Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Milani Color Statement Lipstick: Oranges & Reds

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed in your local drugstores, Milani has revamped their line of lipsticks. They are now called Color Statement and I've received a couple of color collections to review, the first being Reds and Oranges. There are some new Color Statement lip liners as well, but I'm going to review those all at one time. I've checked the Milani Cosmetics website and Cherry Culture, and these cost $5.49 on both sites. I've also found them in my local Walgreens. 

Packaging wise, you can see the tubes are gold, and I always love when the true color of a lipstick is visible at the bottom of the tube. It's extremely helpful when you're shopping in the drugstore! The brand claims that these lipsticks provide full coverage application in one stroke. As a whole I'd say that's true- the colors are VERY bold, but there are a lot of varied finishes and sometimes just to get a feeling of enough moisture on the lips, I have go over them another time. But once I do that, I'm set. These are also said to contain Vitamins A, C & E to moisturize lips. Compared to my Maybelline Vivid collection lipstick in On Fire Red, these don't feel quite as "slick" on the lips... not that I feel like the Maybelline one is especially greasy, but these are just slightly more dry, and tend to have really, really good staying power. Since it can be hard to see the subtle differences in shades, I wanted to line them up for you... 

Left to right: Sweet Nectar, Orange-gina, High Voltage, Red Label, Cherry Crave, Best Red, Ruby Valentine

I also thought it might be helpful to show my whole face with the various colors on so you can get a better idea of how the different shades appear, and their effect on my overall complexion. There isn't a single shade that I'd describe as "sheer". As advertised, these are full-on color, and I do like that the entire line isn't just one finish. Oh and for those interested in scent- it's just like the Milani HD Advanced lip colors- if you're familiar with those. It's lightly sweet... not overly perfume-ish or fruity. It's not something I notice much at all once the color is on my lips. 

01 Sweet Nectar (Cream)
Hello orange! If you've been looking for an orange lipstick, this is it. As you can see, the cream formula has no shimmer, and applies with ease. Not sure how often I'd wear this shade, and I don't currently own a lot of orange, but it's there for me if I need it! 

03 Orange-gina (Pearl)
This shade makes me think "pumpkin spice". It's a more toned-down orange than the first one, and also includes some gold-toned shimmer. So it's a slightly more subtle way to try orange lipstick.

04 High Voltage (Vinyl)
Well I couldn't make the same face in every picture! :) This is a bright red, closest to the orange family. The rest seem to be more cool-toned reds. The Vinyl finish is a lot like the cream, but seem to have just a bit more shine. A really similar texture overall though. 

05 Red Label (Cream)
It's kind of hard to tell the difference between these next few! I absolutely love this one. It strikes me as a really true red, and the cream formula definitely clings to the lips so you don't feel like it's going to slip outside the lip line as soon as you take a drink (none of these really feel that way, which I like- but there tends to be a bit more transfer onto a glass, for example, with the Vinyl finish). This is the tone of red I would normally gravitate toward. 

06 Cherry Crave (Metallic)
Here is my other favorite!! I don't think it looks overly metallic, but it's a red with a little shimmer... which I think is actually kind of rare. Most of the reds on the market seem to be matte or creamy, but I must say, I love the bit of shimmer in this. It catches the light a bit more without being really glossy and it doesn't look super frosty at all. It's not showing a whole lot in the pic, but this has just the slightest bit of a berry tone to it-- I notice it more when applied sheer. Love it!

07 Best Red (Matte)
Here's your matte finish red! By the way, I would normally apply a red lipstick with a lip brush for extra precision, but I put all of these on straight from the tube so I could really tell what the texture was like. This was the one that I had to go over my lips with a little bit more with, because the matte formula was just a bit more dry than the others-- but not bad at all. It's not as dry as the Wet n Wild matte lipsticks. It's a great red, but I don't like it quite as well as Red Label- this is the slightest bit brighter.   

08 Ruby Valentine (Vinyl)
Again, the vinyl finish has a little more shine. Looking at the lipsticks in a row, I expected this one to be the deepest, but it doesn't really come off that way on the lips. I'm actually kind of stumped on this one.  As I do some re-swatching on my hand, this is actually very similar to High Voltage, but with slightly less orange. 

