New Milani Runway Eyes Palettes

Hey everyone! Just wanted to pass along my 2 cents on these new Milani Runway Eyes palettes. One is labeled "Primary" and the other is called "Complimentary" - my artist sister would appreciate that! Anyway- they're baked eyeshadows and they can be used wet or dry. These kinds of palettes have been available for years in the Milani line, but these are just some new color varieties.

I like the colors in each of these palettes. While the shadows are a little "hard" (not the soft, creamy texture that I often enjoy in an eyeshadow), they still have decent color payoff as you'll see in the swatches. My main issues with the palettes is something you'll probably be able to pick up on just by looking at them-- the colors are so skinny, and placed so close together- it's very hard to use a brush and get JUST the shade you want. You might be able to load up the tip of a flat eyeshadow brush- but if you tap into one of these shades with an average-sized crease brush, chances are, you'll pick up more than just one shadow. And with these palettes where orange is right next to purple... it's not exactly a gentle gradient... you'll know that you've just gotten some of the wrong color on your brush!

Milani Runway Eyes- Primary

The shades are pretty- and I've just swatched them dry. They're not quite as bold as they appear in the palette, but pretty close. If you wet an applicator and use them, you'll notice a slightly more metallic, deeper look to the shades.

Milani Runway Eyes- Complimentary

This is probably the palette I'd gravitate toward more for everyday use. I like the bronzy-metallic color in the middle, and think it'd be beautiful paired with the light turquoise color. The pink and the green are lacking a little bit in the pigmentation department, but all in all, not bad. 

Again- my main issue with these palettes is the way they're packaged. Has anyone else had an issue with this? I think these are pretty cool palettes, and I have others in my collection that I enjoy as well... I love having 6 colors to choose from! But if they were just put together in a more user-friendly format, I'd get a whole lot more use out of them. If all you intend to use to put them on is a sponge tip, you'll probably be ok in terms of not accidentally dipping into a neighboring color. But with brushes it's much more difficult. Thanks for reading & have a great day!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Glad to be home on a Saturday!
  • Got a lot accomplished this morning- shot 2 videos and one is on its way to being uploaded!
  • Tyler & I also got some mexican food for lunch- after all, it is Cinco de Mayo!
  • Maybe a margarita is in store for later!
  • I love how Cupcake sits near me while I edit. I think she's picking up tips :)


  1. I have never picked up the Runway Eye Palettes for the very reason you mentioned....I really dislike how awkwardly they are packaged. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

  2. Those teeny strips can be annoying to try to grab color. The colors are always beautiful, but you cant swirl your brush and get color like on other palettes.

  3. Your blog is really impressive Emily! It's nice to watch a You Tube Video that is informative and gets to the point! I have not seen these eyeshadows yet. The colors are gorgeous. Looking forward to trying them. Thanks for the tips!!

  4. Pretty colors but I would never buy - for the very reason you mention. That packaging is absolutely hideous! That's a shame because the shadows do seem interesting.

  5. I've seen these several times and I bypass them every time simply because of how they are packaged. I don't like the strips at all. Seems way to awkward.

  6. Thanks for the review. I like the bright colors but am put off by the palette's usability.

  7. They have amazing colours but like you mentioned the packaging for me would be a problem :( I really wish they sold milani over here!!

  8. I have seen these palettes before, but I never bought them and never will. The packaging is horrible and I feel it would be a waste of money if you can't get the color pay-off u really want. Can you do a review on the Milani bronzers? I hear good things, but I don't like to waste money.

  9. I saw these and love the colors, but most if not all Milani colors are metallic. I wish there are more varieties for everyday looks.

  10. The packaging is so strange to me but it sure looks like it packs a lot of product into one palette...


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