FOTD: Chocolate Eyes

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share an eye look that I was playing with over the weekend. I love using bright colors here and there, but I also have sort of an obsession with neutrals. Maybe it's just the comfort that even a dramatic look using neutrals doesn't seem too "crazy"? Whatever the case, I found a new quad at Wal-Mart and used it for this look. 

First off, for face products I used Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and a little bit of the Double Wear concealer. I'm also wearing some Essence Sun Club bronzer and Neutrogena Custom Glow Blush & Bronzer in Posie Glow (shown in the picture). I absolutely love the peachy colored blush, and with this look I just swirled my brush over both the blush and the bronzer for a really natural look.   

For lips I'm wearing my one and only Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Perle in 101 Beige Caress (shown in the picture). I don't love the slightly gritty texture of this, but it does look really nice on the lips. On my eyes I used the limited edition Maybelline Eye Studio quad in Natural Shock. As you can see, it's not super wild and different, but if basics are what you're after and you like borderline metallic shimmer, you might really enjoy this! 

For my look I used the lightest shade around the inner corner, and the peachy shade all over the lid. That peach color is MUCH prettier than this picture gives it credit for. It has a beautiful texture and finish. I gave the crease a bit more of an "edge" than usual with the medium brown... you can see from the pic, it's not quite as diffused and blended out as I might normally do it. I love the warmth and almost coppery tone of this color. I also used some of that shade under the eye and loved the effect. The sparkle really does seem to show when you pack it on. I used the dark brown in my outer corner and the outer part of the lower lashline. I love the texture of these shadows- they seem to blend really effortlessly into each other. I lined my waterline and upper lashline, applied mascara, and then a set of Salon Perfect Demi Wispies false lashes. 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I am incredibly excited about a new feature I'm working on for the Beauty Broadcast family! I think you're going to absolutely love it. It's under construction now and I'm not sure exactly when it'll be ready to go, but when it is, you'll know! :) 
  • Ever since I was a kid, I've loved to see clouds move across the sky. This is one of those days where the sun is just going in and out all the time. 
  • I'm getting a bird feeder for the backyard so Cupcake can do some bird watching from her little spot where she likes to look outside. Nothing beats a little live entertainment, right? 
  • Still haven't finished that incredibly hard puzzle Tyler's mom brought down when she visited over the weekend. I know you were anxiously awaiting an update :)
  • New video coming tomorrow morning! woop woop! 


  1. You're the BEST! I have watched you more than ALL the rest. I think you were my first beauty youtube video I came across.
    The first thing my husband did when we took our first cat in was to get a bird feeder. She loves it.
    She is a stray that was outside all last winter and no one took her in so we decided to try our first cat. She's the best.
    Thanks for sharing all you do,
    Susie in northern NY

  2. I forgot to click email follow up comments so I'll add that I enjoy your LIVE sessions too.

  3. Beautiful!

    Many Blessings,

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I have a love affair with brown smokey eye makeup. I just think it adds so much warmth and subtle drama. This makeup look is fantastic! You look beautiful as always :)

  5. Hey Emily! You should really try another Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte regular not a Perle because just as you said the Perle ones do have a bit of a gritty texture but not the regular would love number 1 Nude Beige & number 12 Forbidden Burgundy!

  6. I'm a neutrals fanatic, too!

    Would you consider doing a post, or video about your skin care routine.
    I'm very interested in seeing what you use to keep your face so smooth!

  7. You look AMAZING so BEAUTIFUL in that first picture. The eyes and lips look perfect on you!! Jeez Emily, can you get an better? Our cat misses the birds during the winter [we keep a regular bird feeder and humming bird feeder out for her]. While the area can get messy and filled with weeds from the dropped seeds it's worth keeping her entertained. We even sit through videos of birds,fish, and squirrels from YT on the TV for her. Can't wait for the new video!

  8. I'm loving this look, A LOT. I'm all for neutrals and browns, especially for work and just fell in love with this look. Would you be doing a tutorial on the eye portion? It's absolutely gorgeous.

  9. love it! I have a couple of the maybelline eyestudio quads but I haven't seen that shade. it's definitely something to look out for..hehe ^_^

  10. You are so pretty! :D I really love this look!

    Great post!


  11. Looking gorgeous as always Em! ^^ These colours are a nice twist to your beloved mauve shades : ) Brown makes your hazel eyes pop even more! xx


  12. Thanks so much, been looking everywhere for swatches of the new LE Maybelline shadows. I will be sure to grab this one as soon as I find it. I was worried because from what I could tell from distant photos two of them (the purple and the green) looked almost identical to Purple Icon and Green with Envy which are existing permanent quads.. but this one is definitely different.

  13. Gorgeous! I would love to see a tutorial on this look, as I have hard time translating eyes just from a picture.

    Also, quick question: Where do you pick up the Revlon lash adhesive that you've reference, and your Demi wispy false eyelashes? I swear I have looked at about 5 stores for both of these products with no luck!

    Thanks and love your site!


  14. That Neutrogena is my favorite blush of all times!

  15. That is my favorite blush of all times!

  16. Love the eyeshadows, and how you've used them. Do you have a video on how to do it?


  17. Love this look, chic and sexy at the same!!

    PS: glad to have an update on the puzzle XD

  18. So pretty! I love you're channel and have definitely purchased items due to your reviews and I love them! I'm definitely going to pick that eyeshadow quad up!

  19. I never know where to get the Maybelline Special Editions Quads, Where did you get yours?

  20. That's an interesting mix of high end & drug store choices! I have a feeling you could wear make up from the dollar store & look fab!!

  21. Hello Emily! Great make up, you always lokk so perect and cute! What do you think of Essence sun club bronzer??
    xoxo Nika

  22. I was at Ulta today and they didn't have that eyeshadow quad. Is it current?

  23. I am so lucky I found this particular quad lying about at a CVS store. The texture and pigmentation is superb and the colors are just right up my alley. Thanks for posting this Emily...xo, Emilie

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