Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review of My Benefit Tints & Beams

Hi everyone! 
Today's blog is a viewer request from Lexi on the Beauty Broadcast Facebook Page. She was thinking about purchasing some of the tints & beams from Benefit but wanted some more information. So this morning I rounded up the ones I have and thought I'd show some swatches and review them for you! As you can see, I have a couple of full-size products, but over the years I've also gotten some of the mini-tints in various Benefit kits. FYI: the full-size products sell for $30. I also just saw a kit on Sephora.com that contains 3 mid-size products (Posie, Cha Cha, & Sunbeam) for $17, which I think is a really good deal. Anyway, on with my review! 
At a glance, you might mistake the Benefit Tints & Beams for nail polish! It's really exactly like nail polish packaging. Think of the brush as a tool to dab on the product, but not to blend. If I'm using one of the tints (which stain) I'll dab them right on my cheek and then use my ELF Small Stipple brush to blend them in. It's important to blend quickly because these dry so fast. Or you could of course just brush them on your lips for a lip stain. The Beam products don't stain, so I sometimes prefer to just dab those on my hand first, then pick some up on the small stipple brush and dab it on my cheekbones. By the way, if you were curious about how Benetint (the brand's first tint) was created, feel free to check out this slightly creepy video. LOL! It all started with an exotic dancer! 
Here are some sheered-out swatches of the tints: Benetint, Posietint, and Cha Cha tint. Keep in mind that they will be even more sheered out on your cheeks. Unless you like the stripey look :) These are very long-lasting tints when worn on the cheeks, and on the lips sometimes I'll wear them under a more glossy lip product just so I have some extra long-lasting color on my lips when the shine wears off.
  • Benetint: This is a rose-tinted stain- while all of the others seem a bit more creamy, this is definitely a straight up liquid. Gives a very sheer, natural flush to the cheeks and makes your lips look like they're just naturally pigmented. Definitely a classic, cult-favorite product.
  • Posietint: This pink stain is probably my least favorite of the bunch because I feel like it hardly shows up on me. When I sheer it out on my cheeks, it's hardly visible. It'll somehow still manage to stain your finger like crazy though!
  • Cha Cha Tint: Love this one! I believe this was the first one I ever purchased. It's said to be a mango color and is very creamy and easily blended. I feel like it gives off lots of color and looks great on the lips as well.     

This swatch pic was taken after scrubbing over the swatches with a Wet Ones wipe. They lost a little intensity, but they definitely stain! 
Pic of me from an old blog post - sporting Benefit on lips & cheeks, as well as High Beam on the cheekbones. See what I mean about natural?  
Here you're looking at swatches of Sun Beam & High Beam highlighters. While they're very liquidy, they do have a creamy consistency. Unlike the three shown above, these are not stains. I'm not saying they're not long wearing, but with a little moisture they can easily be wiped off. These products can be nice mixed in with moisturizers or foundations for a more glowy look.  
  • Sun Beam: This is a golden-bronze highlight, described on the Benefit website as "sunshine in a bottle". It does have a very fine shimmer to it- no chunks of glitter. It's a nice finishing touch product and will look even more sheered out on your skin than the swatch looks above. Lately I've been reaching for this more than High Beam because I just love the golden tone in it.
  • High Beam: Seems to have the same consistency as Sun Beam and has a beautiful, slightly pink-toned luminosity to it. This one has beed dubbed "supermodel in a bottle". I like it, however I have discovered numerous dupes for this one. Check out my highlighter dupes video for more info on that. 
Hopefully that was informative for those of you who were wondering about these Benefit products! Benetint, Cha Cha tint, and Sun Beam are probably my favorites of the bunch. What ones do you like best? 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I meant to have a blog post up yesterday, but my uploading wasn't going so well so I decided to lay off the internet usage... eventually my new video did get posted! :) 
  • We had a great time with my sis-in-law Sarah and her husband Chuck over the weekend!!
  • So excited to fly to New York tomorrow!! It's a special video project involving Avon/Mark cosmetics!! It'll be a very quick trip. The shoot is happening Thursday so I'll probably have many more details to share after that! I'll try to vlog along the way!  
  • Since I'll be doing that on Thursday, I'm thinking I'll push Beauty Broadcast Live to Friday night (hopefully). 
  • It's a very rainy afternoon here. This is how Cupcake has been spending her day!
Pic is from my Instagram. Thanks to all who let me know that it got hacked over the weekend! Everything seems to be fixed now :) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Formula Lipstick

