Urban Decay Hautelook Haul!

Hi everyone! 
You know how sometimes I do hauls that are also reviews since I've been using the products for awhile? This is not one of those situations! This Hautelook order just arrived on my doorstep so I figured, why not show a little haul? In case you're not familiar, Hautelook is a website that features various brands at sale prices... if you're signed up for emails, you can get updates on what sales are on the horizon. The sales last for a few days- so of course the sale for this Urban Decay stuff is over- but chances are they'll be back on the site in the near future. Sometimes the products being sold are on the verge of being discontinued, other times it's just standard products from a particular line. The downside is that shipping can take awhile (like, up to a few weeks)- but the savings are pretty awesome. And when your stuff finally does arrive, it's like a nice little surprise :) So here's what I got from the Urban Decay sale...
Mariposa Palette 
What a pretty palette! This is a little smaller than the size of a CD case. The metal case makes it seem extra durable, so that's a plus. I got this for just $12 on Hautelook, and while I don't see this palette for sale any longer on Urban Decay's website, it's selling for $27.49 on Amazon. 
This palette does have some overlap with with the Smoked palette-- Rockstar, Gunmetal, and Mushroom are the same. There may be shades that overlap with other UD palettes that I don't have. While the shadows are rather small, it's nice to get 10 in a palette. I love the color variety- especially with the pops of magenta and turquoise. Unfortunately for matte fans, everything in this palette has at least some shimmer (even Skimp, which might appear matte in the photo). The Wreckage shade is gorgeous, and I'm really loving purples and golds together right now- so it might be fun to combine Rockstar or Infamous with Limelight.
Top row: Rockstar, Gunmetal, Skimp, Infamous, Wreckage
Bottom row: Haight, Money, Mushroom, Spotlight, Limelight
You also get a little flat brush in the palette. Definitely a high quality find for $12!
I've never tried a blush from Urban Decay, so I went for two of the Afterglow Glide On Cheek Tints in Indecent and Quickie. I got these for $6 each and they were originally $24. I just checked the Urban Decay website and it looks like there's still one shade available there under the Sale tab for $6.  
Left: Indecent, Right: Quickie
After swatching these, I don't necessarily feel like the texture of these cream blushes is anything super unique or different. But I'll definitely be trying them out in a makeup look soon- using my favorite brush for cream blush-- my ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush
Last but not least, I got the travel size of the De Slick oil-control makeup setting spray. This cost me $6, and was originally $12. You can also find this now on the Urban Decay site for $6. I've used and enjoyed Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray, so I thought I'd see how this one compared. Plus this size makes it flight-friendly in the carry-on! 

Thanks for checking out my little haul! Not that I needed another eyeshadow palette, but I thought that deal was just too good to pass up! Did you get anything from the Urban Decay Hautelook sale? 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Posted a new vlog this morning! Last night was my ELF haul/reviews.
  • I realize sometimes you want greek yogurt as a healthy snack/breakfast item. But if you want some greek yogurt that tastes as delightful as a dessert, try the Chobani Flip- Key Lime Crumble. OMG. It's Key Lime flavored greek yogurt with graham cracker & white chocolate chips that you mix in. DELICIOUSNESS!
  • I think we've all had rough experiences when testing out a new hairdo. I wanted to share my friend Taisia's video, titled "I Stink at Hot Rollers. An Anti-Tutorial." She called this a "cry for help" video- HA! She is hilarious as she goes through the process and the finished look was really quite good!! I know my first times using rollers were not pretty! What hairstyle challenges you the most? 


  1. Such an amazing deal! I really wanted to shop at Hatulook but heard the shipping charge is pretty hefty. Is that true? The mariposa palette looked fantastic with the bright colours. I love placing them as a pop of colour to my eyes.


  2. Lol! I just watched Taisers video..she is too funny! :) I was laughing with her as I most certainly know that feeling!

  3. Unfortunately I had a pretty bad experience ordering from Hautelook and never will use them again (card info stolen, sent wrong item and was told too bad I won't get the correct item). But hope if anyone orders they have better luck. It's a shame since the deals and products seem so great.

  4. Good stuff. I had that palette in my cart and everything and then saw all the shimmer and thought nah I don't NEED that. I mainly wanted it for the butterfly case ;)

  5. I love the idea of hautelook, but shipping to hawaii is crazy expensive on that website so I don't end up purchasing anything.


  6. What great prices you paid! Wow, I can't believe the price of that palette. Everything you got seemed to be of really great quality. I've tried that De Slick spray before, and to be honest I love my MAC Fix+ so much more.


  7. I love Taisia's video! That is so me when I tried to curl my hair...or do just about anything with my hair. I can put it in a pony tail, a bon, a messy braid, or leave it down...anything beyond that is a challenge.

