Color Combos with The Balm Nude 'Tude Palette

Hi everyone! I had fantastic question from viewer Valerie Stewart this morning during Beauty Broadcast Live! (Did you miss it? Click here to watch!) Valerie asked- what are some ideas for shadow combinations from the Nude 'Tude palette? I thought it would be easiest to address this in a blog post, showing swatches of some of the different color combinations I like. Keep in mind, these are just a few ideas... there are many more things that you could do with this palette! :) Also, in case you haven't seen it, here's my video review/tutorial using the palette...

So here's the palette (click to enlarge)... I'd first like to say that the shimmery white shade called "Sassy" is a wonderful highlight around the inner corner, and used lightly- it can be a nice highlight under the brow. Also, Serious (matte black) and Sleek (matte dark brown) are great used as liners-- (sorry the pic above is kinda dark & isn't showing much contrast between those two shades). Here are just a few color combo ideas to get you started! :) 

Look #1: Fast & Works with Anything! 
We all just need a quick look from time to time... I love this look because the neutral taupe color looks great with absolutely any outfit, and it doesn't compete with any cheek or lip colors you want to use. 
- First apply Sassy (white shimmer) around the inner corner and dust it lightly under the brow. This will totally wake up your eye!
-Then pat Selfish (shimmery taupe) all over the lid- this will give you a concentrated application. Then with a fluffy brush, blend it up into the crease. This will give some soft definition. Done!

Look #2: Quick Golden Girl Glow!
Ok... I don't mean you'll look like one of the Golden Girls (fabulous show), but this is another quick look that'll be a little warmer than the first one. Great if you're giving your skin a bronze glow. 
-First use Standoffish (frosty peachy/pink) on the inner corner and lightly under the brow.
-Then pat Schitzo (shimmery golden bronze) all over the lid. Blend it up into the crease with a fluffy brush. This is the very same technique as the first look, just using different colors. 

Look #3: Classic Neutral Eye!
Whereas the first two looks basically give a wash of one main color from the lid through the crease, this look will give more definition, but in a very natural way. 
-First apply Standoffish (frosty peachy/pink) all over the lid and lightly under the brow as your highlight. 
-Apply Sultry (matte brown) on the outer part of the lid, and blend it up into the crease, from inner to outer corner.
-Use Sleek (matte dark brown) as your eyeliner, going all across the upper lashline and smudging a little on the lower lashline if you want (keep in mind those dark colors could be good liners with any look you choose!)

Look #4: Smokey Mauve Eyes
Something that makes Nude 'tude special as a neutral palette is the fact that it includes pinky/burgundy shades. I love this combination of shadows for a dramatic look that's different from your typical smokey eye.
-First apply Standoffish (frosty peachy/pink) around the inner corner and lightly under the brow. 
-The use Stubborn (pearly pink) on the inner half of the eyelid.
-Overlap part of the pink with Selfish (shimmery taupe), and cover the outer part of the lid.
-With a fluffy brush, blend Selfish into the crease. 
-Add depth the outer corner with Sexy (matte plum/burgundy)- make it as dramatic as you want & extend it outward a bit for an "outer V". 
-Smudge Sexy under the outer part of the lowerlashline...
-Add Selfish to the inner part of the lower lashline for a soft, smoldering look! 

If I didn't already have my makeup done today, I wish I could've done one of these looks and shared pictures! But like I said, the idea came from Beauty Broadcast Live- so this was the best way I could think of to share ideas for these looks! :) Hope it was helpful! Thanks again to Valerie for the request!

Daily Nuggets...
  • New DUPE video coming tonight at 6pm central time!
  • I thought it was gonna be a rainy day this morning, but the skies are clearing out! :)
  • Here's yesterday's blog (on the Ladies' Home Journal Gloss Daily blog)- all about budge-proof cream shadows! 
  • I have a hot pink lipstick mark on my coffee mug.
  • The Marie show is on Hallmark Channel... does anyone ever watch this? It's kinda fun. And Marie is wearing some pretty sweet mint green heels! 


  1. Thank you so much for this! I just purchased this palette from Hautelook so it's perfect timing. If you have time, another palette that I would love some help with is the Tarte - Eye Couture Day-To-Night Eye Palette. I had so much trouble trying to put looks together with this one. So much so that I just stopped using it :(

  2. These shades are so so pretty. I love how you paired them up. And I haven't seen the Marie show, because we don't get the channel in Canada. I wish though! Love her.

  3. I LOVE the purple smokey eye! I haven't grabbed my Nude Tude palette in awhile so I think I'm going to try that look out today!

  4. I like the Marie show too, she really has a different perspective on her interviews.

  5. Great post; thanks for the new ideas of how to use this palette! I will definitely be trying these very soon. Thank you! :)

  6. Yeah Em this is perfect timing! I just got this palette this week. Thanks for the ideas! :)
    Regards from Finland!

  7. I love this! However, I don't have that palette... I would love to see another installment of this idea with the original Naked palette and maybe the Naked Basics too.

