Lip Smacker Cupcake Lover's Collection

Hello friends!
I mentioned in my last blog post that I made a major impulse buy...
and picked up an entire set of Lip Smackers at Walgreens. This type of behavior hasn't happened since Junior High or High School... so it feels a bit strange, yet I also feel right at home. Why buy a set of SIX Lip Smackers? Because this is the CUPCAKE COLLECTION and after seeing flavors like Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, and Birthday Cake... I knew this required further investigation. (This is also how I justify purchasing Jelly Belly jelly beans... can that one REALLY taste like buttered popcorn? I must know.)

As you can see, they come in a zippered cupcake-shaped pouch that's about the size of my hand. In order to do something productive with this purchase, I decided I needed to review them for you so you would know if this impulse buy was indeed worth it. I'll be rating each lip balm in scent accuracy and color payoff. You might be thinking... Lip Smackers don't give off color! Well, some do. 

 My Natural Lips

My lips with the Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker, notorious for giving a reddish flush to the lips. 

Several of these Lip Smackers gave off no color at all, and a couple gave some noticeable color... but not to the extent that you see with the Dr. Pepper kind. While I currently only own a few Lip Smackers (besides this new set), I proudly keep the Dr. Pepper kind stored with my tinted lip balms, not just lip balms... because of that nice color. 

And before I get into the review, if you're not familiar with Lip Smackers, they primarily perform two functions-- they have a fun scent, and they provide some shine. You may also notice a very subtle flavor. They are moisturizing, but not as hard core as some of the "big girl" lip balms out there (Burt's Bees, Nivea, Aveeno). 

Ok, as for this kit- here is my review!

Salted Caramel...       Scent Accuracy: A-       Color: None
Red Velvet...            Scent Accuracy: B+        Color: Slight
Strawberry Sprinkle...    Scent Accuracy: C      Color: None
Berry Buttercream...        Scent Accuracy: A     Color: Slight
Vanilla Coconut...            Scent Accuracy: C-     Color: None
Birthday Cake...        Scent Accuracy: C           Color: None

My preference is a good, accurate scent (judging by the name), and a little bit of color is a bonus. The Berry Buttercream had a great scent that smelled just enough like cake frosting, and just enough like berries to justify that name. I really like it, plus it gave my lips a subtle berry color. Red Velvet was the other shade that gave off a bit of color, and the smell was decent. I really enjoyed the Salted Caramel scent as well, though it left no color on the lips. 

My lips with Berry Buttercream. Now if someone could just whip up some real berry buttercream for me...

As far as the others, I figured Vanilla Coconut wouldn't be a hard one for the Lip Smackers team to come up with, but I felt it was really lacking that yummy coconuttyness (new word!) that I need. I also wanted Birthday Cake to be just like the Birthday Cake Remix ice cream flavor at Coldstone, but I was let down there as well. Strawberry Sprinkle was kind of a vague name... and it smelled good but not great. Overall, this whole kit probably averages out to a B or B-. I didn't highly dislike any of them, and will use them all... some were just better than others. I do think this would be an adorable birthday gift for the young girl in your life... or the secret Lip Smacker addict. :) 

Here's my question to you: Do you still own Lip Smackers? I challenge you to take a picture of your Lip Smackers Collection and post it to the Beauty Broadcast Facebook page! What was your favorite? Do you still use them? This will be fun! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I just posted my Valentine's Day tutorial!! Let me tell you, it is SIMPLE. I hope you enjoy it!
  • I'm also crock potting one of my absolute favorite dinners- creamy spaghetti! 
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm seeking out new thing to review, but right now I am loaded with products I want to post reviews on. Yay!
  • In case you missed it yesterday on Twitter/Instagram- my Cupcake mousepad came!
One more thing...
I wanted to let you know about this offer from Tarte's website! 
If you're interested in the Maracuja lip glosses (which are great) I reviewed them in this video


  1. The lip smackers look so cute! I want them all :D haha

    Great post!