Happy Friday everyone!
Here's a little review on a couple of lipsticks I picked up quite awhile ago. On the outside, they look like Revlon's usual Super Lustrous lipsticks, but these are the new "shine" formula. When I bought mine, they were in a special display. I've also seen them in with the full Revlon brand display. 
You can be sure you've found the Shine formula because it'll say "Shine" on the lipstick's label. There are 10 shades in this new formula, and Revlon's website claims that the "exclusive LiquiSilk formula" seals in color and softness. 
#820 PinkCognito and #830 Rich Girl Red
I got a couple of totally different shades so I could test out both ends of the spectrum. The formula does feel very creamy and moist, and they do give the lips a bit of shine. Overall, very smooth and comfortable. However I noticed both lipsticks were rather sheer... they definitely don't have the opacity of the regular Super Lustrous lipsticks, and even the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters seem to deliver more saturated, rich color than these. 
PinkCognito: I chose this shade because I wanted to get the color of the actual lipstick. I thought it looked gorgeous in the tube and would be the perfect nude with a hint of pink. In reality, this shade is very sheer on the lips. I don't have the most pigmented lips naturally, but I had to load this lipstick on to get what you see in the picture. And beware... when you put a LOT of this Shine formula on your lips, it'll feel a bit greasy. This lipstick has the slightest bit of shimmer. I don't dislike it, but I don't love it. Also, due to the lightness of the shade AND the lightness of the formula, it wears off rather quickly and when it's gone, it's gone (no staining). If you want a really pretty opaque lipstick in that same tone- try Milani Color Statement lipstick in Nude Creme- it's gorgeous! 
Rich Girl Red: This is what I'd call a "tomato red" because it has a lot of orange in it. Some people seem to think red lipstick should be reserved for fall or winter, but I'm fine with wearing it year round- especially this orangey-summery red. This shade has more pigment than the first, but I still had to take a couple of laps around my lips to get this much color. However, I really do like the shade, and for anyone uncomfortable with a full-on red lip- this might be a little more wearable. Unlike PinkCognito, this shade doesn't wear off as fast... the shine may leave you, but you'll still have some color. I also really like the way this looks with those turquoise earrings :) 

Final thoughts: If you want to try Revlon's Super Lustrous Shine formula, be aware that these lipsticks will be more sheer than the rest of the line, and a bit more shiny. After trying one nude shade and one brighter shade, I'm led to believe that the more colorful lipsticks in this line might seem to stay on the lips longer, simply because the more colorful pigment is staining your lips. I'm happy with Rich Girl Red, but don't love PinkCognito. If you want the combination of shine AND full color, try the Revlon Lip Butters! :) 

The weekly fill in the blank question posted on Twitter & Facebook was:
The beauty product I'm willing to spend the most on is...
(click to enlarge)
That's just a small sampling of the feedback, but I think foundation was the thing most people said they'd spend the most on! Also skincare. I thought the comment about plastic surgery was pretty funny :) For me, I think it's a good concealer. That's not to say I wouldn't shell out some money for a high end foundation (I have), but I've encountered so many nice drugstore foundations too. Concealer seems to be one of those products with a small margin for error... it needs to be the perfect shade, consistency, coverage level, etc. What should next week's Fill in the Blank question be? :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Just posted my latest 1-Brand Tutorial!
  • If you need some short-sleeved shirts or tank tops, check out Target! Lots of them have been marked down from $5 to $7. Yesterday I instagrammed the awesome parrot shirt I got (LOL) and the one I'm wearing in this blog post is from Target, too!
  • Have you heard of the website Klout? I guess people can give you points in your area of expertise. I learned that I qualified to get some sort of perk and it came in the mail not too long ago. I tried it for the first time today! It's a few skincare products from the Freeman Eclos line. Seems to be VERY moisturizing. I'll let you know how it goes!   

