Benefit World Famous Neutrals Kits

Hey everyone! It's been a big eyeshadow day for me! 
I posted a video reviewing The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Nude palette, and I also wanted to share this blog post on the Benefit World Famous Neutrals kits. They're $30 each at, and while I have the "Most Glamorous Nudes Ever" and "Sexiest Nudes Ever", there's another one available called "Easiest Nudes Ever". The website says they contain "creaseless creams" and "new longwear powder shadows". These were sent to me for review from Benefit, and at first glance I was super excited. Benefit's packaging is always nice, and these little eye kits looks like books from the outside and are super cute. 

The kits open up to reveal fold-out tips & tricks which share daytime and "playtime" instructions, as well as a small mirror. There are four MAC eyeshadow-sized pans of powder shadow in each, as well as slots for two cream shadows with twist-off lids that lift out of the palette.  

This is the "Most Glamorous Nudes Ever" kit, and the cream shadows are showing up a bit darker in the palette than they actually appear when you apply them (see the swatches below). They have an incredibly creamy feel... more so than probably any other cream shadow I've used. The top color- "Birthday Suit"- is gorgeous, and I love the coppery tone to "My 2 Cents" is really pretty as well. They apply with so much pigment, but the staying power is where I have an issue- they don't dry to a totally smudge-free finish. They can be totally smudged and rubbed away... and now that we have the budge-proof Maybelline Color Tattoos, we all know how nice it is to have long wearing cream shadows. It's kind of sad to me that you have to cover up these beautiful cream shades with a powder in order to get a longer wearing look. Assuming you do that, the look will indeed last (it did for me).  

The powder shadows are nice, but nothing unique. They're pigmented, but not to the point of feeling rich and creamy (like some really nicely textured powder shadows do). The peachy/gold called "It's Complicated" is the most eye-catching one of the bunch, in my opinion. 

The "World's Sexiest Nudes Ever" kit takes on a purple tone. The cream shadows have the same delightfully creamy, yet not long-wearing formula- and I must say, I love the color of the lighter one called "Bikini-tini". It's a great shimmery nude. The charcoal shade called "Holy Smokes!" is a great smokey eye base and looks really nice paired with the ultra metallic silvery powder called "Blingo!" I wish they would've included at least one deeper powder shadow so you could really contour with this kit.

As with the other kit, these shades are all pretty, but not necessarily unique. If you are interested in buying these, just keep in mind that you'll have the best staying power if you layer the powders over the creams. I feel like they're kind of overpriced, but if you like the configurations, you can probably find similar cream and powder shadows in the drugstore. (Maybelline Color Tattoos, Wet n Wild eyeshadows... just off the top of my head). 

Daily Nuggets
  • Loving my re-organized makeup room. Thank you to Mom for helping me! :)
  • Planning to do Beauty Broadcast Live again tomorrow at 9am central on BlogTV! Thinking about periodically adding a Saturday show to the schedule, but I'll keep you posted!
  • I need to re-do my nails big time. 
  • Time for some leftover chili! Have a good night!


  1. Great post Emily! I've been wanting one of these, since the creams actually work pretty well for me!

  2. Great review and I agree, they do not seem terribly unique. I prefer the Maybelline Color Tattoo's because of how long they wear and the price.

    xoxo- Nicole

  3. These colours look really pretty, but I feel like I have similar shadows in my collection already.

  4. so curious to see what your re-organized makeup room looks like now..hehe

  5. I love love Benefit cream shadows. They always wear long for me and I never top with powder. I dont see why it would be a different formula since I recognize the names. I have maybelline too but still prefer benefit. I think at $25 it would be of more appeal to me though. I was just looking at these at Sephora today!

  6. you should totally do an updated makeup room/makeup collection tour!! that would b so flipping awesome =D

  7. So not attracted to these make up kits. Must be the packaging.


  8. ooh gorgeous sets!! will definitely be keeping an eye open for these :D

  9. Great review as always! :) please show us your re organised room!!! : D

  10. Thanks for the review. I think I'm going to pass on these, I much rather have the Meet Matt Nude palette from theBalm. I got some products from them, because of your recommendations and they haven't yet disappointed me ^^ xx

  11. I would LOVE if you did some live shows on Saturday...I cant watch during the week :(

  12. I love how truthful you are, even if something is sent to you.

  13. Now that you've re-organized your makeup room, I think we are due for an updated makeup collection video! :D

  14. Nice shades for the eyes. We can pick different colors.

    beauty care

  15. That is very nice, I wonder when these will be available in the netherlands....

  16. Hi Emily! Can u do a makeup collection/storage video? I will love you forever!!!!! Not that I dont already!!!!

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