$4.99 Naked-ish Palettes

Hello everyone!
The "ish" is the key word of the title of this post. 
Here's the story... there's a brand called Profusion that occasionally puts out little palettes in drugstores like Walgreens. Having purchased a few before- they tend to be kind of random and seem to have a somewhat "individual" design. These, however, are very similar in style and shade selection to one of the biggest eyeshadow crazes in recent memory, the Urban Decay Naked Palette. They're $4.99 each.

Here you can see the original Naked palette on top, along with the two Profusion palettes. It's easy to see where the inspiration came from. The center palette seems to be the most similar in shade selection to the Naked palette, and the bottom one appears to expand on the lighter shades in Naked. Unfortunately, the similarities end there. If you've ever tried Urban Decay shadows, you know that it's not only the colors of their shadows that make them special, but also their really easy to work with, rich texture. For the most part, that's what these palettes are lacking. Let's take a closer look...

Midnight Fever 10 Eyeshadow Palette by Profusion

As you can see, the palette contains 10 eyeshadows, as well as a black eyeliner pencil and a double-ended sponge-tip applicator. The shades range from a light champagne, all the way to black, and all of the colors contain varying amounts of shimmer... some have more of a satin appearance while others are metallic. 

For me, the mark of good texture in a powder eyeshadow is one that feels practically creamy because the powder hangs together so well. The downfall with these is the flakiness. The more metallic shades weren't as dry/powdery/flaky, but the lightest shade and two charcoal shades (before the black) in this palette were the worst culprits. I'd also like to note that the brown (four shades in from the right) hardly shows up at all. I could barely see it on the finger I swatched with. 

As I was playing with this palette over the weekend, I instagramed this pic (wanna follow me? I'm emilynoel83). I mentioned that while I've used better quality shadows, I wasn't totally disappointed in the finished look. The lighting isn't great in this pic, but I used the lightest shade on the inner part of the lid, the black in the outer corner, and buffed it out with the brown & sort of pink-ish shade in the kit.  Overall, the colors can be worked with- it's just not near as easy as it is with high quality shadows to blend and avoid fallout. With this one, it also took awhile to build up the color to the level shown. Overall I give this palette a C-. 

Bonus pic of me & Kalee! She visited that night! While I'm playing teacher and grading products, 
I give the evening with Kalee an A+ :) 

Sultry & Neutral 10 Eyeshadow Palette by Profusion

Once again, we have 10 eyeshadows along with a black pencil liner and a double-ended sponge-tip applicator. There are no really dark shades in this palette, just light and mid-toned shades. A few are matte, and a few are super-metallic. The colors are all pretty warm-toned.  

As you can see- the metallics really stand out on this kit, and they're not too bad to work with! But those swatches really put the other colors to shame. It goes pretty much every other one with a non-existent shade, and then a metallic. I must say while a few of the matte colors didn't swatch so well, they were actually decent on my eyes. 

For this look I used the lightest matte shade (3 shades from the left) on my lid, and the matte light brown (2 from the right) in my crease. I deepened up the outer corner with the dark golden/bronze shade (on the right end of the palette).  

I really like the look, but once again, the texture of these shadows makes it a little tricky to achieve. This Sultry & Neutral kit had a lot of repetition with the lighter shades, and could've been about half the size featuring the colors that truly show up. For that reason, I give this palette a D+. I'm really enjoying the bright berry lips though! I blended Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains in Lovesick (bright pink) and Crush (deep berry), then topped it off with L'oreal Color Rich leGloss in Raspberry Splash. 

Bottom Line: For around $5 (or less) you can check out a handful of other drugstore brands like Wet n Wild, Maybelline, Cover Girl, or NYX (to name a few) and get these very same kind of neutrals in a higher quality formulation. They may not come in a 10-color kit that's shaped like the Urban Decay Naked palette, but they'll bring you a lot closer to the look you'd achieve with the UD shadows. While I kind of liked my finished look with both Profusion kits, it wasn't easy to get to that point. While many of the shadows in these Profusion palettes aren't so hot, I'm considering depotting the ones I like when I start crafting more Zpalettes full of shadows! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Let's see... what happened so far today... shot a couple of videos, edited one, did a conference call, got groceries, did the dishes and now posting this blog. Uploading a video too.
  • Add going to the bathroom a lot to that list. Sorry to overshare, but I'm back to drinking more water, so I feel like I'm always visiting the bathroom. LOL
  • Next I need to re-do my nails... you guessed it- Mally 24/7 Gel Nail kit, here I come!
  • Does anyone else like to put off present wrapping until you're all done shopping? If I wrap them up sooner, I forget what I got!


  1. Hi Emily, I've seen those shadow sets in my local Walgreens and to me they look exactly like a couple that came out a couple years ago from Forever 21's Love & Beauty line...L&B, however, seemed to be pretty good quality considering they only cost about $6.


