Friday, May 31, 2013

Shop My Stash: Lip Gloss Edition & "Make-up" Middle Names

Hi everyone! Happy Friday to you! That means it's time to Shop my Stash, and I thought I'd go for a certain type of product that's been getting somewhat neglected lately in my collection-- lip gloss. I have tons of it, but it seems like most of the time I've been either reaching for bright-colored lipsticks or tinted lip balm products. So I just grabbed up a variety of glosses that I want to work into my makeup routine in the coming week. And in case you're not familiar with the concept of "shopping your stash"... it's basically a way to periodically look through your collection and make a point of using forgotten products. It's like shopping... without spending! :)

The swatches correspond with the picture of the products above...
MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed, NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Natural, ELF Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips, Milani Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Show Stopper, Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss in Healthy Peach, Tarte Maracuja Gloss in Blissful, Lancome Juicy Tubes in Sweetheart, ELF Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemonade, and Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Orchid.
As usual, I'll give a little recap/review of these products in my upcoming Beauty Broadcast Live show this Thursday at 9am CST. Click the "Live" tab above for more details.

Today's fill-in-the-blank question posted on Twitter and Facebook was:
"If I had to choose any beauty brand name for my middle name it would be..."

I loved reading all of your responses! I think I'd definitely have to go with Caboodles. LOL! Or Nivea! I actually think a lot of beauty brands would make fun names for pets too. 

Another little heads up about YouTube... many channels, including mine have switched over to the new design, and in a few days every channel will be switched. At first I was kind of like... oh darn, another layout to figure out. It's really not so bad, but I wanted to give you a heads up about something. When you first land on the page, it'll have recent videos at the top, and then a bunch of playlists. (Or if you're not subscribed, it'll have my "Welcome to my channel" video at the top- trying to convince you to subscribe- haha :). Anyway, if you just want to get caught up on videos and be able to see all the videos in order-- click "videos" where that green arrow is pointing. Then you can just see everything in the order it was posted, in case you don't want to browse through playlists. I recently had a tweet from someone saying- "I'm behind! what did you post this week?" So going to a channel page and clicking "videos" is the easiest way to browse EVERYTHING in chronological order. Hope that makes sense! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Just posted a little "tea time" video on my vlog channel. Tyler has passed along his cold to me so I sound kind of sick. I just shot that one today, but the video going up on my beauty channel tomorrow was shot 2 days ago & I sound perfectly fine. Just thought I'd sort that out for you :)
  • By the way, tomorrow's video is a definitely MUST SEE. It has one great, cheap, quick tip that I'm so excited to share with you!
  • Ugh. I hate having a sore throat.
  • I have the Katie show on right now... I LOVE her yellow dress!!
  • Doing my kettle-bell workouts again. I have a fear that one day when I'm doing the kettle bell swings, I'll let go at the height of the swing and the kettle bell will go through the ceiling. haha!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Benefit "The Rich is Back!" Collection

Hi everyone! 
Hope you're having a good day! I recently received this kit in the mail from Benefit to try- it's called "The Rich is Back!" I talked about it briefly today on Beauty Broadcast Live, but wanted to give you some more pictures and details in this blog post. Benefit collaborated with British fashion designer Matthew Williamson for this limited edition kit. It's said to contain rich shades that take you back to the disco era. The kit comes in a little mirrored box, and I absolutely love the fun, retro look of the packaging! 

Inside, you have four eyeshadows, a They're Real! mascara, a lip gloss in Inferno, a cheek powder in Gimme Fever, and a brush. As with most of Benefit's boxed kits, the tray holding the products lifts out, so the box itself can be re-used for other things. 

Sorry that this picture isn't crystal clear- and now my camera is charging so I can't re-take it! (you can also see a bit of the burn on my hand- oops). Overall, I love the choice of shades that were included- the deep teal is a really fun color! As far as the texture, all of the shades have shimmer, and the white and gold colors are quite sheer. I really had to pack the gold shade to make it show up, and I was using a primer underneath. The brown and teal shades are more rich and pigmented- suitable to use as crease shades or smudgy liners.  

