Bath & Body Works SALE Haul!

Hello friends!
I made a stop at Bath & Body Works on Saturday... planning to just get some Wallflowers...
not realizing there's a Semi-Annual Sale going on, and lots of stuff was 75% off! 
Needless to say, I was drawn in by some great deals. 
Here's what I came up with!

I have 5 areas in my house where I use Wallflowers (kind of obsessed)- 
and it's that time of year where I'm using all the fun tropical, fruity scents. 
I picked up duos of Pineapple Orchid, Peach Bellini, and Coconut Lime Verbena. 
I've tried the Pineapple Orchid and Peach before and loved them-- 
but the Coconut Lime is new to me. 
These are normally $12.50 and I got them for $6.00 apiece! 

As if my shower needs a few more body washes in it!
These small, 3 oz. body washes are normally $5 apiece (a little pricey for the size, IMO)...
but I got them for $1.25 each. 
I'd never tried these scents before, but used them both over the last couple of days. 
I LOVE Rio Rumberry!! So sweet, fruity, and delicious. 
Sea Island Cotton is nice & clean... almost reminds me of a Philosophy type scent-- similar to Pure Grace. If you're guy doesn't like super fruity girly scents- he might go for this one. 

The only C.O. Bigelow lip shines I have are the minty kind- and I've been kind of a sucker for all things peach lately so I picked up this Moisturizing Lip Shine in Golden Peach. LOVE. 
It's a clear, non-sticky gloss, and the scent/flavor is tremendous! :)
Normally $7.50- I got this for $3.00. 

Finally, I make it to the check-out and I could've sworn the lady at the counter asked me if I'd like to try a margarita! Before I could utter "yes, please!" (lol), I realized she was talking about this Island Margarita Concentrated Room Spray!
 (I blame scent overload in the store for making me loopy by the time I was finished shopping). 
But seriously, she sprayed some of this stuff and it smells DELICIOUS! 
I was spraying it around the house yesterday & Tyler agreed- it is freakin' awesome. 
It typically costs $5.00 but I got it for $3.00. 

Moral of this story: if you're ever in my neck of the woods, you'll know you're getting close to my house because you'll smell tropical fruity cocktail type scents a block away!!

Daily Nuggets...
  • I had a great salad for dinner-- It's the salad-in-a-bag type thing from Wal-Mart that has not only the lettuce mix, but also dressing, tortilla strips, and cheese. It says it serves 4... I added chicken, tomatoes, and corn and it was delicious! Here's a look. 
  • Watching Laura Geller on QVC as we speak! Love her. 
  • I eluded to this in a tweet yesterday... but another makeup dupe project is in the works!
  • Picked up some new floss picks recently (Tyler uses them non-stop) and now I feel like I'm finding them ALL OVER THE HOUSE. 
  • While Tyler has been helping me with workouts from time to time, our schedules don't always mesh for it everyday, but I've been finding the Tone It Up workouts on YouTube super helpful! A couple that I've been doing the most in the past week (and getting sore from!) are the Sunset Workout and the Best Ab Workout Circuit 
  • Just a reminder- I still update the What's New section on the blog- a weekly roundup of all the newest things on the Beauty Broadcast family of sites! :)


  1. Wow, I love your haul! I'm jealous of all the Bath & Body Works products you've purchased as it's not available here in Australia! :(

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

  2. OMG the margarita spray looks like it would be something I would always have at home eheheh love margaritas, so I guess a margarita-scented spray has to be awesome!

  3. I love Bath and Body Works! I hope the sale is still going on when I get paid on Friday!

  4. I LOVE this post Em!! Great haul! :)

  5. Ooooh, I love wallflowers! I may have to go soon!

  6. I think sea island cotton is my fav scent all year round from them. That and lemon sage, i think you can get that in the wall plugs. I have that lip gloss, I find it a little to sticky for my liking but, it's great to have in the purse

    visit :

  7. Sea Island Cotton is my all time FAVORITE scent from there (besides their peppermint at Christmas time). I SO need to get some more wallflowers as well. Lastly, the Tone It Up Girls are amazing! Absolutely LOVE their ab circuit workout. My husband actually does it as well. He says it feels more effective than the 12 minute ab circuit at our gym.

  8. I love Bath and Body works, they always have the best scents. :)

  9. Great Post. I am currently loving the Bali Mango sent.

  10. I hit them up yesterday too! got TONS! Stocked up on the Boost line, wall flowers, car scents, the new Miami Heart collection is amazing and it was on sale! :)

  11. I stocked up with a free shipping code so bought a LOT of Pearberry in lotion and spray. Great Scent! I've gotten away from the wallflowers and now melt wax cubes around the house for smells.

  12. I love white citrus! They had it available in the Wallflowers for a little while, too. So, naturally I had to buy every single one the Carbondale store had to offer! I also had an email code to use for an extra 25% off. No need to print out a coupon. Just read them the number right off of my phone. I got some great deals!

  13. oh goodie you got coconut lime! I love the scent. ^_^

  14. hi! can you tell me how you clean your house? omg! nice bathroom deteil

  15. Great Haul!

    Check out mine (I went twice :))

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  16. Great haul! Those shower gels look amazing.

  17. hello from israel! i'm a long time fan of your youtube channel but it's my 1st time stopping by your blog!

    i just came back from a vacation in NYC and went to the semi annual sale. i <3 b&bw, we don't have them here...

    Q: is it just me or the wallflowers are just useless? i switched bulbs frequently, screwed in tightly, plugged them up and nothing! no smell! feels like those clip ons scents are better. wish i knew if i was doing something incorrectly to miss out on the scent effect of the wallflower :/


  18. p.s. my all time favorite scent is eucalyptus mint! try it! sooooo clean and refreshing, there's nothing like it in bbw!!!

  19. You should try Tiffany Rothe workouts on youtube! Awesome workouts that will have you dripping in sweat For Real! I need to get to Bath N Body works to try some of those new scents. :)

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  21. Love bath and body works. They should carry more stuff like teeth whitening products and make-up. It seems like everything they have is quality, so lets expand people.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    hope you can check mine out as well! : )

  24. i love how you don't buy excessive amounts of stuff! so down to earth!! i love these posts!!

    check out our blog!

  25. I just went to bath and body works and you have to smell the pineapple mango wallflower scent. If you love fruity, you will love this one and I mean LOVE!

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