  2. I saw these palettes and almost grabbed one, but now I'm glad I didnt. Thanks, as always, for your review! Also - I wait until all my Christmas shopping is done to wrap too! For me though, I just like to pour up a glass of wine and get it all done in one sitting! I get more in the groove that way!

  3. Love how you save me so much money by not buying "bad" makeup. Thanks!

    Yes, I'm just like you--don't wrap until I have all my gifts in hand. Don't know why I do that, just always have.

  4. I've been going to the bathroom a lot too! haha I've been trying to drink a lot more water with all these holiday goodies floating around my office!

    Question - how much money do you spend on "fails"? I would think a lot, with as many products as are out there! Doesn't your pocket book suffer at all, or since this is your "business" now, is it a write off? I've always wondered that with you beauty gurus!

  5. It's wonderful that there are some affordable dupes for the Naked Palettes, but it is a shame that the quality of the shadows isn't a bit better.

  6. Love your post, Emily!

  7. I have a running list of gifts and I wrap and go. If I wait until I've bought all the gifts - the wrapping process gets very messy.


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  9. I have the Sultry & Neutral Palette and I wasn't super impressed with it. I only have used the palette once so I have to try it again so I can give my full opinion on it.


    Also, sorry I deleted my first comment. I noticed too many spelling errors after I posted it!

  10. Hi emily! I think both of the looks super pretty on you, but that sucks that the colors aren't great quality. I think I'll skip these palettes thanks to your review!:-)

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  12. I know this is a bit nerdy (as my hubby often likes to point out! lol) but I keep my Christmas list in a spreadsheet. Who to buy for, what I bought, whether I have wrapped it, how much I spent, where I got it, and oh yeah where the heck I hid it! You can always password protect the file if needed to keep sneaky eyes out. :)

    Then again, I am the spreadsheet Queen. lol I do practically everything in a spreadsheet; grocery lists, home projects, monthly bills, you name it! Saves tons of paper.

  13. Hi dear!
    I love ur style!
    such a wonderful blog

  14. your finished looks are great, but i wish the palettes were better quality, because i like the idea of the one with all the brown shades. i have both the naked palettes, but it seems like a cool concept to have a palette with different variances of brown.

    not long ago, i bought a shimmer palette from profusion that was 99 cents in walgreens. it was actually decent quality & i really enjoy using some of the colors.

  15. Thanks for such an honest review of the palette! I was thinking of picking one up for my niece since she's starting to get into makeup. I guess I'll just have to pass!

    - Jen


  16. Based on your past weekend Instagram pic, I gave the "midnight" as a work co-worker gift

  17. in canada we have a brand called quo (exclusive to one of our major drugstores, but kind of in between drugstore and high-end) which recently released a limited edition palette called "back to basics," which is an EXACT dupe colour-wise of the original naked palette. quality isn't nearly as good, but for those of us who can't justify spending $60 canadian plus tax on the UD palettes, it's a great substitute!

  18. Emily you should try the forever 21 eyeshadow palettes! their really cheep and super pigmented with a lot of colors

  19. I picked up the lighter more neutral palette today, didn't see your blog beforehand, and I agree the very metallic shadows are much better than the matte shadows. I have had urban decay products on my wish list for quiet some time and when I seen the palette I knew it could never be UD but I thought why not give it a try? Right?
    It's my daughters 9yr bday this weekend, well that's when her party is her bday was actually yesterday, I'm going to just give it to her with her other gifts. This is more suitable for a young girl to play around with rather than an adult. Yes she's young for the much more pigmented colors but she is like me and she is already obsessed with makeup so I figure why not let her express herself in the privacy of our own home at least. Lol who knows maybe shell be a makeup artist in the future. She isn't allowed to wear it out and she isn't allowed to wear foundation and bright lipsticks either.
    The mattes were sooo chalky btw I hate chalky shadow!

  20. I realize this is a old blog strangely I just found this shadow and thought I'd google it. Wish I woulda found this beforehand! Lol btw I follow you on YouTube Emily and I adore you! Your the best guru out there IMHO

  21. Thanks Emily! I, too saw these palettes last year and wanted to snatch them up due to its Nakedish look! I am glad I didnt. I wont be buying them thanks to you! :)

  22. well i saw this palettes are the same like de 21 forever the love and beauty in colors and package...why?

  23. Wow, I didn't even know these palettes existed. I've never seen them before, but then again maybe I just never went to Walgreen's when they were there ^^

    Thanks for the awesome review! When I first saw them on my feed, my first thought was to run and grab them ASAP, but your thoughtful review gave me pause. I do (also because of you) have some wonderful Wet N Wild palettes that I'm very happy with, and these (even though they look just like the Naked palettes) don't seem to be quality! That sucks :(

    At least they aren't that expensive! :D

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