Here you can see a swatch of the "cheek powder" and the gloss. It's not called a blush, and I didn't use it as a blush because it was so light. It's a peachy/golden shade with some shimmer (a very fine sparkle). I used it on top of my cheekbones as a highlight, and thought it was really pretty used in that way (I'm also wearing a pink blush in the pictures). Keep in mind- the swatch shown is as concentrated as I could make the cheek color look, and on your cheeks  it will look even more sheer. So basically, I wouldn't rely on this as a blush color unless your skin is extremely fair. Otherwise it's a nice highlight. Oh and this comes with the classic brush that accompanies most Benefit cheek powders. It's kind of small, but still usable. Cupcake has actually adopted one of my Benefit brushes as her favorite toy to carry/bat around the house =^..^=

As for the gloss, it's the same formula as the other Benefit squeeze tube glosses that are named after the various boxed powders (Coralista, Sugarbomb, Dallas, etc.) I've said in the past that the formula is not sticky at all... and I actually wouldn't mind if it was a little more sticky so it could better cling to the lips. The staying power isn't great, as I noticed when I was wearing it during the first part of Beauty Broadcast Live. The color is buidable... you can apply it lightly for a sheer red, or build it up for more intensity. Overall, I love the shade, just not so much the texture.

I enjoy Benefit's They're Real mascara! Ever since this rubber-bristle wand came out with the little nubs on the end, a number of other mascaras have tried to do something similar, but often they're too short. Benefit's is really nice because those bristles on the tip are long enough to actually be used to help separate and flare out the lashes. As with most mini mascara wands- you're getting the full-sized brush on the end... They're Real's brush is rather large to begin with, so with the shortened wand, you may have a little difficulty really getting in there to all the lashes. But that nice little tip does help (just make sure to wipe off the excess product when you pull it out of the tube). This mascara is super lengthening, yet it doesn't seem to weigh my lashes down. I have a full review on this mascara on my YouTube channel. While I think this mascara is an asset to this kit, you could get a similar look from lengthening mascaras from the drugstore - like L'oreal Double Extend.

The kit also comes with a little brochure if you want ideas for ways to use the products.

For my look, I'm wearing a couple of coats of the gloss and the cheek powder as a highlight on the tops of my cheeks/cheekbones. 

For the eyes, I applied the lightest shade around my inner corner and under the brow. I used the gold on the inner part of the lid, and also on the inner part of the lower lashline. Then I added in the teal all over the lid and into the crease. I smudged the teal under the outer part of the lower lashline, too. I finished the look with a couple of coats of They're Real mascara. Also, my shirt is from Forever 21, and the earrings are from New York & Company.

I hope this review was helpful to you! Overall, I like this kit but I don't love it. I like the addition of shades that are a bit more bold and "rich" (as the name says :), such as the teal shadow and the berry/red lip gloss. They're Real mascara is a favorite of many, and I thought the cheek powder gave me a nice, soft highlight. Still, I don't think these shadows are as good as other high end brands like Urban Decay or The Balm, and the gloss formula isn't my favorite. Also, I had to bring in a separate blush to actually give my cheeks some color. This costs $34 on Benefit's website.   It's a little pricey, but I could see it as a fun gift idea for a fashionista friend who likes to try everything! :) Have you used this kit yet? What do you think?

Daily Nuggets...
  • The sky is starting to cloud up... I'm thinking rain is on the way.
  • I know my last video was really long. My next one is actually super short. Didn't plan it that way! Thank you for all of the kind feedback on my long tutorial, by the way :) 
  • Guess what I'm drinking? Green tea.
  • Robin update: The birds seem to be out and about now, not spending so much time in the nest. Maybe now I can trim the bush/small tree they've been living in! 
  • Did a little makeup consultation/application with a sweet girl named Rachel who works at the TV station! I enjoyed sharing some tips and products that work well for HD television! :) 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wedding Weekend & A Concert!

Hey everyone! 
With lots of traveling, a wedding and a concert, it's been a fun, action-packed Memorial Day weekend! Thought I'd do a little picture journal blog post and share what went on. We took off Friday morning for Trussville, Alabama (near Birmingham) for the wedding festivities! It's where Kalee's now-husband Jonathan is from, and they scoped out a gorgeous venue. The roads were very busy and it ended up taking us seven hours to get there. 

