New Wet n Wild Glassy Glosses

Hi everyone! Just wanted to show you a couple of drugstore finds that I forgot to include in my most recent video. I found these in a special display in Walgreens, which also contained the new 8-pan palettes. (It was one of those end of the aisle displays, different from the shelf display I initially found the palettes in). Anyway, there were several new shades of Glassy Gloss- and I assume they're limited edition. These are the two that most appealed to me... 

The golden shade is called Frost Bitten and the red is A Glass of Shine. I don't remember the exact price, but I think these are usually $1.99. In case you're not familiar with these glosses, there are a number of them that are part of the regular line (here's a review on those), and they're actually referred to as lip gels. ALL shades in these glosses are super shiny, but they can vary in terms of how opaque they are. These two glosses are a perfect example... 

As you can see, the golden shade is very sheer with fine golden shimmer, and the red is a really rich, deep, opaque color. 

The gold obviously adds a lot of shine, but color-wise, it just gives a slightly golden glow to the lips. As a whole, it's mainly my natural lip color showing through. This is the type of gloss that I'd use more as a layering product over lipsticks or lip liners. I'm not wild about how it looks on its own, so I don't think it's an absolute must-have. 

I think the red is STUNNING. I mean, wow. I love this shade so much. While I loosely call it "red", it's really a nice deep wine color that is just phenomenal for the holidays. It has knockout shine, as well as full color. The one drawback is that you have to be careful on the application- just smearing it on your lips from the squeeze tube does not give enough precision. I applied some to the lips, then evened it out with a lip brush and I was very happy with the end result. I also like that while these glosses aren't sticky at all, they're also not runny so I don't feel like I need to worry about this shade running outside the lip line & getting sloppy once it's on. Any red lip you wear tends to be a bit more high maintenance to keep looking fresh throughout the day/evening... but I think this shade is worth it :)

Just wanted to give you a heads up on those new glosses! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • What an exhausting week it has been!
  • My co-anchor Kevin and I have been preparing 2 dance routines for a fundraiser this weekend. Instead of some sort of slow, ballroom dance- we are going for a couple of high energy numbers. If nothing else, it will be FUNNY! :) I'll have Tyler take some video of it. 
  • You know my sister's incredible watercolor paintings? Well now they're available on all sorts of things!! I am SO doing some Christmas shopping on her new site! Gorgeous art on mugs, journals, bags, and COMPACTS?! Yes please! Good prices too :)
  • Agenda for the remainder of the evening: shower, gel nails, apple cider, and time with Tyler. 
  • P.S... tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Wow I love the red one!!

    xoxo, Natalie

  2. The red is gorgeous but I don't need any more glosses! Kinda looks like Revlon's Colorburst lipgloss in Rose Pearl, which I own after one of your blog posts on :) I dislike that these lipglosses are hit or miss cuz I'd love to try one!

  3. Oh my gosh! That red shade is just INCREDIBLE. It looks so so beautiful on you!

  4. That red is stunning, you're right. Looks great on you! Monica and Ross doing their dance routine flashed into my head while reading, lol. No offense. ;) xo

  5. Thanks for this post. I may have to pick up that red gloss. I feel I can never wear red. It always looks too garish on me. But this may be good. I think I am wearing the same earrings as you today! LOL.

  6. Those compacts on your sister's site are gorgeous!! I'll definately have to look into buying one (not that I need a new mirror ha). They kind of remind me of the compact that comes with the new Cinderella Collection at Sephora but much less bulky :)

  7. POOF! Thank you so much for the mention. I am super excited about this store! I had 250 items that I narrowed down to the ones I thought worked best with my paintings. This store took 4 days to set up, so I hope it will be worth it! Love you. :)

  8. POOF! Thank you so much for the mention. I am super excited about this store! I had 250 items that I narrowed down to the ones I thought worked best with my paintings. This store took 4 days to set up, so I hope it will be worth it! Love you. :)

  9. Awesome price! and the darker one is STUNNING

  10. I hope I can find that red. It's beautiful.

    I stopped by your sister's store. I may have to get one of those compacts. She's so talented!

  11. That red is very pretty! I had such a tough time finding Wet N' Wild products so hopefully I can find these!

  12. With your hair tied back and the dramatic smoky brown eye & red lip, you remind me of Sela Ward. Gorgeous!

  13. I love both colours, the red has to be my favourite though!


  14. Gorgeous red gloss! May try and pick this up this weekend.

    And yes ... DO video your dance routine :-)


  15. That berry red is so pigmented, looks more like a lipstick than a gloss ^^ Like a lot the golden one, I'm more of a neutral lip person. I wish they sold Wet n' Wild here : ) xx

  16. The red is so pretty, the gold is so wearable for everyday. I'm going to have to look at them. (:


  17. WOW, the red gloss looks sooo amazing on you Emily!

  18. Wow that red is gorgeous! I may actually pick this up even though I'm not crazy about lip gloss.


  19. Wow! A Glass of Shine is extremely pigmented. I don't own any Wet N Wild products but you've totally got me interested in checking out everything from their eyeshadows to their glosses!

    Lipstick & Lace

  20. $1.99?! Wow. I gotta try one. The red color is gorgeous on you. I must admit, I've never tried Wet'nWild products before. I'm trying to decide between this red and Revlon's red velvet lip butter...

  21. Thanks for the post! Gorgeous colors..I am going to have look for them.

  22. the red gloss is amazing Emily..

  23. please follow my blog its new all about me & pregnancy xxx

  24. This makes me hate the UK because we can't get these!! Waaah.

    The red one looks STUNNING!!

  25. thanks for the post ur sharing with us red gloss is nice kapsalon utrecht

  26. The last one is just GORGEOUS!! Perfect shade for you. Must keep these glosses in mind!

    New follower here

  27. I like the "a glass of shine" red gloss, perfect for fall!

    If you have some time please check out my blog Keep Up With Kelly

  28. Wet n Wild continues to impress me! For such an inexpensive brand, they deliver great products. The red looks beautiful on you, too!


  29. Wet n Wild continues to impress me! For such an inexpensive brand, they deliver great products. The red looks beautiful on you, too!


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