Nails of the Day: Dark Sparkle

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a good weekend... I can't believe we just have one week until Christmas! I wanted to do something festive with my nails, and I'm enjoying neutral-toned glitters because they pop, but they go with almost anything.

The shade I'm sporting here is Wet n Wild Color Icon nail polish (limited edition) in Diamond in the Rough. Overall it just looks like a gun-metal toned glitter... but if you look closely, there are two sizes of glitter in this... a very fine silver-colored glitter, and larger glitters that seem to shine in various color tones. While it's overall a pretty dark look, it's actually rather multi-dimensional when you watch your nails move and catch the light.

Here- you can see that they match my grey sweatpants perfectly! LOL. I applied 2 coats of this polish, as well as my Milani Glosse Top Coat. I recommend using the thickest top coat you have... Sally Hansen Mega Shine would've been great for this. That way you smooth out the surface of the nail, which can be come somewhat rough and prone to chipping with glitter polishes. As far as taking glitter polish off, it's really not that bad. I actually just peel it off when I'm ready to change it!

Daily Nuggets...
  • I have almost all of our gifts wrapped! Did it this afternoon.
  • I like the Denver Broncos football uniforms. Go Tebow!
  • Had a blast last night with my friend Kalee and her boyfriend Jonathan who stayed with us. She had her dog Mia Bean with her as well... (See Cupcake's Facebook)

Me, Kalee, Tyler & Jonathan

For some reason we kept trying to take a serious picture...

It was really hard...

But finally we did it! :) lol


  1. I have red with silver glitter on this week for christmas...:)

  2. YOu look great!!!! I love the lipstick!!

    xo Jenn

  3. I have Diamond in the Rough also, and just love it. It's really pretty, with the different sizes of glitter. I agree with your recommendation to use thick topcoats--it really brings out the sparkle in the polish! I went a little crazy and I put a coat of Gelous, a coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry, another coat of Gelous and another coat of Seche Vite--a long process, but it really brought out the light reflecting glitter.

  4. Your nails look amazing :) I love the sparkly color!

  5. I had trouble with my color icon peeling off all at once. I think i lost like 6 whole nails in the shower. It was sad because the color was awesome.

  6. That polish is so pretty, love it :) You guys look beautiful, looks like your having a wonderful time together :)

    Xo, Christine♥

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  7. i want that nail polish!!

  8. i love sparkles!! <3 check out my blog emily!

  9. Its the first time i am leaving a comment and seriously u make up looks amazing in this one!!! : )

  10. I love glittery nails! They're just about the only way I can do my own manicure because it's really hard to mess them up :)

  11. Love the makeup your wearing!

  12. new follower! love your blog! :)

  13. I purchased this item in 24 carats. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks gorgeous in the bottle. The closest color I have to the one you're wearing is Nina Ultra Pro in Glamrock. It's perfection!


  14. Emily, you should try Project Ten Pan! It's where you have to completely finish, not just hit pan on, but finish 10 products, whether it be lip gloss, mascara, bronzer, powder, or whatever else you can think of. The only exception is if you NEED a new product, like foundation or something. I think it would be interesting to see what you dig up in your collection :)

  15. What lipstick are you wearing? I love it!

  16. I have that one - SO pretty! I think you just convinced me to get it out and use it. Thanks! ;-)

  17. Love this polish... Does this remind anyone else of Butter London's "No More Waity Katie"?

  18. I love you nails Emily, you should try Julep nail polish, it's expensive but good quality.

  19. I just awarded your blog with the kreativ blogger award!
    view it here-

  20. Your makeup looks incredible in the pictures! LOVE the lipstick! Xo

  21. Hey Emily! I remember you said in a video that you used to love the Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara. Well, I didn;t see it on the website, but I saw it at CVS with a had false fibers, like the L'Oreal False Fibers Mascara you reviewed. Just thought you might want to keep your eye out for it and see how you like it compared to how the old mascara used to perform. I have yet to try it, but I think it'll be a great mascara :)

  22. Hi my name is Nina. I love your blog <3 Check mine out! Follow me if you like it. Thanks

  23. hi there, i adore your blog and I've been a youtube fan for years!
    I just awarded you the Kreativ Award and here is the link:

  24. I've been wanting to ask - not really related to this post, but in general - how long do you keep your makeup and other things? I know you have quite a bit, and use it every day, but I've read so many different things on how long to keep makeup, maybe a video on how/when/why you keep or dispose of different things? (even things like moisturizers, etc)
    Thanks for all the great info - for someone who is JUST getting into wearing makeup at 40, all the information I've read/watched is invaluable!

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