Cute Accessories from Forever 21

Hello out there! :) 
I've gotten some great stuff from Forever 21 recently. I have a couple of high-low dresses that I love (I think I'll show those in a video), as well as some super cute accessories! I really can't get over their prices on jewelry. I realize it's probably not the highest quality stuff around... but I love just having a wide variety in my collection and I really love a bargain. Especially cute bargains! 

Love these dangly turquoise earrings! They're really lightweight (I hate heavy earrings), and I like how the greenish-turquoise has gold-tone hardware, and the blue-turquoise has silver. These were each $1.50! 

Love me some studs!! Ok now let's talk about earrings. Hehe ;) I saw these little gold wishbones and thought they were adorable!! They make me think of my childhood. When mom was cooking she'd always save the wishbones and we'd snap them- whoever got the bigger part won :) And these silvery studs are so basic. They kind of look like dark pearls, yet they also give off a steel vibe as well. The wishbones were $1.80 and the silver ones were $1.50. 

How cute are these?!? Love the rosy & lilac colors in these earrings. I think they'll look great with pastel shirts/dresses I have. These were a little more pricey than the others at $3.80, but still a great deal,  in my opinion! 

You'll probably be seeing me accessorize my hair with these! Love the clip in flowers. So feminine and fun! You could also easily make something like this yourself as a DIY project. But these were only $2.80 for the set of three. 

Just wanted to share that little haul with you! Where do you like to shop for accessories? I have a lot of jewelry from Claire's and Kohl's... but I really haven't found deals as good as Forever 21's! 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I've had kind of a busy day (shooting, editing, Ladies' Home Journal writing, grocery shopping), but all activity came to a stand-still for an hour when the cast of Mad Men was on Katie this afternoon! Wish there would've been more time to hear more from each of the cast members... but it was still great! 
  • I also bopped into Dollar Tree since I've gotten some reports of good makeup items there. Mine had some Milani lip liners, ELF brushes, and some random palettes from Profusion and L.A. Colors, but beyond that- not too much. I did get some seeds & pots for flowers I'm going to plant... and some random stuff like paper plates, Kleenex, and Rubbermaid containers.
  • Tyler's mom made a brief visit over the weekend. I made a no-bake Jello Strawberry Cheesecake (that stuff is seriously good), but the highlight of cheesecake for me is always the graham cracker crust. Pup- if you're reading this, do you remember when we made a graham cracker crust just for the heck of it when I was a kid? 
  • Time to make dinner! It's a tilapia and salad night. And I am very hungry. I leave you with this cute pic of Cupcake- moments before she completely stretched out in the sunbeams this morning!


  1. I've been meaning to tell you that I tried the skillet crisp and I loved it! Always on the lookout for low cal options that taste good. Enjoy the tilapia.

  2. can you please please do a tutorial on meagans look from mad men(april 21)when she and don went to dinner with her employers?

  3. yum! we were going to have tilapia tonight too but instead i think i am going for chicken fajita's. you MUST try this breading i made up for tilapia. Emily, don't judge a book by it's cover {or in this case a recipe by it's ingredients!} because it tastes like something you would have a Red Lobster. i tried it on chicken once but the chicken just tasted like really delicious fish....which was odd. anyways:

    whole wheat flour {or regular}
    coconut flakes or shredded coconut
    chilli powder
    salt and pepper
    cumin {optional}

    i dont have exact measurements but play around with it. your gunna love it! pan fry in coconut oil 4 minutes each side and enjoy (: let us know if you try it!

    <3 Erica

  4. Cute accessories. :D And an adorable cat!


  5. Cute earrings. I always pass by forever 21 at the mall and never go in but now that I see everyone getting such great deals I am going to have to pop in next time.

  6. My husband loves the Jello no bake cheesecake. I surprise him with that sometimes for dinner. I love tilapia,I like that its not too fishy. Have a great evening..:)

  7. Cupcake's shadow looks like Batman!

  8. Of course I totally remember that, Poof! <3

  9. What happened to your FB page? I always go here to link on your latest videos. :(

  10. I love F21 accessories! Can't seem to visit and NOT come out with a loot. The flower hair pins look lovely, I've been looking for something similar!

  11. F21 is the best but I have to go in once a week to find something only once in awhile but when I do I always get compliments and I am known at work for having the BEST accessories.

  12. Emily, I so enjoy your sunny personality! You always brighten my day :-). Always love all your good advice & tips too. Blessings, Jenny C.

  13. I got an L.A. Color eye palette at my Dollar Tree and it was great, except I can't seem to Get It Open! LOL Crazy snapping cases!
    I am awaiting the arrival of my The Balm Bon Jovi palette. So Excited!

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