Feel Sick? Look Better!

Hey everyone! 
I've always been of the mindset that makeup can make you look and FEEL better. 
I truly feel that there is a happiness/confidence boost when you enhance your features.
Call me crazy, but as much as I'd like to stay under the blankets when I have a cold--
I know darn well that my attitude will perk up a bit once I get my makeup on. 
Even though I might still have a cough or some sniffles- I get more of an "I can do this" mentality for the day when I get myself put together. 
(Granted, there are also those times when you're seriously ill and should stay in bed!)

So here are some key elements of my routine-- which can be great for ANY day--
but they really shouldn't be overlooked on a day when you're sick and still have to get up, go to work, etc. A few are some new things I'm loving right now!

1. Wake up the Eyes
Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener
I have this in the lightest shade- Luminous 1. I've had this for less than 2 weeks- but I'm already loving it. When I'm sick- my eyes REALLY need brightening. This shade has the slightest pink undertone that counteracts the darkness. When my eyes really need a boost- I use a dab of this on top of my Dalton Conceal It concealer. The Dalton provides the best coverage- but the brightening quality of this is awesome on top. 

2. Boost your complexion
MAC Blush in Fleur Power
I really don't think you need this exact blush shade- but this was what I wore today & it really gave life to my face. If you're sick-- do NOT skip blush. (Honestly, don't ever skip blush :) It's an instant look of health! So take a moment to buff a bright pinky/peach onto the cheeks. 

3. Pop the eyes
Too Faced "The Return of Sexy" Palette
This is a new palette I've been playing with lately. But more than recommending this specific palette... I recommend doing SOMETHING to your eyes. In my case- I chose a color family that I know enhances my eye color, like the purple section of this kit. When I'm going in front of HD cameras on a day that I'm feeling sick- I'll take advantage of all the little tricks I can! 
The whole "Return of Sexy" thing might have given me a little extra swagger too ;)

4. Add at least a little color to the lips
Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Rosepearl
I've often said that a great lip color can make the whole face seem brighter. If we're sick, we can definitely use the extra help. I LOVE this Colorburst gloss in Rosepearl from Revlon. It's rosy, but not too bright. The picture might not reflect this, but it actually reminds me a bit of my beloved (and discontinued) Jordana gloss in "Lovely".  If your complexion is already a little dull, a nude lip won't do it any favors. So add a little color of some sort! 

5. The WOW Factor
Kiss 03 False Eyelashes (disregard Red Cherry packaging- I lost the original container)
Sometimes we get sick at really inopportune times. What if it's a day when you really need to "appear" to be at your best? If you're giving a presentation, going on an interview, getting your picture taken, hosting an important event, or whatever it may be-- sometimes you need to reach for the "wow factor". 
Sick or not-- false eyelashes are ALWAYS the wow factor, my friends! :) 
They're give the eyes an instant wide-awake lift. 

 This was an Instagram pic I posted today (I'm emilynoel83 on Instagram)...
And my look includes all of the products mentioned above. 
My overall message is this- we all have days when we're not feeling so hot & might skimp on makeup.
Consequently, those are the days our faces actually need a little MORE help. 
So don't be afraid to reach for some color on eyes, lips, and cheeks. 
You might find that you're looking & even feeling a little better by the time you're done! 

I also did a blog on this topic in '09, if you're interested.

Daily Nuggets...
  • Tomorrow is Friday!
  • Darn it, I forgot to pick up toilet paper after work.
  • I've pinned a bunch of recipes on Pinterest, but will need to get groceries before I can make them. 
  • I have a mysterious bruise on my leg. 
  • Wow... I've just been typing whatever pops into my head. This could get dangerous! Better stop now. Bye! 


  1. Greeat idea, i think i am actually coming down with something now and i will try this out :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. These are all such great tips to looking healthy, even when you're not feeling healthy! I'm intrigued by that eye brightener - I think I need to add that to my wishlist! That eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous as well!

  3. Absolutely, makeup with a pop of color is a God-send when I'm sick, blush and concealer are mandatory,,, love that eye shadow palette, I may need to pick it up at Sephora!!! Great post!

  4. You don't look sick at all! Which when you look that good you might not get any sick sympathy and that sucks. :)

  5. Emily,Such great recommendations! Would love you to do a vid on Tarantinos Eye Dream hyperlight.Thanks!

  6. Brilliant post Emily. Love the look of the Sexy palette and the MAC blush. I feel a shopping trip coming on! :-)

  7. Strangely enough, I wore Fleur Power ( my FAV BLUSH EVER) and Rose pearl today :)

  8. You dont look sick at all, can we have a tutorial on your look here with the Too Faced The Return of Sexy Palette? Me want!

  9. U look as usual fresh and beautiful!! i hope you'll get well soon.

  10. I think you look beautiful no matter what. I agree with you on needing to brighten up the eye area when you're sick. My dark circles just get darker and darker the sicker I get. I have been meaning to try that eye brightener you mentioned too! Gotta pick it up now!

  11. This is my first time posting on your blog but I have to say I really enjoy your videos and posts. When I need a little pep under my eyes, I like to use the Bare Minerals Well-Rested powder. It is a great highlighter for the eyes. Thanks for teaching me how to do my
    make-up the right way.

  12. awesome! Thanks for the tips. you look gorgeous as always!! XOXO


  13. I have been sick for the past 2 months and it is true that some make up makes you feel better :) I try looking decent every day, even though nobody is looking at me and it lifts my spirits :)

  14. Hope you feel better soon.

    And I love your daily nuggets, keep typing what pops into your head, lol.


  15. That eyeshadow palette looks good!


  16. You are such an inspiration!! Thank you! And I love love love how you have your box of tissues in every product pic!!! :-)

  17. You are such an inspiration!! Thank you! And I love love love how you have your box of tissues in every product pic!!! :-)

  18. Love the instagram pictures! And these products would make me feel better, I hope your okay!



  19. I totally agree with you! When I am feeling down, blue, or sick forcing myself to do my makeup almost ALWAYS makes me feel better!

  20. one thing that i really need when i'm sick is bronzer. i get super pale when i'm sick so bronzer really helps perk me up and give me some color. i like rimmel londons bronzer all over my face for this :)

  21. I feel the same way! Can't let sick body to show. Put on my make up (blush and gloss are a must), a best outfit and my nice smile, I'm ready to go :)

  22. Oh, dear Emily. Get well soon! I totally agree. Some of my best looking-like-a-knockout days have been when I've been sick or sad. ] heart the joy and sass that comes with using makeup.

  23. Hi..sorry lambat reply mesej kat n3 dulu.

    Stok pemanggang ajaib sentiasa ada.Berminat lg tak?

  24. I'm super fan of you and I am looking palette shadows dancing in the cluod not find anywhere in'm from Puerto Rico and not where you look for or at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Kmart have it.

  25. this is super helpful and a good reminder to always keep yourself lookin' good no matter how you're feeling! i've been feeling like crap the last few days and i know for sure i feel better once i get myself pulled together a bit.

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