush & Brighten products, look for Milani Baked Blushes.

The shadows are SO pretty, and I really like the configuration in this kit- especially because they threw in a pinky shade, which can make them look a little different from a typical neutral look. They go on very velvety & pigmented. Of course, there are quite a few shadows- including drugstore ones- that I feel are velvety & pigmented. I guess what I'm trying to say is- if you get this kit, you won't be disappointed by the shadows, but I wouldn't necessarily seek out this kit for the shadows in particular. They're just not THAT unique. The liner was sort of average for me. It had decent staying power, but wasn't all that pigmented and saturated with color. The double ended brush wasn't all that special, since the brush side was cut too blunt for my liking (hard to really blend with), and the other end was a sponge tip, which I have a zillion of.

Bottom Line: This is a gorgeous kit, and the big 3 baked products are great. The liner was so-so for me, and while I like Spackle, I don't love glitter in Spackle. If you're curious about Laura Geller, this could be a nice way to try the line, however I think one of the BEST ways to try her products is the Laura Geller Baked Beginnings kit. For $20 less, you get smaller sizes of Balance & Brighten, Bronze & Brighten, and Blush & Brighten. Folks, I've had this for a LONG time and I'm still going on these! They'll truly last a long time and Bronze & Brighten is freaking awesome. So that's definitely something to consider if you want to try Laura Geller! You'll see more Laura Geller in an upcoming video from me :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • It's mid-November and it's MUGGY out. Now it's about to start storming. Weirdness!
  • Since I gave Tyler my cold, I went to Dollar General today to get him medications. Always good times at the DG.
  • Our Duraflame Electric Stove Heater came in the mail today. I AM IN LOVE. This thing is too cute. Thinking about devoting a blog or video to it!
  • Girl Scout cookies came in today. Samoas baby!!


  1. Emily! Your next Em's World video should feature the Duraflame! :D

  2. Laura Here

    I hear the Mimosa is just like Tropic Blush & Brighten from the Tropic Hues kit last year - can you tell?

  3. i haven't tried the tropics kit so I wouldn't be able to tell you. sorry!

  4. I got the Duraflame heater, too (yay for easy pay!) ;-) LOVE that thing.

  5. I'm so glad you did this post! I just got my Ulta ad in the mail today and was very curious about this kit. I bought the baked vanilla nudes kit over the summer and the products were amazing. I had been curious about the balance and brighten since you mentioned it in one of your videos, now I use it everyday!

    I think I need this as well since the packaging is just gorgeous. :]

  6. I LOVE this product's packaging and the swatches look beautiful!

    If you makeup lovers are interested in reviews of inexpensive and drugstore cosmetics, be sure to check out:

  7. Do you think that you get the same type of product between Milani and Laura Geller?

  8. already answered my question. Keep up the good work?

  9. I love that you're doing daily blog posts for November. I look forward to them the entire day!

    I would consider trying the blush if I didn't have so many blushes already. They are my main makeup addiction right now.

  10. I have that same eyeshadow! I believe it came in the laura geller tropics collection. Or at least it was very simmilar! I love the shadows! nice and shimmery but not too much. Sadly my shadows broke when I brought them on vacation with me :( but i still have my balance and brighten blush which I LOVE!

  11. The packaging is so cute! I am normally a sucker for cute packaging, but the price scares me away.

  12. I tried the Blush-N-Brighten in Honey Dipped and love it so much that I even use it as an eye shadow.

  13. I know you love Sigma brushes. Which brush were you using for the Balance and Brightening powder. Love, love, love your videos.

  14. Emily, Medications at the Dollar General are not regulated, many of them are manufactured from other countries, and often not stored properly, I would advise to shop at your local pharmacy drug stores for your meds, just looking out for you. Love your blog, great post;)

  15. This is a great article, and a great topic to explore. Thanks for sharing.


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