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Find What You're Looking For

Hi everyone!
We've all been there... we have a question, and we want an answer NOW! But when websites like YouTube or blogs change-up their layout, finding an answer can be a challenge! Not to mention wading through hundreds of videos on someone's channel to find the one you want to see! (I just realized my next video will be #850) I get a lot of questions in emails and on social networking sites, and it's amazing how often the answer is covered in a video or blog post that I've already done. I do not mind answering those questions and referring you to the right link, however, I thought I'd share with you some ways to quickly find what you're looking for! (I'm not saying my videos/blogs contain the answers to everything- wouldn't that be amazing! LOL. But there's a lot of content. And if you still don't find what you need, send me a video/blog request!) This goes for whether you're browsing my channel or someone else's. Here are some methods to try! 

1. YouTube Channel Search Box
Here you're looking at my beauty channel, youtube.com/emilynoel83. Just under the banner there are a series of options- "Videos", "Discussion", "About", and the magnifying glass! I really wish there was a prominent search box, but I'm not the boss! :) 
When you click the magnifying glass though, a search box will appear. This will search the videos from the particular channel page you are on. 
I typed Wet n Wild into the search box, and here I can see all of the videos I've done that feature Wet n Wild. You could also type in things like "best lipstick", "favorite eyeshadow"... you name it! This YouTube search will do its best to find the videos that apply.

2. The "Videos" List
Another handy feature on the YouTube channel page is the "Videos" link. Again, this is placed just under the top banner. If you visit my channel page and scroll down, you'll see my most recent videos and several featured playlists (nearly every video I've done has been divided into a playlist- scroll to the very bottom to see them ALL). What if you don't want to browse the channel according to playlists, but would rather just see all the videos that exist, and perhaps see them in chronological order?
Clicking "Videos" will open thumbnails of all the videos on the channel. By default, they will appear from "Newest to Oldest", but you don't have to view them that way. In the screenshot above, you can see a little drop-down menu, where you can select "Oldest to Newest" or "Most Popular". I've had this very question recently of how to watch videos not in the form of a playlist, so there you go! :) 

3. Blog Search Box
If you're reading this, you clearly know how to find your way to my blog! :) If there's a specific topic you want to look up, check out the Search Box at the top left. Type in whatever you want and it will search the content in this particular blog. I believe most other blogs have a search feature as well. 
I typed False Eyelashes into the search box, and here it pulled up all of the blog posts I've done where False Eyelashes are featured. You could type in brands, descriptions of makeup looks, whatever you want. The search box will try to help you find it! :) 

There you go! 3 tips to help you navigate blogs and YouTube channels to find what you're looking for! Again, if you don't find what you're looking for- please send me a video request! :) And as always, feel free to tweet me a question of any kind and I'll be happy to help!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Today's Beauty Broadcast LIVE was filled with good questions! Lots of fun!
  • I should take a picture of the makeup room after Beauty Broadcast Live... it's always a mess!!
  • Cupcake has been sleeping on her favorite fuzzy blanket all afternoon.
  • New video coming tomorrow- it'll be a new 1-brand tutorial!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Haul!