  8. Just a note that they changed the name of "Schitzo" to "Seductive" to be more sensitive to actual mental health issues! :) So the new palettes people buy will have the new name. Not sure about the ones on Hautelook!

    1. I just got one from Hautelook and it has Seductive!

  9. Hi Emily love your channel! Most of the products that you mention and review I've gotten and they haven't failed me. I am of deep complexion so some of the colors you may use might look different on me. Have you thought about having a special guest video maybe a person of deeper complexion? It would be fun to see one same look on two totally different complexions.

  10. Any tips for applying look 1 or 2? I have trouble with shape and definition when doing one shadow looks like this. Even though it seems simple, I always feel it comes off a little dull on me.

  11. Hi, I just met your blog and I love, your photographs are beautiful! so I'm following you!, good luck in your projects and lots of kisses and hugs! I invite you to stop by my blog if you fancy following me!

  12. Oh thank you for this post!!! I just bought this palette off of Hautelook when they featured the Balm! Can't wait to get it and try these!!

  13. Such an amazing post!! Thank you so much for your effort <3

  14. please do this again! i always have palettes and dont know how to mix the colors. would love to see this for the jenni palette!

  15. These shades look gorgeous! Love this post <3
    X Deja

    Deja Zu

  16. I feel like we are on the same beauty wavelength! I SWEAR everytime you post about a palette, I seem to be wearing and/or have just gotten the same thing. I got this on Hautelook and am anxiously awaiting an arrival. I'm sure I'll be doing like a week of looks or something on my blog as soon as it arrives! Love your site and your channel, BTW! :-)

  17. I absolutely love mauve/burgundy shades for the eyes! I'm so happy this palette has these kinds of shades. I will definitely try the quick bronze look though--I'm such a sucker for a bronze glow.


  18. Sweet! This post will be saved and I will try this combos next time I play with the Nude 'Tude Palette :D

  19. Hi Emily, Can you please do a 4 in 1 tutorial on the looks you described in this blog post? That would be so awesome if you could.
    Thank you for the great suggestions.

  20. Thank you for this post! I have been wanting this palette for a while now. I have bookmarked this post for future reference.

  21. I made the mistake of thinking Nude meant Matte and so this pallete did not work for me except for the one brown shade. I wish brands would make more choices in colors that are not shimmery, frosty, pearly, glittery, or metallic. My lids do not look creepy or have lines at all when I wear a matte but all others do. WHY?? I tell myself I dont care and wear a mettalic or shimmer etc and then it ends up looking like my eyelid is severly wrinkled. DANG!!!

  22. Great ideas!! I have this palette and this is definitely very helpful for me, thank you Emily!!! (And to the person who requested this) :-)

  23. love this post! i purchased the palette a while back and have been sticking to the same 3 colors, so it's awesome seeing some new combinations that i haven't tried yet! can you do this also for the meet matte nude palette?

  24. This is such an amazing post! I've been wanting to use my Nude 'Tude palette more because it's been really neglected in my collection, and this is definitely going to help me get out of my constant Selfish/Sophisticated look!

  25. Such a fantastic post, Emily! I'd LOVE to see more posts like this with various palettes, even drugstore palettes or trio/quads.

  26. Thank you so much Em... I have the pallet and in your review you said you loved it but for some reason I just couldn't get it right. Thanks for this I copied pasted it in word and printed it out. It's now in my makeup room!! Could you do this with some of your other pallets as I have a lot of the same pallets you do. You are such a great person and you don't know this but I had a nervous breakdown some years back and was later diagnosed with severe depression / bipolar. I found one of your videos subscribed and have watched you every since. You helped pull me up from that dark hole I was in I hope you get back in your life as much as you give to us.

  27. Can't wait to try these......if my palette EVER COMES!!! I ordered it from Haute Look on May 5th! It is now May 23 and I still don't have it!

  28. Sorry I forgot to add I orderedit from Haute Look!

  29. Could you do this with the Lorac Pro Palette? Thanks!

  30. Very helpful, thank you so much!

  31. Thank you for this as it will be a big help.

    Jodie x

  32. Some lorac pro combos would be fab! ;)

  33. This palette is awesome! I'm definitely gonna try the last look you suggested for a glam evening look! I really hadn't thought of using 'Selfish' with 'Sexy' but it looks like a killer combo! Btw, the shade that's is called 'Schitzo' in your palette is called 'Seductive' in mine lol !
    Thank you for this post!

  34. This is terrific!! I enjoy your tutorials a lot but this gives more options to help in using a palette. I imagine it isn't as much work as a video. It would be great if you had some looks for the 2 Matte palettes as well or maybe Lorac Pro, or others many people have in their collections. I found this extremely helpful, thanks do it again please!!

  35. LOVE this posting!!! What a great idea for these. I will admit, that I go out and buy palettes with all of these gorgeous shades and then I can't figure out how to put them together on my own. I just received this palette from Hautelook tonight and immediately went to your channel to see how to use it! You're always a great help and so fun to watch! Please continue to do eye looks for us!!!!


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