Nails of the Day: Purple Sparkle!

Whew! Barely got my daily blog post up! My latest video has spent the ENTIRE AFTERNOON uploading and I try not to slow things doing by doing other things on the computer. It's just processing now, so in an effort to get to bed at a halfway decent time, I'll make this post short. You know I like sparkle, and even after a less-than-great experience with the Wet n Wild limited edition polish in 24 Carats... I thought I'd give this dazzling purple/pink shade a shot. It's called "Back Alley Deals" (awesome name), and I believe this is from the Ice Baby limited edition collection as well. Unlike the 24 Carats polish that had little "sticks" of glitter that I believe resulted in premature chipping, this polish just has traditional pieces of glitter.

The polish is made up of a very fine purple glitter, paired with slightly larger magenta glitter pieces. In person, the nails actually appear slightly more pink. They're gorgeous, and they make me think "Mardi Gras" when I look at them. I've been asked if I can get away with fun nails like this for the news... since no rules on nails have been presented to me, nails are my small form of news rebellion. You really don't get a close look at my nails during the news anyway, so I'm guessing most people don't pick up on it. Fun random newscast fact: we're having a llama on the show tomorrow. If a llama is allowed... why not purple nails? I rest my case.

I applied 2 coats of the glitter polish, but something you really need to keep in mind with glittery nails is the top coat. You see, when you have glittery nails, the rough texture will open you up to tons of chips. I suggest using the thickest top coat you can find (Sally Hansen Mega Shine, or maybe Seche Vite top coat), and apply whatever you need to get a mostly smooth texture on the nail. I actually applied 2 layers of top coat. Not only will the glitter be more brilliant when it hits the light, but it'll last longer.

Beauty Broadcast...
  • I would love a foot rub right now.
  • I would also love some sweet potato fries... anyone want to tackle these jobs for me?
  • Still loving the Duraflame and will probably talk about it in a video so you can see how it works :)


  1. Emily your nails are soo pretty! I want to go out and buy the sparkley polish!

  2. Love the pink and purple sparkles combo!!! Gorgeous!!!

  3. Thanks for making the time to do all of these blog posts! They are really entertaining and educational. I have been looking forward to them every day!

  4. I had Alexia sweet potato waffle fries for dinner tonight, they're so good and easy! Found in the freezer section of the grocery store.

    Also, I have an idea for a blog post, you should do a Christmas wish list. I'm working on mine right now and would love some ideas!

    Loving the daily blog posts :)

  5. Purple sparkle is sooo gorgeous! I have an awesome Sonia Kashuk GIVEAWAY happening right now. Stop by and enter! :)

    <3 Jessica

  6. I've tried 3 of those polishes...and they all chip like crazy after a short time. The good part to this is I didn't have to struggle to remove them, I was able to easily pick it all off. They sure are pretty though!

  7. So pretty! We love the target brand sweet potato fries! They are right next to the Alexia brand.... mmmmmmmmm!

  8. Loooove purple! Is this just glitter or does the polish have a base color to it?

  9. where can i purchase the Seche Vite top coat?

  10. So I watch your videos and read your blog all the time and tonight I stopped by to see what you blogged about and guess what? I totally went to wal greens tonight and I totally bought that exact shade (along with 11 other shades...don't tell my hubby) and tried it out before I even got on here! What a coincidence; I guess great minds think alike! I love it and I love this blog! =]

  11. I love the color but its such a pain to remove all that glitter :D

  12. This is such a lovely color, but like someone else will be such a pain to remove it because of all the glitters!

  13. I just took that color off my nails from last weekend. It started chipping after about 5 days. It wasn't too bad to remove either. It's a beautiful color on all nails!

  14. Thought you would enjoy this picture!

  15. Emily! I have Back Alley Deals! You definitely need to try one coat over a matte black polish. It is gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

  16. love love love Alexia brand of sweet potato fries, the spicy ones. We eat them more than regular fries now! Also, how to you deal with getting sparkly nail polish removed? I've had a few that were a nightmare to remove!

  17. Emily I do love your video but your nail is not very neat: nail polish spreads out of nails - it looks not good!!!

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