  8. For those who have a Nordstrom Rack in their area- there's quite often a lot of overlap in beauty products, since Nordie's owns HauteLook. I was able to buy my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV there for $29 last year, and save the shipping and the long wait for arrival. Recently I scored some great Too Faced products, including the Sweet Indulgences palette for more than $35 off retail!

    1. That's we're I got my mariposa pallet and the eye primer.

  9. Such a good deal on those products. I am so in love with teh De-Slick spray!

  10. I got that palette also but on ulta site for 12 dollars I love the colors

  11. I love that key lime yogurt too! You should try the way made by Yopa. It's a little bit healthier and they carry a vanilla one with chocolate bits too. (The only ones my kids will eat) ;)

  12. Ah, you got the Mariposa! I want 6 of the shades and was going to get it, but the Hautelook sales start in the early morning for me, so I usually miss out on the things I'd want. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Your haul looks great! I almost bought the setting spray but with $10 shipping to Canada I had to pass. I need to purchase more items to make the shipping cost worthwhile and there wasn't enough I wanted this time.


  14. Wow, the price is amazing on Hautelook!

  15. love your beauty info. I've been searching and I cannot find do you have a video re your plastic bins that are in the background holding your makeup??? keep up the excellent work.

  16. I got the Mariposa palette too! Can you do a tutorial or two using the brighter shades? I also got the Ammo palette and one other, I can't think of the name right now. With shipping and 3 palettes, I paid about 42.

  17. The other one I got is the Deluxe Eyeshadow Box.

  18. I've been wanting to experiment with setting spray so I bought both sample size of UD from Hautelook. Taizers video was hilarious but so cute too.

  19. Great haul Emily! Hautelook always has the best deals, and the products you have I've heard are awesome!
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

  20. I am waiting for 2 palletes I ordered. The one you got and the amo one. With shipping at border taxes( I live in Canada) it was around $40.

  21. I picked up that palette, the blush in Indecent, and a couple of the setting and de-slick sprays. Funny because as I was shopping, I was thinking, "What would Em suggest out of these". I guess I did good! :)

  22. I also got 2 blushes and the all nighter spray! I was very excited when I got then in the mail and I'm even more excited to experiment with them!

  23. I also got 2 blushes and the all nighter spray! I was very excited when I got then in the mail and I'm even more excited to experiment with them!

  24. Omg! I wanted to reach into the screen and help her with the curlers! Lol I've so been there! I have a lot of hair and need 2 sets of curlers. Argh. Maybe you can do a response video for her helping her with her specific challenges as I know many of us have struggled with rollers. :). I know you have a hot rollers tutorial already though, so maybe she can use that as a guide. :)

  25. I got that same palette and one of the cream blushes. I can't remember which cream blush though. It's over at my parents house and I haven't been able to go over there to pick up my package yet.

  26. Omg this looks amazing I am obsessed with Urban Decay.
    Great haul!

    I am in love with their De-Slick mattifying powder as it work wonders for me.

    Jodie x


  27. Hey...I just got my hautelook ud package too bit they were all the same prices on the ud website and better shipping. Wish I would have dobe thar instead abd I'm not impressed witg my palatte m it takes forever to build up color. I absolutelt love the deslick spray..amazing

  28. Awww at least you got your purchases from their urban decay sale already. I still haven't received mine and they have not shipped it yet... :(

  29. I also got the meriposa palette & another one but have yet to receive them, though they are on the way! :D love you emily! I just started my blog today, I would greatly appriciate you checking it out! You are a huge inspiration for me :)
    Beauty in Alaska

  30. I just got my Urban Decay shipment from Hautelook too! I got the same Iredescent cheek tint, an eyeshadow palette that I can't recall the name of but it also had 10 shadows plus a mini primer potion, and I think my favorite score from my order is the pressed De-slick setting powder! It's the same idea as the spray, just in a pressed powder form and I really enjoy it. One thing I can't stand about setting powders (like my Mac prep and prime loose setting powder and MUFE HD powder) is they are MESSY! I have to keep mine in a special zip lock sandwich bag to avoid getting white powder on everything! So I was very excited to grab a pressed translucent powder at an awesome price of $6! I'm not too impressed with the check tint, can't seem to get any color payoff with it! Oh well, not a lot of money wasted so no biggie!

  31. What an exciting haul - jealous I didn't get my hands on those (what a great deal!!) Btw - loved your friend's video - so true!

  32. hi emily! how much was the shipping on this order and on hautelook in general. i'm always afraid that the shipping costs will outweigh the savings and that just driving to sephora would be a better bet!

  33. I never coment but I love your reviews! I love Quickie - it gives such a nice pop to my cheeks and last forever on the skin, you will love it too!

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