Call of the Wild Palette by tarte

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great Monday!
I wanted to share some pics and swatches of a new palette called "Call of the Wild" from tarte! 
It's available on QVC for $36, and includes 8 Amazonian Clay-infused eyeshadows. 
In case you didn't know, Amazonian Clay is a signature ingredient in this line of makeup...
it helps to balance oil- which allows for extended wear- not only in eyeshadows, but also the brand's blushes, foundation, etc. 

The packaging is really cute- it has a shiny black finish on the outside- with a leopard print border and interior. It's not "over packaged" like some palettes... it has a great compact size that's a little bit larger than my iPhone- but you're still getting 8 full-sized shadows. 

The palette is something I think neutral shadow lovers will enjoy- especially if you don't mind a few wearable colors like navy and plum. The selection as a whole really makes me think of fall...
You're getting a shimmery bronze and brown, a light pearl and brownish-plum, and a matte dusty blue and navy. The two long vertical shades in the palette are a satin-finish beige and a matte taupe/grey. One thing I wish tarte would do is find a way to list the shade names directly on the palette, or at least on the back of the palette. There was a lift-out plastic sheet placed over the palette with shade names, which I really didn't want to bother to hold onto. It's always nice for those of us who do tutorials to have easy to see shade names, rather than having to refer to "this shade over here..."
Besides that- I love the color selection and packaging! 

Here are the swatches! I have no complaints about the brown/bronze/beige shades on the left side- they're buttery smooth, and all the shades really seem to go on even "creamier" than certain tarte eyeshadows I've tried in the past. I know the shimmery white isn't picking up much in this picture- but the shade truly does show up on my eyes & I like using it as an inner corner highlight. My favorite of the whole bunch is the plum color that seems to also come off a bit brownish on my eyes- it's a gorgeous look! I think the taupe/grey and the two shades of blue work well together also.

 Last week I threw together a look with shades from each "color family"... I used the plum all over the lid and into the crease, the golden bronze to blend out the edge, and the deepest blue to line and intensify the crease even more. I must say- bronzy/browns are super flattering on my eye and give the prettiest smoked out effect- without being too dark. (I must do this again and take a picture!) Great for everyday!! I like that it's not purely a palette of browns... but rather, you get colors to play with and you don't have to worry about whether it'll clash with your outfit-- it's still just neutral enough. Love!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Just got sucked into another Beauty IQ show on QVC. Didn't buy anything... just fun to watch!
  • Today we did a segment on spinning on the morning show- got to wear my yoga pants to work & I must say- I could get used to that! :)
  • Getting back into my "eat a salad for lunch" routine... while it takes me a bit longer to throw it together before I head to work, I feel better about what I'm eating, so that's good. 
  • It was another wedding weekend for us! My cousin Jason got married to beautiful Megan! Still one more wedding to go this summer... it's happening in a couple weeks in GERMANY! It'll be my first international flight! OMG! Anyway... here are some pics from this past weekend!
  • Fun fact! I wore my Call of the Wild palette in these pics- used the bronze & navy shades (should've taken a good eye makeup pic)

Just a few random reception snapshots... the setting was gorgeous! 

Me & Tyler! My maxi dress is from JC Penney- loved the little gold detail on the shoulders so I accessorized with gold jewelry & went for a low ponytail with a pouf!

A very orange picture of me & Pup!

Tyler and I stayed with my sister and her husband Jeff the night before the wedding. Tyler was walking around with Hypatia, a sweet cross-eyed kitty that I sometimes refer to as a "toasted marshmallow". Since they both have blue eyes, I wanted to take a pic. And then, not to make the kitty feel self-conscious, I asked Tyler to cross his eyes as well :) 


  1. Thanks for the review and pics. Like you, I have dark hair and eyes. I've always been a little intimidated by blue shadows, but I'm thinking I want to give it a try. Btw, you are amazingly beautiful and I love all your Youtube tutorials:-)

  2. OH MY GOD!!! So excited that you're coming to Germany soon! You definitely need to check out some german makeup brands, we do have some quite nice Drugstore Makeup here :)))

  3. Pretty Palette! Are you going to be doing a tutorial using this?

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  5. I love the colours, not to sure of the navy one though!