Once we arrived at the hotel, I quickly got myself ready (that's the dress I wore to IMATS!) and then did Kalee's makeup for the wedding rehearsal & dinner. Tyler was an usher and I was a bridesmaid, so we learned what we had to do, and met some of Jonathan's other friends and relatives. Then we got some rest for the big day!  

I got going Saturday around 9 to do my own makeup, and then went to the venue at 10:30 where there was some food and more time to get ready. I got myself ready first because I knew I was going to be doing Kalee's makeup, and wanted to be available to help anyone else who asked. There were a couple of super awesome hair ladies there too, and while I was planning to wear my hair half up, during some downtime the ladies said- hey let's play with your hair! And they gave me a cute low bun (wish I would've gotten a pic from the back!) The rest of the afternoon seems kind of like a whirlwind. I first did Kalee's mom's makeup (she's a proud Beauty Broadcast viewer!) She looks so much like Kalee... it's amazing how much more you notice facial similarities when you're doing someone's makeup! I also did fellow bridesmaids Jessica and Melaney, and then Kalee :) I helped a couple of others with false lashes and eyeshadow, too. I blogged about my bridal kit here, and it definitely contained everything I needed. All of the girls couldn't have been nicer and they looked so beautiful! :) 

I brought my camera and fully intended to take some video of the process- but there was no time! I barely had the chance to snap a quick picture and clean brushes in between each application... and I just feel like I get "in the zone" in these situations. Any makeup artists know what I'm talking about? I mean, it's not just makeup for fun, it's makeup for a wedding, plus you have to keep track of the time. I've said it before, but if someone else was there to handle the camera, it would've been great! Does Beauty Broadcast need an intern?! :)  

Before getting pictures taken, a very important member of the bridal party still had to get ready! Kalee's sweet dog Mia Bean was a "flower girl" and a cute little dress was made for her... it was actually made out of Kalee's wedding dress (since she's so short, there was a lot of extra material!) We talked about this in a video on my vlog channel, and many of you said you wanted to see Mia in her dress! In the pic above, a couple of the girls tried to get it on her...

Isn't it SO cute?! I think it just snapped around her waist. 

Once the dress was on, she immediately started racing around! 

How beautiful is this picture?! I nabbed this off of Kalee's facebook page, where photographer Amanda Pair  gave a sneak peek of some of her pictures. I wish I would've gotten some shots of the venue itself, but it was stunning. We were at a house in Trussville- it was very historic-looking. It had a big yard with rolling hills and white fences, and the perfect spot for the ceremony that overlooked a pond... there were also horses frolicking in a nearby pasture. And in case you didn't already feel like you were reading a fairy tale, Kalee surprised us by arriving down the aisle, or "down the lane" leading to the house in a horse-drawn carriage with her dad. I think it brought tears to everyone's eyes. Mia Bean, who ran down the aisle after the bridesmaids (it was ADORABLE), was sitting with Kalee's mom, and let out a single "bark!" when Kalee appeared in the carriage. I know-- overwhelming cuteness. The whole ceremony was just wonderful and the weather was perfect. Kalee is a meteorologist, so that's appropriate! :)  

The reception was on the same property, and I snapped this picture of the couple's first dance. How cute are they?! I am so thrilled for Kalee and Jonathan! 

Tyler and Kalee during the Dollar Dance... she's even shorter than me, and Tyler is 6'6"!

One of the younger Beauty Broadcast viewers! 5-year-old Emily watches with her mom, a cousin of Jonathan's! (sorry for my crazy red-eyes!)

She said that she and Kalee were talking about makeup, and she was mentioning a girl on YouTube... Kalee said- "is it Emily?! She's my friend!" I thought that was so cool! And the fact that she and her daughter watch together is really sweet :)

There was karaoke during the last hour of the reception, and Tyler (yes, Tyler!) is shown here singing N'sync's "Bye Bye Bye" with fellow usher Otto and some other guys. Big hit. LOL!

