Emily Awards 2011! EYES

It's part 2 of the Emily Awards! I'm very excited, because some of my most-asked questions involve eye makeup! Everyone wants to find the best mascara, the longest wearing eyeliner, and the best eyeshadow formula. While I've always valued gorgeous colors, I find I'm placing even more emphasis on practical criteria with eye products this year... ease of use and staying power are huge factors for me. As with all of my Emily Awards, some categories don't have a favorite! Hope you enjoy this year's picks!

* denotes the number of years a particular product has won. This is the fourth year for the Emily Awards.

Best Primer
  • High End: Too Faced Shadow Insurance***
  • Drugstore: NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Best Cream Shadow
  • High End: Mally Evercolor Shadow Sticks
  • Drugstore: Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadow
Best Small Palette
  • Drugstore: Cover Girl Drama Eyes*** & Wet n Wild Silent Treatment
Best Large Palette
  • High End: Smashbox PhotoOp Mega Palette
  • Drugstore: Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Palette**
Best Overall Shadow
  • High End: Smashbox***
  • Drugstore: Wet n Wild**
Best Eyeliner Pencil
  • High End: Mally Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner
  • Drugstore: Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner, NYX Slide On Liner
Best Liquid Liner
  • Drugstore: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black****
Best Cream/Gel Liner
  • High End: MAC Fluidline**
  • Drugstore: Wet n Wild Cream Liner
Best Mascara
  • High End: Mally Volumizing Mascara
  • Drugstore: Almay Get Up and Grow Mascara
Best False Eyelashes
  • Drugstore: Kiss False Eyelashes 03
Best Brow Product
  • Drugstore: Maybelline Define-a-Brow**

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Keep an eye out for the next Emily Awards video...
It'll feature the best lip products!


  1. Hi Emily!

    Have you ever tried Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner? The liquid one should def be a high-end contender.

    Love your awards every year, and your video intro was great :D

  2. Good post. I am looking for a liquid liner and may give REVLON a try.


  3. Great post! love your blog!

  4. Emily, you have to try the Essence cream eyeshadows!! They are so lovely!

    Do you have a brand named Catrice in the US?


  5. I'll have to check some of these out!

    Love your blog and youtube channel, Emily :)



  6. Amazing post/video as usual! I have the youtube video open as I'm reading this post haha! I honestly never knew Smashbox made good shadows. I've always been bent on UD and MAC. Now I'll have to try it out!

  7. I love, love, love my Silent Treatment trio - I'm wearing it today! Also, I recommend the Jordana liquid eyeliner - great liner for only $2 or $3. Finally, the Physician's Formula Gel liners are great too - and I they come in so many great colors - really a contender for the drugstore category.

  8. Just found you and WOW! You are amazingly full of great information and tips. I will return again and again.

  9. NYX products are also available at Face Values stores. This is a somewhat regional chain-NY, NJ, CT and FL.

  10. I was looking forward to your awards! Your knowledge of what's on the market is amazing! (and your collection as well)

  11. Love the Emily Awards. Gives me great ideas for my next makeup shopping trip. :)

  12. Going to try false eyelashes based on Emily's tutorial and recommendation on YT!

  13. I absolutely adore your channel and have found it very helpful.

    I do have a request though--you are a lovely medium-fair, brown-eyed brunette. Have you considered doing looks on women of different coloring to your own?

    For example, one issue with which I have ALWAYS struggled is with how to wear grey or silver colors on the eye. (I am actually your skintone, but have blue eyes and naturally dark blonde hair). Grey or silver ought to look less harsh on me than black, you'd think. However, whenever I try to wear a grey or silver, one of two things happens: 1) the eye makeup ends up looking blue next to my eye; or 2) my eye ends up looking very blah grey next to the eye makeup.

    I could live with the second outcome, really. But more often than not, any sort of grey or charcoal takes on the blue of my eyes somehow and looks blue rather than the subdued and understated grey for which I aimed. (And as you know, blue eyes with matching makeup was NEVER a good look!)

    Black can look too harsh on fair skinned blue-eyed blondes, so we try the greys and the browns. But the greys go rogue and turn blue! HELP!!

  14. Have you tried the ELF Cream Eye Liners?

  15. Can you please do a review on the smashbox palette with swatches??

  16. I just wanted to talk about drugstore cream eyeshadows for a second. A few have come out recently, and I'm very excited. But loreal also came out with one, and I am still stumped on which one will have the better formula. I will probably choose color tattoo (when we get them at my local drugstore) because I'm drawn to the white and taupe matte colors. I just thought I could mention it, many gurus haven't talked about the difference in the two brands.

    Also, a thought for 2012 and the next Emily awards in a eyeshadow pencil category. A lot of gurus are into the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils (just recently picked my first one up and will try it today in milk). I thought it would be cool to see if there are any more similar jumbo pencils out there to NYX and how they compare.

    Love all that you do!

  17. I love that you mentioned NYX's HD primer! I have used both shadow insurance and NYX and by far the latter of the two is my first choice. It's just a bonus that it's a cheap and cheerful find! I find NYX to do a better job of keeping my shadow from creasing overall. The shadow insurance works great too but NYX simply holds up the longest on my oily lids. I'd have to say that the only way they could make it better is to make it available in a squeeze tube instead of a wand.

  18. Another Great site to get drugstore AND high end. Same Site! http://www.drugstore.com/makeup/value-sets/qxg143110-7cbf085

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