Eye of the Day: Purple Pop!

Hi everybody!
First off, thanks to those who joined me today on Beauty Broadcast Live! It was a really fun show, even though I was still a little under the weather and still had my "Joan Rivers" voice :) We talked a little bit about the look I was wearing today- a fun pop of purple! I like it  because it's colorful, but not super "in your face", if you know what I mean. It was actually inspired by this picture... 

I saw this in the current Avon catalog and instantly thought- I love that look! Especially the purple smokey-ness under the eye. Looking back, I could've smudged my lower shadow out even more, but either way, I like the look. Here are the products I used...

-ELF Eyelid Primer (not shown)
-ELF Studio Eyeshadows in Sunset, Pebble, and Purple Passion.
-NYX Slide On Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Blaze
-Milani Color Play Felt Tip Liquid Liner in Black Line
-Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara
-Salon Perfect False Lashes #53 (not shown)

Here are some swatches of the ELF shadows- Sunset, Pebble, and Purple Passion. If you check out these shadows on the ELF website, it's kind of funny because there are a bunch of somewhat neutral shades- and then this really vibrant purple. I'm actually really pleased with this purple shade (it's kind of a satin finish), and think ELF should branch out and make more bright colors! 

To create the look, I first primed my lids with my ELF $1 eye primer, then I used Sunset all over the lids, dusting it lightly up under the brow. I used Pebble to lightly define the crease. For the lower lashline, I first applied Purple Blaze liner from NYX all the way under, slightly extending the line at the outer corner. Then, using a smudge brush, I topped the liner with Purple Passion eyeshadow. I used the Tarte EmphasEYES to brighten up my waterline, and also lined the upper lashline with my Milani Color Play pen. I'm testing out that new "Big Eyes" mascara from Maybelline (regular brush for upper lashes, mini brush for lower lashes), but when I looked at the finished look, I felt the upper lashline needed a little something extra to balance out the bold lower line. Cue the false lashes! :) The Salon Perfect #53 lashes add some length, but they're all around pretty natural looking. 

A couple of other key products for the look were the ELF Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink and Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss in Healthy Peach. That gloss is probably not showing up true to color since I was playing around with some other lip products during Beauty Broadcast Live :) Also, I've been blowing my nose, so makeup in that area kind of wore off... oh well! At least the eye makeup is still in tact! Thanks for checking out this post! 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I need a nap! 
  • My May Best in Beauty video is coming later today! :) 
  • Do you ever feel like you say something and your cat "answers" you? I'll say stuff to Cupcake and she almost always meows back at me. I realize this comment makes me really seem like a crazy cat lady, but I'm sure most of you already thought that about me :)
  • Randomly had to get groceries last night... couldn't believe how crowded the store was. I was bumping into people left and right. On a Wednesday night?? 
  • I feel like a hot dog would be awesome right now. Better yet- a corn dog. 


  1. Emily - this is great! I have purchased 1 elf single eyeshadow and didn't like it! This post makes me want to buy these colors! Still think about getting the Moisture Stick. As for Cupcake, I have the same experience with my cat!

  2. love this look (purple's my favorite color)... very unique. :)

  3. Love this look Emily! I adore purple and the pop of color looks phenomenal!
    <3 Pauline,Addicted to Makeup

  4. I always talk to my dogs like they can talk back to me. Every now and then I think they are trying to answer me.

    I love this look! I'm going to try this tomorrow. Thanks!

  5. A couple of things Emily:


    I played with purple eyeshadows today too.

    I always think that I should smoke it out more on the lower lashline.



  6. Love that shade of purple. I think it makes brown eyes pop. Mine usually look brighter when I wear purple. Just bought the Elf duo bronzer/blush in St.Lucia ♥ it and the gloss in pink lemonade. Really like the gloss. Its a great color for the summer. And only a dang dollar?! Can't beat that!

  7. Love that shade of purple. I think it makes brown eyes pop. Mine usually look brighter when I wear purple. Just bought the Elf duo bronzer/blush in St.Lucia ♥ it and the gloss in pink lemonade. Really like the gloss. Its a great color for the summer. And only a dang dollar?! Can't beat that!

  8. Our cat is very chatty. Pretty much responds when you talk to her. It's pretty funny.

    Love the eye look...great for game day if you're an LSU Tiger, or to wear during Mardi Gras.

  9. I love it! I agree about smudging the purple to make it softer. I might have to go and check out those ELF Studio Eyeshadows :)

  10. Can you please do a review on the mascara Emily? Thanks so much! Great tutorial! xo



  11. I just went to an event called "dog therapy" at the local campus so that I could interact with some fluffy friends and they certainly were communicating how much they loved all the petting!

    I have been putting off purchasing the elf shadows and now I don't know why! Love that purple, it makes me wish I could have done a bolder purple today but I had an interview. -fingers crossed-

  12. Hi,
    Cool to see your post,,i admired in your eyes..and the colors of the eye shadows looks pleasant.i thought there would be pictures of you with that colors..

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  13. Emily, how do you like that Milani felt tip liner? I've tried a few (Revlon, NYX) but am looking for something with a finer tip; I can never seem to get the line thin enough for my taste. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!

    P.S. Beautiful look - will try to replicate using the much more limited selection of makeup I have :)

  14. Love the purple look and really appreciate your efforts to use lower cost items here and there. Isn't it strange how when you aren't at a 100% you crave strange things? My go too is fudgesicles. Corn dogs are in the lust too!

  15. Love this look! That shade of purple really suits you


  16. Love this, looks beautiful if done with green shades as well.

    Blueariel's Beauty

  17. I have 2 siamese mix kitties. My blue point siamese-blue seal himalayan DEFINETLY answers back :)

  18. Hi Emily! Loved the look!! Great inspiration (the one you saw, the one you did!) to me, I'll have to try it soon! I even Like you better if you are a crazy cat lady!! Thanx!!

  19. Love your blog and all of your tutorials/vids! Would you pretty please do a video on your top choices of brushes for each thing: eyes, face, cheeks, etc? And one on the Ben Nye Luxury Powders...and one on how you did your turquoise eyes in your Colors video on Turquoise. I'll cross my fingers! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing flair for makeup and how you do it all. Love it!

  20. You know you're getting better when you need high calorie, filling food and sleep. Glad you're on the mend! Let me know if you'd like to try some green tea from Australia, btw :)

  21. Funny thing, I wanted hot dogs too! I bought some, passed the corn dogs and thought I would rather have one but didnt buy them....and I just had a conversation with Stormie-Puss :)

  22. Beautiful!! You are so creative.

    My cat talks to me all the time. I read that the more you talk to your cat, the more they will talk to you. I have complete conversations with my girl. Whenever she meows I always answer her.

  23. Beautiful!! You are so creative.

    I read that the more you talk to your cat the more your cat will talk to you. Whenever my cat meows I always answer her. She will come running to the sound of my voice.

  24. Hi Emily,
    Do you have review on ELF Eyelid Primer? What is its staying power?

  25. If think your cat answers you back is crazy cat lady behavior, then I'm a crazy cat lady three fold. I was trying to get my dog's attention and my one cat looked at me a meowed like, "Hey, the name's Cally not Wilbur."

    I have that Avon book and was trying to find a good shade to dupe this look with. I think I'll be adding that shadow to my ELF cart. :D


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