Teal and Gold Sparkle Nails

Hi guys!
I've been getting some questions about my nails in recent videos. You know I love my Mally gel nails, but pictures like this on Pinterest have been inspiring me to branch out into new colors and designs. I am NOT a nail art expert by any means! As if painting an intricate design with my left hand isn't hard enough... what happens when the masterpiece chips? ahh! Anyway, I stick to basic stuff. I got a great teal & gold necklace over the weekend (you'll see it in an upcoming haul!)- and it inspired me to paint my nails with the same color combo. 

First I did one coat of Milani High Speed Fast Dry polish in Quick Teal. Then I did one coat of Milani One Coat Glitter in Gold Glitz- doing sort of a half-moon shape at the base of the nail. It dried VERY quickly! Then I used my Out the Door topcoat from Sally Beauty Supply to finish it off. I LOVE that I was able to get totally full color in just one coat. And when you're trying to do something (semi) fancy that requires an extra step- I don't want to spend forever building up the base color. So woohoo! I've always had great luck with Milani's nail polishes. They cover my big 3 nail requirements: 1. They don't require a lot of coats, 2. Fast drying, 3. Not quick to chip off. Do you get a lot of nail inspiration on Pinterest? Do you attempt the tricky stuff or do you like to keep it simple? Have a great day!!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Planning to do Beauty Broadcast Live the same way we did it last week- it'll be live on my BeautyVlogcast Channel at 9am CST tomorrow (Thursday). Make sure you're subscribed, because I think it'll pop up in your subscription feed :)
  • I mentioned this on Twitter, but we finished season 3 of Downton last night. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!
  • New video coming this afternoon! 
  • We have a little cat tunnel thingy that Cupcake likes to race through, and now she likes to nap in it too! It's adorable. I'll snap a pic next time it's happening.
  • 100% blue skies today & the snow has melted. Starting to look (but not really feel) like Spring!


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  2. Just a quick tip... if you love your gel nails, you can do a clear gel coat, cure it, paint whatever polish you like, let it dry completely, then put another clear gel coat on top and cure it! It will help the regular polish last longer while giving you the freedom to use whatever colors you like! :)

  3. I love this combination, I have been looking for a teal polish like that,thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love your nails, great job, I want to try the Milani polishes super bad, but I don't have nails enough to paint. I'm trying to stop painting them and picking at them simply to pick up the Milani colors :P

  5. so cute ! x


  6. I love your blog and videos! I JUST started my own blog called Posh Potatoes. Do u have any tips for writing a blog or getting your blogs out sooner?

  7. I saw this on your video and thought how cute it looked with the necklace...I only go as far as switching my ring finger polish for a glittery one, which is easy but effective... ;)

  8. This is so pretty!! Love it!

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  9. I noticed your nails in the last (?) video, Great colors! Thanks for sharing. The Mally gel nail set is now on my wishlist because I never wear polish on my hands, it just doesn't last well/long enough!
    Downton... OMGee! Freaking tearjerker! And per your recommendation I have started Justified. Oh dear. LOL
    Thanks for all you do!

  10. I loved your nails in the last video so thanks for the info. I also look at all those fancy nails on Pinterest and am going to attempt some nail art for Easter so wish me luck!

  11. I am watching Downton Abbey right now too! on Season 3 episode 1, I just watched the happiest episode ever! I am so attached to the characters!

  12. The color combination was gorgeous!

    Glitter and Grease

  13. Oh I like these nail designs! i always use those self-adhesive strips that you get for french manicure and just use them anywhere on my nail to create new patterns. Works well for me!

  14. Any suggestions on how to get the Mally gel polish off without ruining your nails? I have yet to master that. Other than that, I love the Mally...

  15. Gorgeous nail art, I love the dark teal colour with the gold


  16. Loved your nails in one of your videos recently! just picked up this teal color at my local walgreens as well haha... I'm thinking I'll add gold hearts on my ring fingers! :) Thanks!

  17. nail are looking so so nice;)X


  18. Hi, Emily,

    Really enjoy your blog and videos.

    Nice color combo on the nails.
    I have been experimenting with nail art this year -- even some of the more difficult stuff. I think my attempt at vintage floral nails this week has been the best so far -- even on my right hand.

    Here's a pic: http://pinterest.com/pin/476677941779897026

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