Whew! It's kind of tough trying to sort out the subtle differences. As a whole, this seems to be a really great line of lipsticks with varied finishes and a lot of color impact. My favorites among the reds and oranges are definitely Red Label for a classic red, and Cherry Crave for a red with shimmer. I look forward to sharing the pink collection with you next! :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • Went grocery shopping this morning. Let me tell you, a weekday early morning is the time to go! 
  • I'm going to make a recipe tonight that's been on Pinterest and recommended to me multiple times- it's the Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken. It looks like kind of a process, but I'll let you know how it goes!
  • New video coming this evening! It's actually made specifically for the Ladies Home Journal Gloss Daily blog that I'm doing some posts for, but I get to post it to my YouTube channel as well, so that's cool! So it'll be on my channel tonight & show up on the Gloss Daily blog tomorrow.
  • Nail polish is chipping off big time... ugh. It's the regular polish I've been wearing, not gel nails. This doesn't happen with my Mally gel nails! I feel like I cheated on a boyfriend and am now running back LOL! If there's time later today I'll be re-doing them with the Mally system. I've definitely lost my tolerance for a chipping manicure!


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  2. Sorry I ment to ask, do you see a reasonable place and time to wear something so bold and dramatic as orange?

    I would be so shy to wear orange!

  3. Oh my God, these look amazing! I went on Cherry Culture and the pinks look great, too! Can't wait for that review. Thanks for the great photos!

  4. Great review em!! As always your reviews are so reliable! Omg, so I clicked the link for the sweet and sour chicken, it looks amazing! I think I'll be making it for dinner too!!

  5. Oh my gosh these shades! With each one, they are all just increasing a few more shades into the red!

  6. I made the same recipe last night and it was amazing!! Totally worth the process. Hint: if you mix the eggs and cornstarch together instead of dipping it is so much easier!

  7. High Voltage looks AMAZING! I really love these shades. They are so bold and fun.

  8. Hello Emily!

    These colors are gorgeous! I normally wear pinkie nudes or anything in the "natural realm." Since I am in the Cool Tones family, which would you suggest has more of a blue tint/hue to it? Or am I wrong that cool tones equal blue hues? Help!

  9. Love your reviews! They are always so thorough and helpful.

  10. I'm sure if you wanted to bold them down, you could apply a primer or balm, then pat the color on with your finger to tone them down. I have an orange red from Rimmel (#12 in the Kate Moss collection), and that's what I'll do sometimes.

  11. Wow! I think you look even better in the first 2 oranges than in your go-to red ones. Think about it.

  12. They look very fancy =) however, I am more into pinks, so I really really look forward to the review =) Thank you Emily!

  13. You are my go to for reviews on things I haven't tried yet! These look fantastic! <3

  14. Great review. And I think the first shade (orange) is my favorite one on you!

  15. Great review, very helpful! I think the orange one is my favorite on you.

  16. I love how you included pictures of the lipstick shades on you! It was very helpful. I think that I am going to orange-gina because it is a more subtle way of trying orange and it is more orangy than my jordana "mango" lipstick, which is currently my orange lipstick of choice.

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    I'm new to the blog world but I've been a big beauty broadcast fan for forever.

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  18. I love that you included pics of the lip colors on your lips. Now everyone does that and, while we all have different color lips and ski tones, I think it helps so much to see how the colors look on. Thanks for that!

  19. Most of the shades are indeed very close but I do love the Red Label one. I prefer vinyl and creams over metallics and frosts, never really been a fan of those.


  20. I love these lipsticks, nude creme is amazing on nc 35 skintone!! Also, love rose hip!!! I was so happy to see your review on these, Emily- you are my absolute favorite beauty blogger of all time!!!

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  23. I could never find myself being all that willing to try such bright colours. Maybe you could help out us bright lip shy girls out by suggesting some great spring and summer lip colours [as we leave behind our nice fall and winter colours] that are season appropriate but maybe more wearable/easy to wear?....haha idk! Help for those first time users of anything brighter than a nude or brick red?? [lol btw my boyfriend looked over my shoulder when i was looking at this post and he said "They all look the same..." referring to the reds in the line that are hard to see the differences in]

  24. stop making your dumb duckface. an imature late 20s oman should not be acting like a 10 year old girl

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  27. Beautiful colors and finishes. The only thing is that I don't quite get the "orange-ina" name. It makes me think of angina, which I'm sure is not pleasant.

  28. I really appreciate your good quality photos. I own Sweet Nectar and when I saw your photo, I said, "Yup, looks exactly like that."