Everyone lined the entrance to the property and held sparklers- so cool! Stole this pic off of Tyler's instagram.  We headed home the next day and the roads weren't near as crazy- made it home in six hours and then chilled and napped on the couch. Hope Kalee & Jonathan are enjoying their honeymoon!! :)

Monday night we went to a concert at Herrin Festa Italiana! (It's an Italian festival that happens here in southern Illinois). It gets underway every year during the week leading up to Memorial Day with events, a parade, carnival rides, fair food, and they tend to have some pretty big-name musical acts... country music fans-- in years past they've had Hunter Hayes, The Band Perry, and Luke Bryan. This year they had Florida Georgia Line, and Tyler and I are fans! :) The concert ended up selling out, so I'm glad we got our tickets early. In the above Instagram pic, I'm sporting a cute dress that I got for less than $20 from Ross! :) Fittingly patriotic colors for Memorial Day. Didn't wear boots (not all boots are bunion friendly! and I of course wanted to dance about!), so I had on some comfy sandals.

All the tickets were general admission... so you just had a huge group of people standing in front of the stage and you had to try to get as close as you could. After seizing some delicious corn dogs (my fair food of choice), we worked our way up the side and got surprisingly close. Being 5'0", it was a bit of a challenge to see, but I wasn't complaining! We got there for the opening act "Old Southern Moonshine Revival"... what a name!! And while I wasn't drinking moonshine, I did have a couple of Bud Lights in my cup with the moustache (remember, it's Herrin Festa Italiana, haha) 

Toward the end of the Old Southern Moonshine Revival... clouds, wind, and rain rolled in. Cold, kinda heavy rain. The opening act ended early and all 8,000 of us were left standing in the rain... I was soaked, and my face was pretty wet too, but I must say... the hat, my waterproof eye makeup, and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation helped a lot and from the neck up, I stayed looking pretty fresh! :) My feet... not so much. The ground became a mixture of water, gravel, cigarette butts, and other random trash. Fortunately it was all flowing somewhere and eventually dried up quite a bit. Florida Georgia Line came out in the midst of the rain just to say hi-- and the crowd went nuts. They ended up starting not too far behind schedule, and the rain was gone for the rest of the night. Much bopping, singing, and cheering ensued. 

This was Tyler's view- he could pretty much see over everyone. I was basically looking at the back of that blonde girl's head a lot of the time... very familiar now with her waves and highlights... but was able to squirm around and get a better look at the action on stage from time to time. Everything wrapped up around 9:30... and it was SO much fun! So I suppose this whole post has pretty much been my "daily nuggets" :) I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good week ahead, too! New video coming tomorrow to Beauty Broadcast!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Support Tornado Victims in Oklahoma

Hi everyone! I'm on the road today, so this is a no-frills blog post, but I have a very important message! I mentioned yesterday on Beauty Broadcast Live that I was in touch with an Oklahoma City news anchor, Jaime Cerreta, about relief efforts in Moore, Oklahoma. I wanted to know the best place to send donations of toiletries/cosmetics and she was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction.

I just got off the phone with an employee at First Baptist Church in Moore, which is serving as a command post for services and supplies. She said they would be happy to accept any monetary donations, as well as donations of any unopened toiletry or cosmetic products. So anything from toothpaste to deodorant to shampoo to makeup... would be something they could distribute to the victims being served. When I mentioned makeup, the lady I was speaking with said, "I hadn't thought about that- but I'd imagine that would be a great help!" :)

Here's the address to send to:

First Baptist Church of Moore 
Tornado Relief Donation
301 NE 27th St. 
Moore, OK 73160

Thanks so much for taking time to read this post, and I hope we can all do our part helping those who have lost everything. When you lose your home, you lose that sense of normalcy in your life. I think toiletries and beauty items could at least help restore that regular routine. I know the tornado victims are dealing with far greater losses than the contents of their bathroom cabinets and makeup drawers, but I figure it'd be nice to cover that for them-- as they're busy handling more personal matters.

A big thank you to my inspiration to help-- twitter follower @neighohmy who packed up a makeup bag for one of her students who was impacted by the tornado. Such a nice way to lend a hand!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look Inside My Bridal Makeup Kit!

