NYX Butter Glosses!

Hey everyone! NYX has quite a few new products these days, including these Butter Glosses! Is it just me, or is the word "Butter" being incorporated into a lot of beauty products lately? I ordered one online and also found a couple in Ulta. They sell for around $5, have a wand/doe foot applicator, and come in a variety of shades with yummy names. The scent reminds me of a cake right out of the oven... or some sort of sweet baked/vanilla goodness. 

The shades I have (swatched from left to right) are Eclair, Merengue, and Maple Blondie. The formula seems very creamy/milky and isn't at all sticky. They're very comfortable on the lips, but can apply in a slightly streaky way. It's kind of hard to explain, but it reminds me of nail polishes that don't go on fully opaque- you kind of have to work with these a bit to get the color nice and even, and once you do- don't "smoosh" your lips together because you'll once again get some streaks. The color payoff seems to vary a bit depending on the color you have. They DO have a lot of shine, and don't leave my lips feeling dry once they've worn off. 

I'd describe Eclair as a sheer, light pink. I think the color on my lips isn't quite the color you would expect, judging by the packaging. I really feel like I'm mostly seeing my natural, mauve-ish lip color with some shine. Not super impressed by this one, simply for the fact that what you see on the packaging isn't really what you get. Still a pretty color though... it's probably going to vary from person to person depending on what your natural lip color is. 

This was the first shade I purchased and got it off the Ulta website. It's a pretty pink with a bit of a lavender tone and it shows up pretty true to color. I liked this one, so it kind of prompted me to get the others. I think the shade is really pretty, and it's different from a lot of the pinks I already have.  

Maple Blondie
Getting hungry yet? A maple blondie sounds pretty good right about now. Anyway, this one is a warm pink with a hint of coral. Not maybe quite as much coral as the packaging might imply though. As with all the others, it's very creamy and you have to build it up a bit to get the full-on color you see in this picture. 

All in all, this is a decent product, but not my favorite gloss. They might go on like butter, but you have to play with them a bit in the application to make it look nice and even... for that reason, I definitely want to use a mirror when I'm putting these on. I'm probably not going to branch out and buy more colors, but of the ones I currently own, I'll get the most use out of Merengue and Maple Blondie because they give off the most color. Hope this was helpful to you! 

Daily Nuggets...
  • This blog was made to accompany a video that's currently uploading uploaded- about some other new NYX products :) I'm NYX crazy lately... because I had my NYX Hautelook post yesterday! 
  • I just got a very sleepy feeling. Need a caffeine boost!
  • I am into another show... Downton Abbey! OMG. so good! I'm through the first season now. 
  • Need to do dishes/load dishwasher. oh joy! 


  1. Love those colors; but I agree, if they're streaky, then I wouldn't like them.

    BTW: I love Downton Abbey too! I was late to watching it so between my Netflix and my Amazon Prime account, was able to get completely caught through Season 3. I'm not sure when Season 4 starts here in the US.

  2. So glad that you reviewed these. You are so right about the 'butter' title - it seems like everyone is jumping on that bandwagon. Not sure I will give these a try because I like to apply my glosses without a mirror and definitely an a lip-rubber! Thanks again Emily!!

  3. love love LOVE your reviews!
    so honest and informative :)

    it'd make my year if you checked out my blog!
    www.rosielouiselove.blogspot.co.uk :) xxx

  4. Glad you reviewed these - I think I'll pass on them.

    Downton is amazing! You'll love season 2!

  5. mmmm...butter and makeup...two of my favorite things. Thanks for the review, I'm not a patient lip product person so I think I'll pass on these. I find I have trouble pulling off milky shades anyway...thanks for the post!

  6. Thank you so much for the review on these. I think the colours look gorgeous but it's nice to know the limitations of the product as well.

  7. Love the review.. love all your reviews..

    BTW.. Downton Abbey is so addictive but you might want to take it slow getting through the seasons because Season doesn't air until Jan 2014. Total bummer

  8. Long time reader, but this is my first comment. I've been contemplating these Butter glosses for a few weeks now, but I just am not too excited about them. Now, after reading your review, I'm even less interested.

    BTW: I think that you look adorable in your glasses. :)

  9. I've been wondering about these, I'm glad you did this blog post. I kind of want to at least try Merengue, but now at least I'll only buy one instead of all of them, at least until I see how I feel about them. Great review, thank you!!

  10. Hi Emily, I did a post on my blog about you. I'd love & appreciate if you could read it. You're my inspiration!


  11. Hi Emily I started my blog and def look up to you and what you do.... yOUR AWESOME!! Please check out my blog ;)


  12. Thanks for this review. I was wondering how these were.

  13. Just a little FYI...if you go to nyxcosmetics.com it will give you a description of each color, just hover your mouse over the color and up comes the description!!!

  14. Hi there! I don't normally comment, but I watched your video on the NYX products. I bought the illuminator too and when I opened it, about half the tube came squirting out all over! Needless to say I returned it. I wonder if something similar happened with yours, and they just put it back ok the shelf? That's why it seems half empty?

  15. Downton Abbey is awesome. The clothes are stunning. I wonder how much make-up was used to make the ladies look like they wore hardly any. We are looking forward to Season 4. Taping starts in the Spring. We are able to watch it here in the US a few hours after it airs in the UK through the magic of the Internet. Enjoy!!!! PS: Stay away from the spoilers.

  16. Downton Abbey is awesome. The clothes are stunning. I wonder how much make-up was used to make the ladies look like they wore hardly any. We are looking forward to Season 4. Taping starts in the Spring. We are able to watch it here in the US a few hours after it airs in the UK through the magic of the Internet. Enjoy!!!! PS: Stay away from the spoilers.

  17. Time for a Downton Abbey Vlog!!!

  18. I love the colors!


  19. Eclair looks so pretty. It's my favorite dessert, too :). I LOVE Downton Abbey!! Already watched all three seasons and I can't wait for the fourth!


  21. I've seen these and even tried them on my hand but I've never brought them. Great review!


  22. Downton Abbey is my new obsession!! I'm on the second season and I just can't get enough!!

  23. These look great but gotta see them in person. Too bad there's no way for me to do so.

    Love, Love your manicure. Could you please show it up close and maybe a review/tutorial here or on YouTube on how you did it? Thanks Em.

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  25. Hi Emily! First off I want to say I'm so glad I got to meet you at IMATS! You're as sweet in person as you are in your videos.

    I was wondering - I own the NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie and I LOVE the color, but prefer lipsticks over glosses. Do you know any lipsticks you would say are comparable to it? I swatched MAC's Sunny Seoul and Two Faced's Marshmallow Bunny but I'm not sure if there are others that may be closer.

    Thanks so much, and hope you had a great time in NY!


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  27. I'm glad that I read this review firsthand before purchasing. They looked very promising and I'm of ones who are easily got into the whole butter thing. haha.


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  30. So beautiful!!! I cant believe I've never tried these before! but its okay this is about to change! Im going to pick it up next time i go to the drugstore!
    Thank you for the lovely review!~ <3


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