Lip Liners for Every Need! And Getting Out of the Comfort Zone...

Hello everybody!
Happy Friday to you! :) I realize lip liners may not be the most exciting topic in the world of makeup, but they can be pretty important- especially when you're after a specific lip look and you want it to look really polished. I think lip liners are great for a number of reasons-- they can define your lips, add to the staying power of the look, and in some cases add a little extra pigmentation to sheer lipsticks or glosses.

In terms of application- here's what I do. Lately I've been making a point to exfoliate my lips using the ELF Lip Exfoliator (you'll see this in a video very soon). I do that before I even start putting on makeup, and follow it up with a balm to get the lips hydrated. Then I continue on with my face makeup, and by the time I get to lips,  they are moist and ready to go. There's nothing worse than trying to draw a lip liner on totally dry, parched lips. (Ok, maybe some things in the world are worse, but you know what I mean :) A lot of times I'll apply lip liner first, by defining the outer border of the lips and filling them in, then top with lipstick and/or gloss (I suggest this method if you're going for ultimate staying power). Other times I'll put on a lipstick, and then quickly use a coordinating liner just to touch up or perfect the edges. Use them however you want! I do think it's valuable to have several different lip liners that can work alongside your various lip colors. A nude, red, and pink/berry would be a great start if you're new to the lip liner world. Here are some of my favorites in my collection...

Left to Right: NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Citrus, Jordana Easyliner in Tawny, Wet n Wild Brandywine, NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Red, Jordana Easyliner in Baby Berry, Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Liner in Apple Cordial, and Jordana Easyliner in Plush Plum. 
(liners are swatched in the same order they're shown above)

  • NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Citrus: I love using this with peach or coral looks. Even if the lipstick or gloss shade I'm using is a bit deeper, this makes a nice base. These NYX Retractable lip liners are also Waterproof-- and that's a claim I commonly see on eyeliners, but not lip liners. They are SUPER long wearing and apply very smoothly. 
  • Jordana Easyliner in Tawny: This is a great liner for nude looks. It can be just the added depth you need to define a light lip, and it can work well with all-out nude shades or even light pinks. The Jordana line is super affordable (I find them at Walgreens), and are some of the creamiest lip liners in my collection.
  • Wet n Wild Lip Liner in Brandywine: In my years of magazine-reading, I've found that this lip liner is often brought up as a makeup artist favorite. I find it to be extremely versatile, working with neutral lip looks, and even certain tones of red or berry lip colors. It's extra important to apply this on hydrated lips, since it's not quite as creamy as the others. 
  • NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Red: Look at that gorgeous red! If any lip look needs a lip liner, I'd say it's red. As I mentioned with the Citrus shade- I love this long wearing family of lip liners. Another great (and slightly deeper red) is Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in Ravish, but I ran out and couldn't include a picture. 
  • Jordana Easyliner in Baby Berry: This is my go-to lip liner with all kinds of pink lip products. It's absolutely perfection. In the past year or so, my wardrobe of pink lip colors has really expanded, and along the way, I've come across many shades that are more sheer than I'd like. This liner pumps them up perfectly and goes on so smoothly. 
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Liner in Apple Cordial: This shade is so close to a classic red, but on my lips I really feel like it walks the line between red and berry. I LOVE the color and this type of lip liner wears like none other. Take advantage of the staying power and fill in your lips entirely with it. It also comes with a bonus lip brush at the opposite end!
  • Jordana Easyliner in Plush Plum: By this point, I think you know how I feel about Jordana Easyliners :) You know those deep red/berry lip colors that were so hot this past fall and winter? This is the best liner to wear with those looks. The color is so saturated and creamy, the liner practically looks like a lipstick by itself! 
I hope that information was helpful for you! Unless you're a total lip product junkie like yours truly, I don't think you need a giant wardrobe of lip liners. But these are just some ideas in case you were in search of a perfect liner to suit a particular look. Thanks for reading!!

 This week's fill-in-the-blank question posted on Twitter and Facebook was:
"Getting out of my makeup comfort zone means..."