Hello everyone!
I'm doing wedding makeup this weekend for my friend Kalee! She is one of my very best friends and I am so thrilled for her and Jonathan! Click here to see one of my recent vlogs with Kalee. She is hilarious, fun, and is going to be a beautiful bride! I'm honored to be part of the festivities as a bridesmaid and also to be doing her makeup. I've done her makeup many times, so I'm very familiar with what shades work for her... and while I'm not doing everyone's makeup- past experience has taught me that other members of the bridal party may will ask for help here and there. And it's my pleasure to assist! So that's why I'm bringing quite a few "extras" outside of what I'd use on Kalee. 

My On-the-Go Storage
I'm using two of the bags recently featured in my Caboodles video. In the picture above, you can see the Tres Chic train case and the Envy polka dot bag by Caboodles. I have a much larger train case, but didn't feel like lugging it around, so I split my stuff into these two bags. The one thing you won't see packed that I'll also be taking is my brush set (they're freshly cleaned & drying) and will eventually go in the polka dot bag.   

The bulk of the makeup I'm taking is in this train case. As I mentioned in the Caboodles video, this is not the most durably constructed case in the world, but I'll be the only one handling it :) And for the amount of products I'm taking, it keeps them nicely organized. There is an open space in the bottom and three narrow trays on each side. I'm not really going to detail EVERY single product in there, but I'll mention some of the key things I like to take. 

On the left side of the kit, I have a bunch of eye products. Key things that have been VERY good for teary brides in the past have been the Mally Evercolor Automatic eyeliners, as well as Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara. I always use Too Faced Shadow Insurance in wedding situations, and I'm bringing along another neutral base- it's the Sigma cream shadow in Persuade. The second tray has a bunch of tools and lash/brow products. You never want to forget a lash curler, tweezers, and sharpeners! I also have some brow gel, lash glue, and the Sigma brow powder duo. Finally, the last tray is holding both of my Naked palettes. They provide a great selection of neutral shadows and fit easily in the kit!

On the right side of the kit I have concealers, lip products, and some other random stuff. I packed a variety of concealers with varying textures and coverage levels. Some, like the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light are brightening, while the Sonia Kashuk palette and Laura Geller's Real Deal concealer are full coverage. As I said- I want to be prepared! :) In the second tray I have a variety of lip products- glosses, lipsticks, and lip liners. I really like the staying power and colors in the Milani Color Statement line, so I'm bringing several of those. The dresses are coral, so I'm going with a pretty natural look on the lips... kind of a "your lips but better" look. I have lip liners by Too Faced, NYX, and Jordana in the kit... I always find laying liners & lipsticks results in the best staying power. In the third tray I have some random things. That little NARS illuminator looks really pretty mixed in with body lotion. I also have some ELF blotting tissues, Maybelline Dream Bouncy Cream Blush in Hot Tamale, and a Nivea Lip Butter. 

The bottom of the kit holds skincare, primers, foundations, powders and bronzers. I'm bringing lots of shades (just in case), but a few key things include Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation, L'oreal True Match Pressed Powder, and Milani Multitasker powders. I also have a couple of great primers- Mally Perfect Prep primer and Smashbox Photofinish. I have a small size of one of my favorite semi-matte highlighting products in there too- it's the Laura Geller baked highlight in French Vanilla. It's very similar to the Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana. 

I was able to fit a few more palettes in the bottom part. For a full range of neutral matte colors, I wanted to have the LORAC Pro palette. I also have my IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face palette with a variety of contouring colors, and my Coastal Scents blush palette. Those blushes are so nice and pigmented- and it saves me from throwing in a bunch of individual blush compacts!

The polka dot bag holds a lot of extra supplies that just don't fit that great in the train case. I just LOVE this bag! I love how the little holders on the sides keep my bottles upright and there's still a lot of room to sit my brushes on top. 

This is a small Lori Greiner bag that came with a larger makeup bag (I'm taking my own makeup in that bag- still need to get it all packed!) I have a lot of disposable stuff in here, like lip gloss wands, mascara wands, q-tips, cotton pads, etc. I also have my business cards in here. Fun fact: My mom also likes to keep some of these cards in her purse and share them with people! :) 

I have a few different styles of false eyelashes- including my favorites, the Salon Perfect Demi Wispies! :) I'm all for spreading the joy of false lashes so I'm packing plenty!!  