  6. OMG, you are really coming to Germany! You will definetly need to visit Müller and/or DM and Douglas :)

  7. Tyler is such a good sport! :)

    I loved the palette, hope I find it in stores when I'm in the US next December *__*

    I'm another gal with brown eyes who's been afraid of blue eyeshadows, even though they're supposed to bring out the browns... But that navy looks so lovely it's making me wanna go for it!

    Would love to see tutorials using this palette *_*

    Much much love from Brazil :*

  8. That palette looks neat, I like the colors. You looked great at the wedding, love the dress. When you're traveling to Germany, it'd be great if you could do a what's in my travel makeup bag video. I will travel to Europe myself next month and have such a hard time deciding what to bring... it would be interesting to see what/how much makeup you bring on such a trip. Thanks in advance!!

  9. Looks like a lovely palette, the colors look so chic :)

  10. What absolutely gorgeous photos - everything looks wonderful! And that makeup palette looks fantastic! I love the dark, rich shades! Perfect for a smokey eye.

  11. You can buy this palette at ULTA for $36 and avoid the ridiculous shipping charged by QVC.

  12. Wow! Those colors are beautiful! QVC's shipping charges are a bit ridiculous though. I'll look for it if it comes to Sephora.

  13. Love that palette!
    How tall are you? I am 5'0", your looking kind of on the small side too!
    Love you blog!


  14. The last picture is so cute and funny!!! I love how you asked him to cross his eyes so the cat wouldn't feel self conscious =P

    I really liked the colors in that pallet! Please use it in a tutorial if you can, I would love to see a look based on it =)

    I hope you have a good trip to Germany! Where in Germany will you be staying?


  15. Love your blog, and your youtube channel !!!
    Please check out my spanking new blog

  16. Oh wow! What a nice palette! The blue shades caught my eye ^^
    Love the pics of you and Tyler, you're the best couple, so adorable! xx

  17. I love the pic of your husband and the cat! I shared it with my bf since we recently found our own "toasted marshmallow" kitten! He smiled too!

    Can you give me some style tips from one tiny person to another? I'm 5'2". :)

  18. The colors in that palette look very pretty! lol and I love the last pic of Tyler and the kitty! cute

  19. Awesome that you are visiting Germany.
    You should definitely check out catrice cosmetics (available at dm or müller).

    Gute Reise und viel Spaß in Deutschland ;-)

  20. LOVE this palette!! The shades are gorgeous!! Great review btw :) Love your reviews, tutorials and videos as always!! :D

  21. LOVE this palette!! The shades are gorgeous!! Great review btw :) Love your reviews, tutorials and videos as always!! :D

  22. I love the way you wore your hair for the wedding!! You are so beautiful!!

  23. I love Pache!!! Her and Tyler look so cute together :)

  24. I love Pache!!! Her and Tyler look so cute together :)

  25. Whoa, I hadn't realized that Tyler was so tall! Beautiful palette, and beautiful eye looks :)

  26. Can you please do a video using this palette?

  27. Thanks I think I may be considering this one. Any chance on swatches on that mally beauty one you posted on your instagram I've been looking for a review on it and I trust your opinion best! What do you think??

    Xoxo your subbie Destiny

  28. You two looks amazing!!!

  29. The picture of you and Tyler is adorable! You mention your height difference in a video but it's fun to see it 'in person'. You look so tiny! lol!

  30. The picture of you and Tyler is adorable! You mention your height difference in a video but it's fun to see it 'in person'. You look so tiny! lol!

  31. totally random, i was googling for a swatch picture and saw a picture of tyler on some website i didnt recognize and thought you might want to know that your entire post was copied and there are others they stole as well


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