(Click to enlarge)

It was so interesting to read your responses, because for some people getting out of the comfort zone means doing something brighter or more dramatic, and for others it means scaling back and getting more natural. What I love about makeup is that everyone can have a different approach, and nothing is "wrong". And it's normal to feel a little nervous about going out on a limb and trying a new look. But sometimes we just get into ruts and keep repeating the same looks because of habit. Hopefully this question encourages you to think about ways you can get out of your makeup comfort zone and try something new now and then. I know that's my plan! I asked this question because I'm doing a video this coming week that will truly get me out of my own comfort zone :) I'm excited to share it with you! 

Daily Nuggets...
  • New video was posted this morning- Top 10 Under $10 Beauty Tag! 
  • I think my eyes are done looking at the computer screen today- lids are feeling heavy!
  • Yesterday Cupcake fell asleep in her little chute that she likes to run through. It was adorable.
  • I've been wearing a lot of stripes lately!
  • You know what sounds awesome right now? A warm, gooey brownie. I'll leave you with that thought :)


  1. Nice liner suggestions. I often forget to use lip liner because I just don't usually feel like I need it. That doesn't mean I don't own a ton of them. LOL! Have a fabulous weekend! Stacie xo

  2. The Jordana Tawny and Berry ones look so pretty, I may have to go buy those!! Thanks :)

  3. I have the jordana baby berry lip liner, but I want to get the rest of them because they're so great and cheap! Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Thanks for the update. I have found that I have to use lip liners when wearing lipstick only since entering my 40's, something about the loss of pigmentation and definition of my lips the older I get! bummer. I always wear Mary Kay retractable lip liner in Neutral, it works with most of my colors. I look forward in trying your suggestions for these liners
    ; )

  5. I enjoyed reading this topic because I'm not a lip liner expert, and just recently started using the Jordana one and I have to say that I love how my lips look :) I think personally that lip liner eccentuates my lips, makes them look fuller and prettier... at times I think to myself, not that I'm gonna put liner on, but that "I'm gonna put Angelina Jolie lips on" ...its great since that's one of my favorite features and why not make them stand out? ^_~

  6. Lip liner is always a step that I skip, even when I know that I shouldn't! Thanks for this post. I also loved the 'getting out of your comfort zone' stuff. Sometimes I get into little makeup ruts and stop trying new things and being adventurous. Whenever that happens, I know that I need to do something dramatic and fun!

  7. Oh and by the way, you gave a great point about getting out of that comfort zone... I think I urgently need to change the way I do my makeup, which is same ol everyday and freak out if its not done a certain way and I'm definitely not a fan of a natural look, I feel it all starts when people complement you a lot when you wear a dramatic look or you add something to your makeup routine instead of takeing something off. Well this is I guess just in my case and my little silly world... but I look forward to seeing you guide through some examples of different ways makeup can be done :)

  8. Hey beauty and fashion lover! My blog The Best In Beauty is filled with tons of tips and tricks that I'm sure will be helpful to you. Check out my blog --> And follow my Twitter --> Thank you so much and I really appreciate it (:

  9. Hi! My favourite one is Jordana Easyliner in Baby Berry (I have a similar shade, a bit darker, by Essence... Love it!).

    Kisses from Spain!

    :::No Limits Beauty:::

  10. Although I do not see myself reaching for lip liners a ton, I do have a few but I really want to pick up that NYX in citrus, I really like that! I do notice with a sheer gloss or doing the layering effect for added longevity, lip liners can be very handy! Thanks for pointing out some of your favs.

  11. I love you videos and blog. Just got an email from ulta and they're going to be carrying Mally in August!

  12. I'm obsessed with the Jordana Easy Liner in Tawny. I haven't tried plum yet though, but Baby Berry is just as amazing!
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

  13. Emily! I can't thank you enough for recommending Nyx's Citrus liner! I have been loving filling in my entire lip with it and topping with Maybelline's Color Whisper in Pin Up Peach! :)

  14. I bought the Jordana liner after reading this post. This is the first time that I have disagreed with a review of yours. The liners I got were not creamy at all. I feel like I can't put them on my lips without doing a heavy layer of Chapstick first, which kinda ruins the point of doing liner. The good news is that they were super cheap.

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  16. Hi! My favourite one is Jordana Easyliner in Baby Berry (I have a similar shade, a bit darker, by Essence... Love it!). - lenny face


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