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Hi everyone!
We've all been there... we have a question, and we want an answer NOW! But when websites like YouTube or blogs change-up their layout, finding an answer can be a challenge! Not to mention wading through hundreds of videos on someone's channel to find the one you want to see! (I just realized my next video will be #850) I get a lot of questions in emails and on social networking sites, and it's amazing how often the answer is covered in a video or blog post that I've already done. I do not mind answering those questions and referring you to the right link, however, I thought I'd share with you some ways to quickly find what you're looking for! (I'm not saying my videos/blogs contain the answers to everything- wouldn't that be amazing! LOL. But there's a lot of content. And if you still don't find what you need, send me a video/blog request!) This goes for whether you're browsing my channel or someone else's. Here are some methods to try! 

1. YouTube Channel Search Box
Here you're looking at my beauty channel, Just under the banner there are a series of options- "Videos", "Discussion", "About", and the magnifying glass! I really wish there was a prominent search box, but I'm not the boss! :) 
When you click the magnifying glass though, a search box will appear. This will search the videos from the particular channel page you are on. 
I typed Wet n Wild into the search box, and here I can see all of the videos I've done that feature Wet n Wild. You could also type in things like "best lipstick", "favorite eyeshadow"... you name it! This YouTube search will do its best to find the videos that apply.

2. The "Videos" List
Another handy feature on the YouTube channel page is the "Videos" link. Again, this is placed just under the top banner. If you visit my channel page and scroll down, you'll see my most recent videos and several featured playlists (nearly every video I've done has been divided into a playlist- scroll to the very bottom to see them ALL). What if you don't want to browse the channel according to playlists, but would rather just see all the videos that exist, and perhaps see them in chronological order?
Clicking "Videos" will open thumbnails of all the videos on the channel. By default, they will appear from "Newest to Oldest", but you don't have to view them that way. In the screenshot above, you can see a little drop-down menu, where you can select "Oldest to Newest" or "Most Popular". I've had this very question recently of how to watch videos not in the form of a playlist, so there you go! :) 

3. Blog Search Box
If you're reading this, you clearly know how to find your way to my blog! :) If there's a specific topic you want to look up, check out the Search Box at the top left. Type in whatever you want and it will search the content in this particular blog. I believe most other blogs have a search feature as well. 
I typed False Eyelashes into the search box, and here it pulled up all of the blog posts I've done where False Eyelashes are featured. You could type in brands, descriptions of makeup looks, whatever you want. The search box will try to help you find it! :) 

There you go! 3 tips to help you navigate blogs and YouTube channels to find what you're looking for! Again, if you don't find what you're looking for- please send me a video request! :) And as always, feel free to tweet me a question of any kind and I'll be happy to help!

Daily Nuggets...
  • Today's Beauty Broadcast LIVE was filled with good questions! Lots of fun!
  • I should take a picture of the makeup room after Beauty Broadcast Live... it's always a mess!!
  • Cupcake has been sleeping on her favorite fuzzy blanket all afternoon.
  • New video coming tomorrow- it'll be a new 1-brand tutorial!


  1. Emily, you're so patient with your fans. <3 love ya!

  2. Thank You SO MUCH Em for explaining that to us:) You ARE very Patient!! Had a Blast on BBL today and can hardly wait for your video coming tomorrow.....Your the BEST:) Thank You for being a Friend. Sending Hugs:)

  3. Thanks Emily, very helpful. Love your channel on you tube, follow you on Facebook and your blog AND Pinterest!!!

  4. Done all of that a million times :) Funny thing..after watching your videos a number of times, sometimes I remember what you wore, or something specific abt your look, and find the video that way. I also make a list on my phone of all the products you recommend, a go to list when I shop.

  5. You are seriously the best Emily!

  6. I really appreciate the effort you put into your blog post! Your the best!

  7. Hey Emily,

    Have you ever done a video on how to shape your own eyebrows? I used the search and nothing came up. I just wanted to say thank you a million times over for all of your hard work on these videos, my hubby is reaping the benefits of a "put together" wife but not so much in the pocketbook department:)


  8. I was JUST searching your YouTube page for Wet N Wild and I see this post and you used that as your example! Hilarious! Great minds think alike. ;)

    Your Daily Mel

  9. You are so good at coming up with new ideas and things... I love your videos I have seen them I am a big fan of makeup...never used to wear makeup but now I am always trying new things

  10. Always great advice!! I do have a request... I noticed you haven't posted anything on your college girl series. Any chance you can pick those up again either on YouTube or here?? I'm going to be a transfer student this fall semester and anything on quick make up/organization for work and keeping my sanity while commuting from school and work would be greatly appreciated! 😘😬

  11. Omg girl Thankz for the info on who to do everything:)


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