Get Ready with Me LIVE! #BeautyBroadcastLive

Hi everyone! 
This is my view as I do Beauty Broadcast Live on Thursday mornings at 9am CST! How can you watch live? Just make sure you're subscribed to, and it'll show up in your subscription list when the show starts on Thursday. It's so much fun to interact with you and answer your questions. Typically it's pretty much all over the place... we talk about everything! Today was a little more focused on makeup. Last week someone suggested I do a live "Get Ready with Me"-- so I showed up with just my velcro rollers in and no makeup on my face! If you miss the live show, a recording always uploads to my vlog channel shortly after! 

We always have a #hashtag of the week! This week's was #youwantmore (video will explain, LOL :) Thanks for all the great tweets! I thought I'd show some pics that you shared with me as well! :) 

@green_chapstick is watching with double monitors!

@armywife0122 is watching with friends!

@anybeth10 caught a screen shot of the weekly "chipmunking"... this is a risk I'm willing to take for your entertainment! :)

@rachelmarye got ready while watching Beauty Broadcast Live!

Here's @rachelmarye's finished look! Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!

@tarawood watched while her baby got some shut-eye! :) So cute!

So here's the look I ended up with! The lighting and web-cam quality is a work in progress, so I wanted to give you some pics of how it turned out! I started with a lighter lip, but we were talking about lots of lip products at the end... so I think I have 3 layered on here! :) I think the bright lip is pretty too, but if you're scared of too much color, you might want to go with a softer pink along with this bright eye look. There was also a little bit of a velcro-roller hair demo in this show as well.

Face Products...
-Cover Girl Stay Fabulous Foundation (Natural Beige)
-NYX Liquid Illuminator (Sunbeam)
-Flower Beauty Triplet Concealer (PF2)
-ELF Mineral Concealer (Light) -Trying to find a dupe for Bare Minerals Well Rested/Bisque. Not sure that this is it, but it does have some coverage!
-Revlon Nearly Naked Powder (Light)
-Laura Geller Bronze & Brighten (Regular)
-The Balm Instain Blush (Houndstooth)
-Laura Geller Baked Highlight (French Vanilla)

Eye Products...
-Wet n Wild Fergie Eye Primer (not pictured)
-Forever 21 Love & Beauty Pastel Eye Palette
-Milani Color Play Liquid Liner pen (Black) -upper lashline
-Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner (Black) -waterline & outer part of lower lashline
-Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
-ELF Studio Brow Kit (Medium) not pictured

Here's a closer look at the Forever21 palette. I'm planning a video on some Forever21 makeup soon. I have a large neutral palette that I mentioned briefly in last week's live show, and I LOVE it. This one has some shades that pop, but isn't quite as fantastic as the neutral palette (I'll have more on that one soon!)

For my eye look, I used the bright purple pink shade all over the lid & blended it up through the crease. I used the light shade in the top-center of this palette as a highlight. I blended a bit of the charcoal color in the outer part of the crease, and used the bright turquoise under the eye. It was a fun look! :) 

Lip Products...

Like I said, I was just trying on all sorts of lip products, but this was the last one I threw on :) It's the Maybelline Vivids collection lipstick in Vivid Rose and my Jordana Easyliner in Baby Berry. 

Thank you so much to everyone who takes time to watch these live shows. We talk about a lot besides makeup, and it's always so fun for me. I love getting to connect with viewers from here in the U.S. and all over the world. I love hearing at the end of the show what things you have coming up for the week ahead that you need some prayers/thoughts/support for. Glad that this can be a fun, positive spot in the week for everyone! :) 

NEXT WEEK on Beauty Broadcast Live (Thursday, 9am CST): All things "Inner Beauty". Bring your ideas/questions/concerns about anything relating to confidence, self-esteem, insecurities, etc. What kind of hurdles are you facing in your life right now? Everyone has a story to tell and we can all learn from one another! Looking forward to next week's show!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Amazing cat toy alert: You know the little plastic rings that come off of your milk jugs? Cupcake is having a blast with one of those right now. There must be dozens that she's knocked under the refrigerator.
  • Speaking of Cupcake, she always makes a brief appearance during Beauty Broadcast Live!
  • Excited to shoot a few videos with mom in the coming days!
  • The Balm is on Hautelook tomorrow. I'll be doing a "Hautelook Heads Up" post on here once I see what's on sale. 
  • Where is yesterday's blog post? It's here on the Ladies' Home Journal Gloss Daily blog! It's about some great bargain bronzers. 
  • Time for me to do a little clean-up. Have a great day!


  1. Yeah!I love it when your mom is on!!!!

  2. When I had a cat she would always play with the milk jug rings too. Hours of entertainment!

  3. OMGoodness!!! I can't believe you showed the pic I tweeted! This was my first time getting to hang out LIVE with you and It was so great. Definitely recommend that everyone who can should watch next time.♥

  4. I am dying to try those new Instain blushes!

  5. Hi Emily,

    I was the person who asked you to do the "get ready with me" LIVE last week, so I was so excited and happy when you went live today! I was ready with my laptop near my makeup stash and it was so fun to follow along with you and do a similar look. Thank you so much for your interaction with your viewers and fans. Please keep making videos - lots of them! You can't make them too often for me! Sincerely and fondly, Judy

  6. So happy you will share your picks for the Hautelook sale on theBalm.

  7. Hi Emily!

    Have you tried the Silk Naturals sleep in a jar? I haven't tried the Bare Mineral Well Rested, but have the Sleep in a Jar in Extra Light Peach & love it. It comes in 4 different shades:

  8. I love watching your "Get Ready With Me" videos. :)

  9. This was my favorite Beauty Broadcast Live of ALL TIME!!! It was makeup talk for a full hour and a half! Gorgeous look, thank you for being brave and getting ready with us live. :)

  10. This Bama gal needs to get her hands on that houndstooth blush.

    Beauty and The Travel Beat

  11. Yay its just at a good time at 6 pm in here finland ♥ have u ever heard about finland? Love u ♥ best youtuber EVER ( AND BLOGGER) ;)

  12. Darn! I wish I could join...I have to drop my daughter off at preschool at 9. :(

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