My bottles! I have a little bottle of alcohol to sanitize makeup and tools, my on-the-go brush cleanser spray, Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, some Cocoa Butter lotion, and the RCK Body Glow... it's gorgeous! I'm not doing any hair (except my own) for the wedding, but who doesn't need a little extra hairspray before the big moment? I have my trusty Tresemme Tres Two. 

There's a little mesh pocked inside the polka dot bag where I'm keeping tissues, Neutrogena makeup remover wipes, Wet Ones, and a couple of snacks if anyone needs them! 

Finally- the emergency kit. This is something I first got together for my Wedding Day Touch Up Kit video, and I've added to it since then. This bag contains a bunch of handy things- like disposable Wisp toothbrushes, a Tide pen, Excedrin, deodorant, mints, earring backs, a sewing kit, floss, and more. This has come in VERY handy over the years! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! And if you want more wedding-related makeup information, I have a bunch of videos on my Bridal Beauty Playlist on YouTube! I also did this blog post about a year ago when I did makeup for my friend Katie's wedding. That day I did makeup for 8 people, and in the blog I talk about what worked and what I would do differently. In a nutshell, I'd encourage anyone doing wedding makeup to be prepared! :) Chances are there will be some nerves on the big day, so in addition to doing makeup, I try to take it upon myself to put the bride at ease and help her feel relaxed. Even if YOU feel nervous about doing makeup, sometimes you gotta fake it 'til you make it! :) The more prepared and organized you are, the more you can enjoy yourself and have fun with the process. Thanks for checking out this post, and I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Been checking off a long to-do list throughout the day... glad I had time to write this post! :)
  • In case you missed Beauty Broadcast Live this morning- here's the link
  • I also just posted a new Color Lovers video on Rose Gold makeup!
  • Been drinking green tea all afternoon... and making frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • Isn't it mind boggling how quickly guys can pack? Tyler hasn't even started, and I know when he does, it'll probably take no more than 5 minutes. 
  • You know what's really uplifting? (insert sarcasm) You lose a little weight and then on your latest video someone comments, "so are you pregnant or did you just gain weight?" First off, I have cheeks. Always have, always will. Second of all, you can't see my body in said video, so... whatevs. Third- why does it even matter one way or the other? Oh well. Officially moving on after this mini-rant. :) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Face of the Day: Simple Chic

Hello friends!
Thought I'd share today's makeup look with you! It was really easy and I kind of like the look of an "effortless" face with some bold lipstick. It's funny because the whole thing could look very natural with a softer lip color, but when you add a bright lip, the whole look seems a little more "fancy" than it really is. Also- yesterday I realized I had a whole drawer full of sample items... you know the little packets & tubes that might come with Sephora & Ulta orders? Lots of little forgotten things in that drawer. So I've been pulling some things out that I want to try and used a couple of those items in this look.

Face Products...
-YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation in Beige (light/medium coverage... has a nice finish but not drastically better than my drugstore foundations)
-Cover Girl + Olay Concealer Balm in Fair/Light
-YSL Touche Eclat #2 (used as a highlight- yes that's a paper clip holding it shut- there was a lot in the sample! :)
-Bare Minerals Summer Bisque
-MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
-IT Cosmetcs Vitality Glow Matte Bronzer
-MAC Blushcreme in Posey

Eye Products...
-The Balm Put a Lid On It eye primer
-Milani Powder Eyeshadow in Pearl (all over the lid & under the brow)
-Sigma Eyeshadow in Topaz (lightly in the crease)
-Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner (winged out on upper lashline)
-Mally Volumizing Mascara (upper lashes)
(I didn't put any makeup on the lower lashline)

Lip Product...
Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Flamingo Pose

Are you getting in on the bright lipstick trend? What are your favorite shades to wear? 

Daily Nuggets...
  • It's a beautiful day outside!! I should've been writing this blog on the deck.
  • Beauty Broadcast Live tomorrow! 9am central time. Click the "Live" tab at the top of the page for details on how to watch! :)
  • My house smells very floral-- put in some new Wallflowers.
  • Our friends Kalee & Jonathan stayed with us last night- their wedding is coming up this weekend! Such an exciting time. Oh and I love seeing Cupcake & Mia Bean play!