Initial Reaction: Bare Minerals READY Eyeshadow

Hey everyone! Often I get tweets, emails, and facebook comments that begin with "you should try...(fill in the blank)". I know how it feels to get excited about a great beauty product, so when you're excited about something that you think I should try-- I definitely take those recommendations to heart! :) After all, if you've been watching my videos for awhile, you know what I like! This recommendation came from Robyn on Twitter! She asked me if I'd tried the Bare Minerals READY Shadows (I hadn't) and she said she loved the duo in "The Top Shelf". If you're not familiar with Bare Minerals- they are known for their loose mineral products, but not too long ago, they unveiled pressed products, including these shadows. I've heard so many great things about this line of shadows, so guess what was involved in my most recent Ulta purchase? 


Yep! This is the duo in "The Top Shelf"- the shade on the left is a pearly color called Mixologist, and the golden light brown on the right is called Cognac (it reminds me a lot of MAC's Woodwinked). 

These feel SO GOOD! Like velvet! Actually a lot like the Photo-op formulation of the Smashbox eyeshadows I rave about. The colors both have a little metallic edge... and while they could be worn alone, I added a slightly deeper brown for a little more contrast in my outer corner. I really love the warmth of that golden shade, and I think the duo on its own makes a really great low-maintenance summer look. 

These iphone pics that I quickly took seem to make everything from the shadow to my cheeks to my lips a litter deeper than they appear in person... but you get the idea. I'll have to wear these shadows more to determine their staying power... it was pretty good today- but I didn't really put them up against anything strenuous. What's not so good about these shadows? The price. This duo was $20! While it is a nice little mirrored compact... I think I might wait for some sort of value set or palette (They had one at Sephora called Cocktail Hour... not sure if that's still around)- before I get more shadows.

*LIP FIND! I recently picked up a Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick that was labeled "NEW"- the shade name is "Nude Delight" and I'm wearing it in these pics. Lots of people say they can no longer find the Rimmel shade that many of us love called "Spotlight Beige"-- I compared the two, and this is a pretty close dupe! Might be something to watch for if you're missing Spotlight Beige! 

Daily Nuggets
  • I have a clothes/hair/makeup haul that I need to post in the coming days!
  • Also the last part of the Best Self series on Beauty Vlogcast!
  • This has been such a busy Spring so far!! From funerals to art shows to weddings... we've been traveling a lot and I think things might be slowing down a little. While I've loved getting to travel, I must admit- I've missed my weekend video-making time. 
  • Did some grocery shopping this afternoon & came up with a lot of good fruits and vegetables!
  • It's shower time! Thanks for reading!!


  1. They sell the pressed eye colors in a 8 color pallet which is a better value, I found it at Macy's.

  2. You look beautiful as always, Emily! Can't wait to see what you do with the TF Summer Palette. I have it and am loving it.

  3. Thanks, Emily! I have been hoping you would review these too. I love BE's loose mineral shadows and just can't get myself to try these.

  4. Ooh! Very pretty. The deeper shade reminds me of Half Baked by UD. Do you think they're similar

  5. Wow those colors look amazing! I love golds. It looks like a great pallet. Great post. I follow your blog and enjoy your posts!
    Come say hello on my blog. I am a makeup artist and stylist. I love connecting with fellow bloggers!
    Have a happy Monday!

  6. Love the new BE Ready Eyeshadows! The formula is so soft & pigmented. I could never get around the hassle of loose eyeshadows- I'm much too clumsy for that to be a good idea ;)

    This duo looks great on you Emily!

    xx Louise

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  8. Being a decades long fan of loose Bare Minerals, I held out until recently on READY. I snagged The Cocktail Hour (retail $40)for $22 on ebay and The Truth (retail $30)at a BE boutique with a full stamp card for $10 off. The biggest thing holding me back from collecting more- they have no preservatives and a 2 year shelf life. I have never used up a single palette of ANYTHING. I need stuff that lasts!

  9. I have the quad pallet with the purples in it. I love them and so less messy than the powder.

  10. With your coloring, you'd probably love The Epiphany as the next duo to purchase. :) It's a winner.

  11. these colours look amazing on x

  12. It looks great on you. I just got my 4.0 in the truth, can't wait to try it on.

    Anyway, i will start my project 10 plan today.

  13. I post a link to your blog on my ƒorum and my ladies think you do a ƒabulous job oƒ blending and that you are very beautiƒul. They would like lessons...LOL!

  14. Rimmel's "nude delight" has been available in Canada for at least two years so I don't think it is meant to replace spotlight beige. But I am happy to hear you found something similar to it!

    I am definitely going to have to try the bare minerals pressed eyeshadows now. Seems like no one has anything bad to say about them =)

  15. I love what you did with both of the shadows. They look amazing - I'm so intrigued by their shimmer and texture. Thanks for this review - I've been wanting to try out this line!

  16. I agree Emily, that price is a bit steep for only two shadows. Do you watch any of arielhope's youtube videos? She use a lot of BE ready shadows. I really want the namaste one she uses. I'm huge fan of neutrals and those colors are very nice. I might treat myself to one for Mother's day! What are you buying your mom?

  17. love the lipstick, Ive been looking for a good nude lip,i havent found one,some are to dark not nudy enough lol deff checking out both those lipsticks from rimmel. Ive been looking for Kate Moss by Rimmel called nude003,looked everywhere cannot find it
    thanks again tho!

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