Hi everyone!
I just posted my Mall of America Haul of America video! Oh goodness... I did some shopping! One aspect of that video involved several palettes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It happened to be going on during the weekend I was visiting Minneapolis... so I picked up a few things! My haul was long and I didn't want to take a lot of extra time swatching- so I thought I'd give you a closer look at these sets on my blog! Keep an eye out for future reviews on these products and others!  
Kevyn Aucoin - The Iconic Eye Set ($60, Nordstrom.com)
While I've enjoyed Kevyn Aucoin's beauty books, I've never tried his makeup! When I saw this kit, I thought it was worth trying. I mean, who doesn't want that gorgeous eye look on the packaging? I figured the "iconic eye" would be a good introduction to the line.
 The kit included a little black pouch, an 5-pan eyeshadow palette, a full-size eye pencil, and a travel-size detail brush. How GORGEOUS is that eye palette? (I attempted to remove my finger smudges on it before this pic :) 
This palette is labeled on the back as "Essential Palette #9"... and the outer packaging lists the shades, however I'm not entirely sure which shade is which. They're listed as: The Celestial Powder in Candlelight, The Sculpting Powder in Medium, The Shimmer Shadow in Rose Quartz, and The Matte Shadows in Light Bone #101 and Taupey Gray #105. The liner is the Eye Pencil Primatif in Basic Black (it has a smudge tip on the end). 
I've been playing with these shadows a bit, and while I really like the matte brown, cream, and berry shades-- the shimmery shades aren't super pigmented or impressive. When used with a base, they seem to pop a little bit more, but otherwise I wasn't that thrilled with them. The liner was rich, creamy, and super black- which I liked. I also enjoy the little detail brush, however... is the whole kit worth $60? Maybe I set my sights too high... I was expecting incredible quality from all of the eyeshadows. 
MAC Illustrated Face Kit by Rebecca Moses in Brown Smoke ($49.50, Nordstrom.com) 
I think it's probably obvious that the adorable packaging drew me in on this one. The illustrations on the outside by fashion designer Rebecca Moses are super cute. I thought it was a really good value to be able to try so many generously-sized MAC products in one kit, including a blush, four eyeshadows, and two lipsticks. It all looked like the kind of shades I'd wear a lot and enjoy. 
 It's kind of hard to see, but this kit comes with a double-ended brush-- one end is an angled shadow brush, the other is a lip brush. The blush in Melba is a coral/peach. The eyeshadows include Orb (white), All That Glitters (shimmery beige), Smoked Sepia (satin brown), and Showstopper (matte dark brown). The lipsticks are a creamy coral in Ravishing (Cremesheen), and a nude in Myth (Satin). 
 Here you can see Melba blush on the left, the four shadows in the middle, and then the two lipsticks on the right (in the same configuration as the palette). Myth lipstick was the only product in this kit that I had tried before, so I was excited to test out these new (to me) shades. I was really impressed with all of the eyeshadows, except Showstopper (the matte dark brown) wasn't quite as rich as I expected- it actually felt a little dry. While Orb is technically a satin finish, it comes off rather matte and I love it. I don't know how I hadn't already tried All That Glitters either! Looks great with Smoked Sepia. While Myth lipstick isn't my favorite on it's own, I like combining it with the Ravishing lipstick. I apply Ravishing for an all over coral color, then pop the center of the lower lip with a bit of Myth. All in all, a very nice kit and all of the products create a very "harmonious" look on the face. One of the Nordstrom employees told me this was the kit she was most excited to try.  
NARS 'Voulez-Vous' Cheek & Eye Palette ($59, Nordstrom.com)  
Finally- a little something from NARS. I can count on one hand the amount of NARS products I've tried, so I was pretty pumped to find multiple NARS products in this kit for a relatively good price. This palette is just a little larger than the size of my iPhone.
I couldn't find the names of any of these products on the packaging, but did find the info online. The blushes in this palette are Deep Throat (far left), and Dolce Vita (far right). Kinda funny, since Dolce Vita is the only NARS blush I currently own... I thought this one looked similar when I was checking out this palette, and turns out it's the same! Fortunately, I LOVE my Dolce Vita blush, so I don't mind having more!  
Here are some swatches! It's all swatched in the same layout as it appears in the palette. The website says these are signature shadows from the line as well. The shades included are Molokai (top left), Antananarivo (top right), LHASA (bottom left), and Rangoun (bottom right). While these shadows don't seem to have the "creamy" feel that those from The Balm have, they all seem to be really richly pigmented and are still very easy to blend. The blushes are both a home run as well.  

