My Maybelline Expert Wear Duos & What Stands Up to the Heat?

Hello friends! 
Happy Friday to you! Yesterday on Beauty Broadcast live I was talking about these Maybelline Expert Wear duos and how I'm actually kind of enjoying these little shadows! I wanted to show pictures on the blog so you could really see the swatches (web cam quality on the live show isn't great for that). The key to getting the most out of these shadows is using a good base. I tend to use some sort of eye primer/base with pretty much any eye look I do since it always seems to improve staying power. These particular shadows really benefit from the base because it helps the color pop so much more. If you have any of these at home- swatch them without a base and then with a base... the difference is impressive, and much more drastic than what you see with super high quality shadows that already have a perfectly smooth/buttery texture.  

Since I'm kind of paranoid, I'll first use an eye primer like Too Faced Shadow Insurance, ELF, Milani (the list goes on...), and then use a skin-colored base like this one from Sigma in Persuade. It's a matte color, and just gives these powder shadows something to cling to. You don't want to apply too much of this product, or you may deal with creasing. A small amount, however, does seem to prolong the shadow's staying power. I used it for all the swatches below...
Pink Suede 
This was the duo I mentioned in my most recent haul video. Something about this just caught my eye, and the shades really look pretty on the eyes. Someone asked about great shadows for green eyes- I think this kit would be very flattering! Both shades are shimmery, and I like that the pink has a bit of golden shimmer. Glad I picked this one up!
This is one that I've had in my collection for awhile, and it's a pretty sheer, satin-finish duo. Even with a base, these shades aren't too intense, but if you want to use that lighter shade as a transition/blending type color, it's great for that purpose. I don't see this duo as a total must-have... the browns in the Sunbaked Neutrals 8-shadow kit (blogged about it here) seem to be better quality.  
 Shocking Seas
This was the duo that had me saying, OMG!! Such a big difference with a base underneath. The turquoise has a satin/almost matte finish on the eye, and the navy has a beautiful shimmer. This duo and the next one are my most recent purchases and I'm really glad I picked them up! This was what I was wearing in my Beauty Broadcast Live "Face of the Day" yesterday.
Aside from Shocking Seas, I think this is my other favorite. So great for natural, everyday wear. The pearly, somewhat pinky shade is gorgeous and the taupe is fantastic as well. You could do the pearly shade on the lid, and browbone, and taupe in the crease and smudged under the eye. Heck, you could do a one shadow look with just the taupe and look fabulous. Again, this one benefits so much from a base underneath. 

Have you ever re-discovered products in your collection that weren't so great for you before, but a new technique made them perform better? Do tell! :) 

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  1. Wow, thanks for the really great suggestion picks! I recently just started looking at your blog and I gotta say that these reviews are really spot on! Thanks again, and keep up the good work

  2. I have Shocking Seas, but I haven't really found a way to make it wearable for my brown eyes. :(

    1. Neutrals are your friend, use them to "dilute" the color: put a nice neutral brown in the outer corner and/or crease, use the light blue on the inner half of the lid and the dark blue as liner... or do a smokey eye with the dark blue and blend it out with a light brown in the crease.. or use the dark blue in the outer corner but balance it with a peachy champagne on the inner half... or do a nice neutral eye and use either of the blues on the lower lash line.

  3. Thanks for showcasing these eyeshadows Emily! If I'd pick up any of these, it'd be either Pink Suede or Dusk.
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

  4. These eyeshadows look amazing ! Especially the blue ones, I love blue for summer :)
    I wish we had them in france !

  5. I may just have to pick up Pink Suede. I have green eyes, so I think the shades would compliment them well! :) Thanks for the great swatches!

    Check out my new giveaway on my blog if you get the chance!

    Pretty Much Reviews

  6. Love the colors, they are gorgeous!! Pink suede is the prettiest ~

  7. Duos are perfect for me lazy days =] xx.

  8. Wow, those blues look gorgeous! x

  9. Do you think that Pink Suede may be a dupe for the much raved about Estee Lauder duo Raisins?!?! Or at least close enough??? Been thinking about that duo for quite a few weeks, but I just can't justify the price when I have other high end shadows I need to use up!

  10. So so so pretty! I need to get my hands on those!

  11. Maybelline makes really nice shadows.. and they are terribly underrated. I own almost all of them and I have never had a single one that was a dud. I just picked up a purple duo the other day (I needed one more small Maybelline item to qualify for bonus bucks at the drugstore) and it's lovely.. a nice satin lavender with a medium purple that has a hidden duochrome.

    Colored bases help any shadow, they not only make them look better but also keep them vibrant and smooth all day.. I use my Color Tattoos all the time, I also enjoy either the Almay or Revlon eye crayon duos, the Milani Shadoweyez crayons, the Rimmel Scandaleyez crayons or liners, The Covergirl Flamed Out crayons (the older Eyeslicks are the same product and I see them all the time at Dollar Tree), or pretty much any long wearing liner. You just need a light wash of color and that slightly sticky finish for the shadow to adhere to. Using a darker color base under lighter shadows can give some wonderful effects as well.

  12. the blues are stunning thou they remind me of the blues from another brand..

  13. I love all of these! I really love the Pink Suede duo the most. Pink Suede, Browntones, and Dusk really need to come home with me soon. Pink Suede and Dusk the most I think.

    Carol | Bitten Glam

  14. These colors look amazing, especially the Shocking Seas. I'm really getting into the blues lately.

  15. I have the tan/brown duo. I love it with the maybelline taupe color tattoo and a matte highlight. I find the colors to be soft and easy to blend.

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