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Hey guys!
Apparently I wasn't paying attention to my Hautelook email updates, because I didn't realize Tarte was being featured on the site today! Thanks to Pamela @twostep271 for tweeting me about it! :) If you're new to my blog- here's what's going on. Hautelook is a site that features various brands at discounted prices. If a brand is on there that I'm familiar with, I thought it would be helpful to do a blog post with my feedback on some of the things being offered. Over the past couple of months I've done these kinds of posts for Laura Geller & NYX. Even when these brands aren't being offered on the Hautelook, hopefully these mini reviews are still helpful to you! :) 
(All photos courtesy of Hautelook.com)

My recommendations...
I'm a big fan of the Tarte lash primer- you can use it with any mascara to get added length and thickness, and it doesn't make the lashes feel stiff & brittle! Here you also get Lights Camera Lashes-- a classic from Tarte's line. It's really good about giving you the look of more lashes without turning into a clumpy mess. Good stuff in this duo!

Ok, here is my absolute favorite mascara from Tarte. In my opinion- this is Lights Camera Lashes kicked up a notch. I notice even more length with the Amazonian Clay Gifted mascara. This also comes with a double ended Smolder Eyes- which is like a smudgy jumbo shadow stick. I really like the Smolder Eyes that I have, but I don't own this particular one being featured. If you're trying to decide between this duo and the first one... I kind of lean toward the first. You're getting a great mascara and a primer that you'll probably use a lot. With this, yes you have an outstanding mascara, but there are a lot of products on the market similar to the jumbo pencil.

This is not a trio- these are 3 separate items for sale- but I figured I'd show them all. I LOVE tarte Lipsurgence! Hydrating jumbo lip pencils. I have a lot of shades and really enjoy almost all of them... however I haven't tried any of these shades that are being sold on Hautelook right now. There are different varieties of Lipsurgence, and these are the "hydrating lip cremes". I'm intrigued! Thinking about getting one or two of these bad boys. 

Do you need some eyeshadow? I did a big blog review with swatches back when this kit first came out.  I like that it contains 3 separate compacts (they're not just open palettes- they shut), so you can just toss them in a makeup bag & they don't take up much room. They also contain cheek colors and all of the shadows are full-sized. If you like neutrals & plums- this is right up your alley. Variety of matte & shimmer. If you expect Urban Decay-ish brights and wild shades- this doesn't have that going on. I must admit-- I do not use the little silver clutch that these snap into for "on the go" use. I pretty much never touch up my eyeshadow when I'm on the go, so it's kind of unnecessary for me. But 3 separate palettes of shadow? I like that very much. There's a gloss too! 

 My "maybe" products...
Here's a situation where I like both of these products-- but I don't own them in the particular shades being offered. I have one of these little boxes of shadows in purple tones and I was really impressed with how pigmented the shadows were. This looks like a nice basic kit that could give you a smokey eye! As I mentioned up top, I do enjoy the Smolder Eyes! I don't have this shade, but it looks like it would coordinate nicely with the shadows. 

I have this disc! It's very pretty and summery. If you love bronzy shadows- this is awesome, and I like the pop of teal. The drawback for some is that every product in this palette is shimmery. The blush is downright glittery... granted, not a lot of glitter seems to show up on my face when I use it, but some does and I'm not a huge fan of glittery blushes. I don't think the discount on this is that great, but again the shades are pretty. Just not any variety in finishes. 

I put this on my maybe list... I think this is a great price for 5 glosses! But I don't have these particular colors so I can't really vouch for how they come off on the lips. I have a lot of other Maracuja glosses- and I LOVE the shine! A lot of my lighter shades are somewhat sheer, but I have some great colors that really pop. This set looks like a mix of both. I've heard some people say that these glosses are too sticky. I personally don't think it's a problem to the point of being annoying, and a little stickiness to the gloss does help the staying power. Just my 2 cents! :) 

A few more notes... I haven't tried the Maracuja cheek tint with the pump so I can't share any info on that. I also haven't used the Brow Mousse or Lumizing Wands. The Cheek Stains (in the big sticks)- are nice for fresh color, but there is quite a bit of moisture in these. If a dewy appearance is what you want- you might like them, but I don't really like the moist texture they leave on the face. Hope this post was helpful for you! Happy shopping! :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • Just shot the first of a few tutorials featuring the natural shadows in my latest video
  • Need to do dishes.
  • American Idol tonight!! Was sad Janelle went home last week. But all the girls are great!
  • Cute pic of Cupcake supervising me while I was doing my makeup this morning...

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  1. I actually just recently purchased the eyeliner/eyeshadow duo in Just Desert from Sephora (they had the same sale on Tarte).
    It's a nice duo, however, I found that the pencil caused a fall out (it kind of just crumbled during the application). It wasn't too horrible, but I guess I just did not expect a high end liner do that. The eyeshadows are really great though and very natural. I combine the taught color with Physician's Formula matte trio in Classic Canyons (the deeper purpe/gray shade) and used the dark brown of the Tarte pallette over the liner.

  2. Sorry for the typo, I meant a taupe shade from Tarte's Just Deserts eyeshadow.

  3. That all looks amazing, really wish we had Hautelook here in the UK!

  4. Love Tarte! It's my favorite makeup brand. Thanks for sharing!
    xx Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

  5. many of those are already sold out :)

  6. That picture totally embodies you! With the makeup brushes, the camera, and cupcake- perfect!
    Love you Emily <3

  7. I've heard great things about the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Glitter and Grease

  8. Dang, I was hoping you'd mention how you felt about the bronzers they have on sale! But your HauteLook posts are ALWAYS helpful no matter what. :)

  9. Shucks, I just used the Sephora discount to get some Tarte products. I did take your advice of getting something with multiple products, like a gift set- I went with the Aqualillies compact so I could try the shadow, highlighter, bronzer, and blush, and I liked the colors. I also got the maracuja foundation. I'd like to try the lipsurgence too- you make them sound so good and I love lip products- so I'll just have to wait for the next Hautelook Tarte! :) Thank you for sharing your opinions!

  10. there's also a sale on their websites.. pallets at $26 !! and lipglosses at $10

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  14. Hello! I just wanted to pop in to let you guys know that tarte is on Hautelook right now! There's a lot of variety this time around which is exciting. There's lipsticks, lipglosses, blush, eyeshadows, eyeliner.

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