Well, it seems I have a thing for neutral eyeshadows! LOL. I feel like whenever something is new to me or more pricey, I gravitate toward basics that I'll get the most use out of. The MAC and NARS palettes were my favorites, and if I had to choose just one of those, it'd probably by the MAC kit (at least, at this point in time. I haven't been using these for very long!) I really like the MAC shadows, blush, and lipsticks included, and those shades just create a really pretty, fresh look that I think will easily transition from summer to fall. And if you want to see even more new things from Nordstrom, Sephora, and a little gift exchange with Kristin Gehm- check out my Mall of America Haul of America video! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Chance of severe weather today!
  • Tomorrow's blog will be on the Ladies' Home Journal Gloss Daily site! 
  • I have had exceptionally DRY lips lately. What's up with that? 
  • I did a 30 minute bouncing session on my new mini trampoline yesterday! How fun to be able to bounce AND enjoy the air conditioning! :) I was doing all my cheerleading jumps... that'll get you huffing & puffing! front hurdler anyone?! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mall of America Meet & Greet Look of the Day

Hi everyone!
After posting my Mall of America Meet & Greet video and blog recap yesterday, I had some questions about the makeup, hair, and outfit. So I figured, why not answer those in a blog post! :) First off, (as if you didn't know) I love all-out glamour. The lashes, the curls, the dress... all things feminine were going in full force on this day. I unapologetically LOVE glam. Some days I go subtle, but this was not one of them.      
Outfit: This dress was something mom and I ran across a few weeks ago while shopping at TJ Maxx. It was just $20! I actually had a different outfit in mind, but once I tried this on, we both knew that this was the dress. I love the bright coral color, the fabric had a comfortable amount of stretch in it, and it just worked with my short, curvy body. I actually found my shoes at TJ Maxx as well... you can barely see them in this picture but they're a black wedge from Aeorosoles. They felt SO comfortable! Key word: felt. The comfort didn't last much longer than an hour after standing at the event. I was content with just kicking them off and going barefoot (I did for awhile) but Simone from Sigma rounded up some flip flops! :) Also, wearing a color this bright, I did a couple rounds of self-tanning during the week leading up to the event using my trusty St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse and mitt. Oh yeah, I'm also wearing my Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs lotion in tan. 
Hair: I knew I wanted to go with some sort of side-swept style for this event because I just feel like even if the curl doesn't hold in my fine hair, it'll look less stringy and blah if it's all off to one side. Kind of a preventative measure- LOL! I used my Vidal Sassoon velcro roller set- the kind that has the little clips attached to the rollers themselves so you don't have to worry about losing them. I always travel with this set! You can see the basic technique in my updated Velcro Roller video, but in a nutshell, I wrap a small section of hair around a small-ish curling iron and then wrap it around the roller. I use larger rollers around the top, and smaller rollers on the bottom (this works well with my layers). Unlike the video, I put in rollers all over my head for what I hoped would be the best chance for long-lasting curls.
 I kept the rollers in for an hour or so while I did makeup (alongside Kristin Gehm!)... the longer you can leave them in, the better! Then I took them out, brushed out my hair, swept it to one side, and criss-crossed a couple of bobbi pins in the back to keep it there. I sprayed the whole look with Tresemme Tres Two (of course). Looking back, I wouldn't have bothered with the pins... when hugs were happening, they shifted around, hair came out of the pins, and I should've just pulled the hair to one side and let it be. Or done a ponytail. But from the front, everything looked fine and the curls actually lasted throughout the event! YAY for attached hotels and malls... eliminating that pesky outdoor humidity! hehe :) Earrings are just my big studs from Claire's. 
Makeup: The goal was long-wearing, glam, and something that would be good in pictures! It's actually not vastly different from my "pageant glam" look that I posted about here. I was very pleased with the way this look came off. It was good coverage, but with a skin-like glow. It's important to note that I used 3 different face powders (one for undereye, one for t-zone, and one on the rest of the face)- but they were only used in those key areas for specific purposes and not overlapped, which I think kept cakey-ness at bay. I don't think I ever got super shiny, and the eyes and lips were a nice compliment to the dress. Here's what I used...
Face Products...
  • MAC Pro Longwear Foundation NC35 (needed this shade which is a bit darker than my EL Double Wear since I'd been self-tanning). 
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Warm Light Medium (for coverage)
  • MAC Select Cover-Up NW20 (for under-eye brightness)
  • Bare Minerals Well Rested (lightly- to set, mattify, and brighten under-eyes)
  • Maybelline Shine Free Pressed Powder in Golden (for oil control on my T-Zone)
  • L'oreal True Match Pressed Powder in W6 Sun Beige (to set makeup everywhere else)
  • Mally Visible Skin Bronzer in Deeper (to contour cheekbones & forehead)
  • Ioni Blush in Ecstasy
  • Laura Geller Baked Highlighter in French Vanilla
  • Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray 

