Favorite Warm & Tasty Beverages

Hey everyone!
After tweeting about a lovely cup of apple cider I was enjoying yesterday, I got a great blog post idea from a Twitter friend! 

So I thought, why not? At our house we have a Keurig coffeemaker. These coffeemakers do one cup at  a time, which works well for Tyler and I since we have vastly different wakeup times. (me: 1:00 am, him: 6:00 am.) We used to waste a lot of coffee when I would be up in the middle of the night getting ready for work- making a full pot, but only drinking a cup. With a variety of K-cups, we're also free to have whatever kinds we want... and beyond just coffee there are other fun drinks. This time of year is also GREAT for the limited edition, seasonal flavors. 

Here are my favorites!
-Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice
-Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast
-Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider
-Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa
-Donut Shop Coconut Mocha

Just this past weekend I found this great holiday collection at Wal-Mart- containing Golden French Toast which Tyler & I love- as well as a couple of other yummy kinds- Gingerbread and Spicy Eggnog! Buying it in a 48 pack was a better value than individual boxes (it was 20-something bucks). This would also make a great gift for the Keurig owner on your list! And these days you can find different kinds of k-cups everywhere... Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and pretty much any grocery store. 

Lately I haven't been drinking a whole lot of tea (there are definitely different kinds you can do in the Keurig- or just use it for your cup of hot water for other teas) but last winter I loved Celestial Seasonings holiday teas in Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Sugar Plum Spice (these are in regular tea bag form). I'll have to pick up some more of that next time I'm out shopping. One more thing- I am not affiliated with Keurig- this is not sponsored.

Daily Nuggets...
  • Shot a video on some exciting drugstore makeup finds- coming soon to YouTube. 
  • Thank you SO MUCH for the outpouring of support for my last blog post. I just love you all :)
  • It's another gloomy afternoon outside in my neck of the woods... but I don't really mind. 
  • I'm starting to play with HootSuite for posting on Twitter & other social networks... seems like a lot to learn, but so far- so good! 
  • Sweatpants, blanket, slippers... feeling very comfy at the moment. :) 


  1. Awesome post!! I must keep a look out for all these flavours! Will you be doing the Hootsuite University program? I just became Hootsuite Certified through the program and there's so much amazing information!! :D


  2. I love hootsuite. I actually don't know how to use twitter because I first got into social networking through hootsuite.
    I saw an ad for the new celestial seasoning teas for the holidays and they all sound amazing! Must go to the store and try! Can't wait for the next video

  3. I have almost finished my pumpkin spice box! I love that you can find these everywhere now. We used to have to order online. My all-time favorite is chai tea latte. Its sooo good and the added benefit of being able to just brew and go because no creamer or sugar needed. You like tea, so you might look for it!
    I professionally use hootsuite. I started using it about 6 months ago I think. I'm really loving the auto-scheduler.I might need to get certified like Ashlee...

  4. Great post! I've been addicted to Pinterest for finding all about great warm drinks for winter :)

  5. I love the blueberry k-cups, they are my go-to. I cant find that sugar cookie tea anywhere!

  6. Mmm the Donut one sounds good. Never had that before :)


  7. Drooling over your suggestions, and I don't even drink coffee LOL Thanks for sharing xx

  8. I don't know what I did before the Keurig! My favorite is the Mudslide from Gloria Jean's, but that Golden French Toast one sounds like it'd be right up my alley, and they all sound yummy!

  9. Have you tried cold brew coffee? I make a large batch and store it in my fridge. It lasts about a week though because we have a bunch of heavy coffee drinkers. I think I got it off Dee from pioneer woman's website. You don't need a fancy coffee maker for that! It's actually a lot easier on the stomach too!

  10. i wish i could make single cups of coffee and i love this blog idea. i'll have to try it out on my blog...which is http://www.theeclecticgrabbag.com


  11. I love Keurig! I did the biggest happy dance when I saw hot chocolate.

  12. I just watched your video about the new Wet n Wild 8-pans, and I'd love to see a tutorial featuring Sparkle 'Til Morning (the neutral pallette). I haven't seen them yet, but if I do, I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to pick it up if I already have Comfort Zone. Thanks Emily, your blog and channel are the best!

  13. Hi Emily, just another word of support from a huge fan living in Montreal!
    Love love love your videos, I watch every single one  (Sophie)

  14. Super lovely blog!



  15. Indeed all those look good ! I didn't know about the French toast flavor.. must. Try !

  16. Noooom! I'll have to try these out. I <3 my keurig. You should try the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Coffee by Van Houtte, it's amaaaaazing as well!


  17. I have a Keurig and went back to the coffee pot because my husband drinks a gallon of coffee when he's home and the Keuring was getting expensive - but he's not one for flavored coffees so I'll have to pick up some of the flavors you mentioned, esp the french toast one .. yum!


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  19. I agree the Keurig is a wonderful alternative for people who have different schedules in the morning. The same goes for my household where I wake up at one time and my sister wakes at another. Although, now I am interested in purchasing the larger Keurig so as to take up less time. By the way, my favorite is the Starbucks K-Cups (any variety) and the hot chocolate. Especially since it is winter.

  20. How funny! I have and love all 5 of those! You should try the timothy's German chocolate cake flavor! For a non-flavored coffee I enjoy the Starbucks blonde k-cups.

  21. How funny! I have and love all 5 of those! You should try the timothy's German chocolate cake flavor! For a non-flavored coffee I enjoy the Starbucks blonde k-cups.

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