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Hey friends! Welcome back to NON-STOP NOVEMBER! I mentioned in my last blog post that I'm planning to blog every single day in November. I also asked for some catchy titles for my new endeavor... many of you offered up lots of good ones! NovEMber was super clever! But quite a few people also suggested Non-Stop November, which I really liked and thought that if anyone else chooses to start blogging every day in November- they could use that title too! :)

In other news... if I were to declare a "top story" on my YouTube channel, it would have to be my video on the new Wet n Wild palettes... the matte, baked, and glitter collections. I've had lots of fun playing with these palettes over the last couple of weeks, so if you haven't yet checked out my review- here you go! :)

When hundreds of people are commenting on videos like this, it can be difficult to keep up and answer everyone... but I thought I'd scan through the comments, see what some popular or interesting questions were- and do a mini FAQ thing right here on the blog. I think this might be a useful thing to do for future videos as well, just to follow-up and clarify things.

  • Can you do a tutorial for the look you're wearing?
Answer: Yes, I plan to demonstrate exactly how to use the baked palettes wet and dry.
  • Can I see your nail polish collection?
Answer: Yes, I have some new storage using spice racks that I got from the Container Store. I'll be talking about how everything is arranged in a future video or blog.
  • Maybe you could talk to Wet n Wild and see if they'll start selling their products in Australia.
Answer: I know it's frustrating that Wet n Wild isn't available all over. People in various locations around the world may not have access to it. I'm assuming the brand probably has some limitations in terms of how much they can afford to produce, but I'm definitely open to asking if there are plans to expand this brand down the road. They've been good about answering my questions in the past regarding the sale of limited edition collections. I will report back!
  • Can you do eyeshadows wet with a regular brush or only a sponge tip?
Answer: If you want to dampen a brush and apply them wet- you definitely can. In fact, if I were going to use one of the darker shades as a liner, I would definitely use a brush (like an angled liner brush) to apply it wet on my eyes. I just find that sponge tips absorb water nicely, and give such full-coverage color to the lid. Brushes are great for blending, but when I'm just wanting to lay down color that's wet- I don't necessarily want to do a lot of blending at that moment. With the look I'm wearing, I did use a brush to blend dry shades in the crease.
  • Can you wear other kinds of eyeshadows wet besides just baked?
As far as wearing other shades wet... I remember trying that with a Cover Girl shadow awhile back, and the texture of the product didn't return to normal... it got really hard. So I suppose it depends on the formulation of the particular shadow. I haven't tried it with lots of other shadows, but when it comes to baked shadows or loose pigments that you can just tap out- I've had no issues wearing them wet.
  • What hair dye did you use to get this color?
Right now my hair is my natural color. It hasn't been colored since this past Spring, I believe. It might appear lighter or darker depending on the light coming through the window, but I've only ever used semi-permanent color, and I'm almost positive that's faded out by now. The color I've used in the past is VERY close to my natural color, and I would just use it to give my fine hair some added texture. It was Clairol Natural Instincts in Ebony Mocha. (I tried straight up black once, but I think it was a bit much for me). My hair lightens up a lot in the sun, so I didn't bother coloring in the summer. I'll probably do it again sometime soon- that particular hair color makes my hair so silky.
  • Are the glitter creams comparable to MAC paint pots?
No. MAC Paint Pots are very long wearing, and can sometimes be worn on their own in thin layers without getting all creasy. These glitter palettes are not long wearing at all.

Daily Nuggets...
  • Just posted a super quick OOTD video.
  • I think I have a temporary addiction to tomato soup with croutons. I love how croutons soak up the soup without dissolving.
  • Why does Pitbull call himself "Mr. Worldwide?" I mean, what's that all about?
  • I stepped on a 3-hole punch (don't ask me why it was on the floor by the couch) and it hurt like crazy. Thank goodness it didn't punch 3 holes in my foot.
  • I think this might be the most random edition of Daily Nuggets ever.


  1. thanks for taking time out of your day to do everything you do! I have learned so much from you!

  2. Hi Emily,
    Do u know any site that ship wet & wild products internationality??? I really love to try there products..


  3. Hi Emily! Is it possible to make your YouTube videos downloadable? I haven't been able to watch any of your videos in 2 months and it's killing me! I don't know if the problem is my old computer or my slow, crappy internet! Please, please consider it!!! Thanks!!!

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  7. Check out http://wnwbeauty.com/hot2.htm to order WNW items however I can't find the baked shadows on the WNW site.

  8. I use spice racks from the Container Store for my nail polishes, too. Mine is in three sections, each with 3 tiers. One straight, and two curved corner ones on either side.

  9. seguime ya te estoy siguiendo


    muy bueno tu blog!

  10. Love the idea of blogging every day! I've been slack in my blogging lately, so I'm going to be doing Non-Stop November, too! It'll be a good exercise for me.

  11. For the person who asked about using a brush vs. sponge to apply the shadows wet, I have a very flat, thin shadow brush that I use to apply shadows wet. With a flat brush, it's easy to pat the color onto the lid. Hope that helps!

  12. Mr. Worldwide is supposed to be his reach. He used to go by Mr. 305 (Miami's area code). It sort of means he's going global.

    I love your blog and channel by the way. You are, by far, my favorite makeup guru.

  13. Hi Emily,
    Just wanted to say I've gotten so addicted to your videos and blog! You are truly awesome. The videos/blogs are informative, well thought out, and you always look gorgeous.
    And your "nuggets" are hilarious.

    Thanks for everything!!

  14. Where can we find the purple wet and wild nail polish in your nail picture?? Is it a current limited edition product sold in store now? It is such a beautiful color!!

  15. Emily, you are so adorable. Your videos and blogs really brighten up my day!

  16. My sister gets annoyed with Pitbull because he calls himself that. She can't stand any songs where he says "Mr. Worldwide" haha

  17. Please Please Please blog everyday! I love your videos, but you're blog is so great too! I cant get enough of your advice and product reviews!

  18. For using wet eyeshadow, you don't necessarily need you wet your applicator/brush first. You could also dip the applicator you're using into the shadow first then using a spray bottle wet the shadow that's already on there. Then you wouldn't need to put water/liquid directly into your shadow pan. From experience this is foolproof for me. I didn't have a problem with dipping a semi damp brush into the pan afterwards. Just make sure the applicator isn't that damp. And spray very lightly onto the pigment from a distance. I hope that helps ;)

  19. A few things about the new baked shadows and the I ♥ Matte. These appear to be Walgreen exclusives which means you won't find these at RiteAid, CVS, Fred Meyer or any other store.

    Each Walgreens received at least ONE beauty bar display per store and each display contains only THREE of each new item. Once sold out that's it there are no more as these are LIMITED EDITION items. Bigger stores in bigger cities typically get at least two to three displays but the vast majority get only one display.

    The display also has a B1G1 half off which essentially makes one FREE if you buy all four new palettes.


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