Rediscovered Love: ELF Hypershine Gloss

Hey everyone!
Ever have those products in your collection that you haven't paid much attention to...
until someone ELSE says they love them?
Then you remember how much you love them too. 
This was the case for me with ELF's $1 Hypershine Lip Glosses after I read PinkLouLou's blog on Favorite ELF things. 

A few key points about these glosses...
-They're $1 each
-They won an Allure Best of Beauty Award
-They claim to have glass-like, conditioning shine
-You can find them at or Target (limited selection)
-They have a built in brush... 
so when you twist them at the bottom, the product comes out through the top.

I have 6 or 7 of these total, but there are a few in my collection that are my favorites...
and in a recent ELF order I placed, I'm picking up a few more! :) 
For now- the ones I have that I enjoy the most!

This soft, pearly pink has a bit of iridescent shine. I have enjoyed this one for awhile now, and even named it one of my "Favorite Summer Lip Glosses" last year at this time! Worn alone, it gives lips a soft pearly appearance, but I also love layering this gloss over pink or nude lipsticks to give a light lip look a little more life. (enough L's in that sentence for you?!)

Joy is probably one of the few sheer glosses (in any brand) that I really like. It looks borderline lavender in the tube, but takes my not-super pigmented lips and makes them look like a fresh, shiny pink.  It also seems to have a little pearly shimmer like Fairy, but much more pink on the lips.

LOVE this color! This is like the exact color of my natural lips but with great shine! It's the ultimate natural lip. A true "nude" lip doesn't actually look that natural on me. But this does- because it's basically a match for my lip color. It doesn't have the pearly shimmer like the others. It's beautiful, and is one of my most recent purchases! This is going to get a lot of use! :) 

Overall Impressions!
I have some pretty heavy-duty glosses in my collection that provide a lot of shine and a lot of thick color. I like those! However these are like their less shiny but still gorgeous little sisters. The shades that I've dubbed my favorites don't make your lips look drastically different from the way they naturally are, but they end up having a little extra shine and color. They're cheap as can be, and actually feel comfortable on my lips- not too heavy or sticky at all, yet not so light that you wonder if it's even there. I also love the brush-tip applicator- it's very easy to get a precise application and the product doesn't feather outside my lip line. A great buy! :) 

Daily Nuggets...

  • A thunderstorm popped up this afternoon- 70 mph winds! Blew some of the trim off of our house in one spot. Dang it! Should be a quick fix though, and power was only out for 15 minutes, so I can't complain! You know that wreath mom & I made? It fared just fine!
  • Cupcake flipped out and raced all over the house- ending up under our bed. Once the annoying storm passed, she was a calm, happy cat again. 
  • I love bumping in to people in Target and ending up in a conversation about beauty-related stuff. Seriously, I'll talk beauty products anytime, anywhere. Today the topic happened to be self-tanner :)
  • I picked up Coconut Water- as advised by the Tone it Up girls. This is gonna take some getting used to.


  1. I know you really like plums and pinks but the Honey is just a beautiful sheer honeyed brown with a gorgeous golden iridescence. It's not glittery at all.

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  3. These remind me so much of the Tarte Pure Optic lipgloss set at Sephora. I wish I would have known about these before spending $30 for essentially the same thing (you do get quite a few glosses for the price, though.)

  4. Sometimes I forget about certain things in my makeup collection that I love until I hear someone else talking about them as well! These glosses look great and are super affordable!

  5. You're not the only one with coconut water 'issues'. Lol! I spent 3 weeks in Hawaii with my best friend and she drank it like crazy! "It's so good for you!" Obviously not nearly as good than getting it fresh from the coconut, but similar. I think it taste like.. Well, I'm not sure what, but I'm just not a fan. Good luck with you're experience! ;-)

  6. I so want to like coconut water, but I did not like the taste. I think I need to try the flavored ones.

  7. I love thest to:) I love Flirt!

  8. Ah, coconut water, once you get used to the odd taste, can be really refreshing!

  9. Coconut water tastes disgusting. Tried it once, never again! I'll rather stick to plain water.

    Jacky B. from Germany :-)

  10. Love your suggestions you are the reason I started getting into makeup and eventually now blogging!
    Will definitley be checking these out on my next target trip! Elf has some great finds!
    Thanks Emily :)

  11. I love finding old favourites :) Especially ELF! xx

  12. I always trust your suggestions! I'll need to try some of these!

  13. I tried coconut water recently too. It's not so much the taste I didn't like, it the consistency. Its a little bit thick, which kinda grosses me out :/

  14. I've heard so many good things about Elf products, and I still have yet to try one! I'm going to have to order some things online and see what all the fuss is about. :) The lipglosses look absolutely beautiful on you!

  15. I love these! Flirt is by far my favorite shade.

  16. we got hit with a big thunderstorm too! no power still!

    super cute blog too girl!

    keep the posts comin'!

    love, rach.

  17. $1 each?! Wow! What a steal. They are so pretty too!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  18. I have a bit of a problem and I know you have dealt with something similar so I thought i`d ask you. I have normal skin with oily T-zone, and I use a mild cleanser and oil free moisturizer daily. When I put on my foundation, I get little flaky zones around my nose, on my forehead and sometimes under my eyes. The foundation seems to make it show up worse than without it. I use a primer under my foundation but it doesn`t seem to help. I`m using L`Oriel true match foundation. I have tried using moisturizer under the primer and it didn`t help at all. I`m stumped.

    My email is Help!

  19. Do the Elf glosses have a flavor/scent? I'm kinda picky about that... :-P Thanks for sharing, Emily!

  20. Hi Emily I noticed u dont have any jordana videos, just mentions here and there. i was wondering if u could do a best of, sort of like u did of elf. Recently discovered their glosses, IM HOOKED! and i'd love to know ur take on it :)

  21. I hadn't even heard of ELF until I sarted watching your videos (which I love) a few weeks ago. I am an hour and a half away from a target, but at these prices it may be worth the drive or the shipping. Thanks for all the great info!

  22. Hey Emily,
    Coconut water is supposed to hydrate your skin and lighten blemishes. I am from Calcutta and my mother tells me to drink as well as apply coconut water on my skin like everyday. Coconut oil also lightens blemishes and is great for removing makeup. Just thought I'd share with the goddess of beauty knowledge!

  23. Have you tried the new ELF Lip Stain? I really want to try them and was considering getting them on my next purchase but was curious if you have had any experience with them yet.

  24. These shades are lovely and natural looking. I love how cheap Elf products are xx

  25. Thank you so much for the shout out pretty girl! I LOVE these $1 steals!! xoxo

  26. I live in the same state as you, and believe me, I WISH I ran into you at Target! That would be, like, highlight of my life. How fun. I smile just thinking about it XD
    Just like the beginning of this post said, I now want to wear my elf hypershines! Thanks, Emily! :)
    (Side note-do people ever call you "Em"?)

  27. wow only $1!! going to check out my local target store and see if they have those colors! luv them all

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