I'm a bit of a doofus and forgot to take a classic "looking down" eye makeup shot so you could get a clear look at the eyeshadow. So I went back to look at my vlog to see if there were any moments where you could see it. These screenshots aren't clear, but hopefully you can get a bit of an idea of what I did! Also, I cried several times (overwhelmed, happy tears) during the event, and this look didn't smudge. 
Eye Products...
  • Milani Eyeshadow Primer (from lids to brows)
  • Sigma Dare Eyeshadow Palette (specifics below)
  • Milani Ultrafine Liquid Liner in Black Vinyl- upper lashline (truly waterproof- review here)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Pencil Duo (Black on waterline)
  • Cover Girl Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara
  • Red Cherry #43 False Lashes (applied with Revlon Precision Lash Glue)
  • Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo in Dark Brown

I wasn't required to wear a Sigma product for this event, but I'm all about oranges lately, my dress was orange, and this Dare palette rocks. I've been using it a LOT lately. And FYI: there is a special 20% off discount code from Sigma, valid July 22-29 only. The code is- SBAP20
I used the following shades swatched here: Chase, Grasp, Surrender, Catch, and Escape. 
  • After eyeshadow primer, I patted Chase (shimmery light peach) on the inner part of the lid & around the tear duct.
  • I overlapped a bit of that with Grasp (shimmery coral), and covered the rest of the lid.
  • I used Surrender (deep plum) in the outer corner, creating an outer V. I also smudged this shade under the eye. 
  • I blended Catch (matte orange) throughout the crease, sheering it out as I got closer to the brow.
  • I used a bit of Escape (creamy shimmer) as a highlight under the brow. 

 Lip Products...
  • Jordana Lip Liner in Tawny (not as dark as it appears)
  • Tarte LipSurgence in Elite
  • MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade - love this gloss and it really lasted a long time without feeling annoying! 
Thanks for checking out my "look of the day" post! It's been just over a week since the event, but I still remembered everything I used! It's kind of like when Tyler is able to recite every golf shot he hit on every hole of the course... some things you just remember! LOL! I suppose it helps that a decent amount of thought and planning when into this look. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments in response to my blog and video about the trip. Thanks for sharing in my happy time! :)

Daily Nuggets...
  • A helicopter is flying overhead!
  • Cupcake invaded Tyler's underwear drawer this morning. Full coverage of that, plus some cheesy puns on my Instagram
  • I wrote a blog today for the Ladies' Home Journal Gloss Daily site- it'll be live on Wednesday, I believe. A little something for the glasses-wearers out there! :) 
  • Over the weekend Tyler & I were at our favorite area pub when I was apparently gesturing a bit too enthusiastically & pretty much back-handed his glass and it broke! (it was empty, thank goodness). I was so embarrassed! Everyone who saw was really nice about it, and nobody let out a big "OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!" (pet peeve discussed recently on Beauty Broadcast Live- lol). The bartender said- "not the first time, and certainly won't be the last!" He got a great tip.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mall of America Meet & Greet Recap!

Hi everyone!!
It's hard to believe that one week ago I was in Minnesota! :) The Meet & Greet at the Sigma Beauty store was absolutely amazing. This was the first actual Meet & Greet I've ever had- so I was baffled by the incredible turnout! I believe there were somewhere between 450 and 500 people there, many of whom lined up hours in advance (seriously? to meet this small town kid?) I just didn't expect that at all, not to mention those who drove for hours or even flew in to be part of the festivities!