  2. You didn't say WHERE you got it!! I need a Red Velvet Lip Smacker!! Where?!?

    1. She actually said Walgreens in like the first one or two sentences. But hey, we all get a little over-excited that she posted a new blog that we may have missed some info ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oh gosh, this totally takes me back! I think it's awesome that you gave these a try.

  5. Emily,
    I've read the Spagghetti receip and i don't get the point. You can cook them boiling, while cooking the sauce at the same time so why spending 4 hours instead of 30 minutes?Pasta must be al dente. Is it like this with this crock pot?
    As we don't have the crock pot thing in my country don't know it's use :)

    1. Hi, I'm going to try to explain this mystery, but not sure if I will succeed. This is an American casserole, so texture is more preferably tender - not al dente - which is considered comforting. It is like a baked lasagne but spaghetti is used instead of lasagna noodles.
      Does this whole thing seem like heresy to you? ;-)

    2. Oh and I forgot to address the crock pot issue: It's for people with really busy schedules who prefer to spend a few minutes in preparation then walk away for hours to come back to a totally finished meal. It is non-direct heat, so you don't have to stir or worry about burning. I'm thinking about getting one to roast massive amounts of garlic in olive oil on my deck so it doesn't stink up my house. (To keep in my freezer to add to sauces and such.) But that's a discussion for a crock pot blog. There is quite a cult following for this appliance!
      Hope this info helped!

  6. I got the set at Walgreens! Sorry I left that out. And about the spaghetti in the crock pot- i find that the flavor really infuses the pasta much more and I just really like it :)

    1. Season nice cubed meat with pepper and onion powder. Sautee lightly and put in crockpot. Add a couple of cubed potatoes an envelope of chick pea soup (Vigo brand) and four cups swanson chicken broth low sodium. Cook for about 4 and a half hours on high (i also aded a few culantro leaves but i dont know if you can get it in US, it is really tasty and gives nice flavor. Almost an enhanced cilantro flavor). This soup is yummy and really tasty.

    2. Also tried the same thong with a nueva cocina lentil soup pack and was good, but a bit salty. Didn't use low sodium broth this time :/. Dont know if that was the issue....

  7. I used to own some in middle school and high school and then found some at ULTA during the holiday season. It was a pack of ten and I had to get them because they were Paul Frank! I ended up keeping two and giving the rest as Christmas gifts :)

  8. I bought the disney princesses set for my daughter, the other day I forgot my lip balm and she had one! Fell in love with them again lol

  9. I'm also a big fan of pretty much all crockpot recipes! I think it tastes so much better when food is cooked fo hours in threw seasonings and sauce! Yummmr

  10. Gorgeous packaging, can't wait to get my hands on this!


  11. Yes, the belly jelly popcorn flavor jelly bean really does taste like butter popcorn ;P

  12. The new LE cupcake flavored chapsticks are great. I found mine in the Valentines section at Walgreens if you are looking for them. The red velvet is good... but the cake batter is divine.

  13. You need to try the Ice Cream Cake one! I found it at Wal-Mart. It's dead on! (at least I think so) :)

  14. i LOVE the dr pepper lipsmacker! i haven't bought any in years, though!

  15. Dr pepper is the only lip smacker from my childhood that i cling to but i do have a peanut butter cup lip balm and i always have it in my bag

  16. I picked up the Dr. Pepper gloss because I read on Jezebel that it was a dupe for Clinique's Black Honey. Not quite! I didn't really love the Lip Smackers gloss, so it sits in my train case with about 4,000 other lip products. ;)

  17. Oh man! I can't believe I missed these! Does anyone know where else I could get these flavors? I'm 38 years old and I MUST at ALL TIMES have on lip balm. My lips tend to be very dry. I have a whole basket with many. I have gone through the entire collection of Burt's Bees and none moisturize my lips as well as Lip Smackers so I get them all the time when I go to Claire's. Didn't even know Walgreens sold them! These flavors look delish!

  18. Thanks for reviewing those... I want Salted Carmel really bad, so now I don't know whether to grab the enire set for it or not =) Would you buy it again if you knew how it would be, do you think?


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