Courtesy: Tyler's Instagram
Members of the Sigma team told me there was an unprecedented amount of out-of-state travel for this event. According to Sigma's event recap blog, people came from Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and (of course) Minnesota! I also talked to a few people from North Dakota, Missouri, and even Canada! This was overhwhelming to think about and really brought me to tears at times during the event! I don't even know what to say.

Everyone was so kind. Seriously- EVERYONE. To think that such fantastic people of all ages want to watch my channel really makes me feel so honored. Some people who spent hours waiting came in the store actually saying they had lots of fun in line and met some new friends! I hope I didn't disappoint and was able to show you all the appreciation and love that you deserve!!! It was so exciting to see families coming in, and seeing groups of friends as well as moms & daughters who watch the videos together. That was so fulfilling and fun to see!

Unless otherwise noted: pictures courtesy SigmaBeauty
Throughout the event, I went through one pair of shoes (I have a bunion- heels are painful LOL. Thanks to Simone for rounding up some flip flops!), a stack of headshots, one Sharpie marker, and my face spent so much time smiling it was definitely sore the next day. It's a nice feeling, actually!!

Thank you also to those who brought such thoughtful gifts!! Everything from a "Thank you for being a friend" Beauty Broadcast t-shirt (you know I love the Golden Girls!) to golf balls for Tyler... cards, cookies, makeup, gift cards... unbelievable. I've emailed/contacted all who left their contact info to say thanks-- I was truly stunned by your generosity! I was also touched by those who told me to say "hi" to Cupcake, Mom, and Pup! :)

I can't say enough about Sigma and the way they pulled off such a big event. Everything was so organized, the store looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and the team was so kind and welcoming. There were all sorts of cool little details like monitors/ipads showing my videos, a live #sigmabeautybroadcastevent Instagram feed, great music playing, treats and drinks, lots of staff on hand to help people... just so impressive. I also found it just fascinating to have a couple of meals with Mrs. Sigma herself- Simone as well as her team which included the lovely Shauna (both pictured above). I loved hearing about the company's beginnings and growth and how everything developed. How many opportunities does one have to sit down with the people who actually create the products for a brand and ask them questions and learn about their thought process?! The makeup lover in me found this absolutely fascinating, inspiring, and exciting. Thank you, Sigma family, for your generosity, kindness, and for just inviting me to have this event in the first place. It was unforgettable!  

Photo from Emily's Instagram
Over the weekend, I also got to meet a woman who inspires me and who just feels like a friend I've had for years! (even though I've been watching her on YouTube all this time!) It's Kristin Gehm! Check out her YouTube channel for yourself, and her recap video of the trip! She is just as kind and sweet as you imagine her to be, not to mention full of personality, jokes and sports knowledge! We could've talked on and on for days. Thank you, Kristin for being a new friend in my life. I just adore you!!!

Photo from Kara Murphy
I also had the chance to sit down with Kara Murphy, a former broadcaster in the twin cities area!! I feel like we have so much in common and it was great to chat about her experiences, love for makeup, and just get to know her better! She's the one who gave me the fabulous "Thank You For Being a Friend" t-shirt!! LOL! :) Kara, thank you for being MY friend!! You are such a fun, warm, easy to talk to person! I wish you the best in your career change!

Thank you to my husband Tyler for being so supportive of me. Not just once people started watching my videos... but from the absolute start. Thanks for believing in me way back in 2007 when I declared that I was going to start a YouTube channel about makeup. You didn't think I was totally weird, and backed my little hobby 100%. Now that passion is a career for me. As time has gone on, I've needed your support more than ever. You never let me down, and always build me up. Tyler is my attorney, financial advisor, trainer, therapist (haha), I.T. guy, on-camera talent... I love him not just for everything he does, but for who he is. I love you!

Here is the recap video of our weekend in Minnesota! THANK YOU again to everyone who came and to all who had a hand in pulling off the event-- it will go down as one of the absolute best weekends and I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity! ALSO-- this is not even close to all of the pictures that Sigma's photographer took for the event! I plan to put together a full album on the Beauty Broadcast Facebook Page soon, so keep an eye out for that!